Peter Brown Family History

Summary of Wills of Family Name 'Other'


The 'Wills' are of five types. a) Transcripts, b) Abstracts, c) Copies from Microfilm, d) Seen 'Will' microfilm and extracted base information, e) 'Will' listed in an index and not seen or is unreadable. These are in listed in forename/date order.

A lot of 'Wills' do NOT have a transcript but over time hopefully this situation will be improved. Wherever possible I try to show an original copy of the Will' with a transcript. This then enables any later queries to be resolved. NOTE: If anyone reading this page has a Transcript or a good copy of any of the 'Wills' mentioned then I would be very thankful for a copy.

'Wills' have been cross referenced to/from Family Group pages in this site (but in a few cases the link has yet to be established). Where a link is shown under Copy/Transcript, then either a Transcription (or Abstract) of the Will is provided if available or a photocopy from the microfilm.

Name Place Date
Date Proved Ref. Main People Identified Fam Grp
Transcript or Copy: readability
Ralph Groombridge   04/07/1646       BrW1610 Copy
John Watson (re.Brown) West Hoathly, Sx 01/07/1672
Codicil dated 12/01/1678
(Note 'Will' shows 1677)
21/08/1679 LEWES A35.P161 Cousin: John Browne (& his wife my Neice) -executor
Brother: Saunders (Note: possibly brother in law)
Others: William Brooks, Anne Blundell
Witness: John Bull
BrT1516 Transcript


Henry Wickenden Cowden 22/02/1596 16/04/1597     DaR1600 Transcript
Henry Wickenden Cowden 15/05/1648 06/06/1649     DaR1600 Transcript
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