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Summary of Wills of Family Name Infield


The 'Wills' are of five types. a) Transcripts, b) Abstracts, c) Copies from Microfilm, d) Seen 'Will' microfilm and extracted base information, e) 'Will' listed in an index and not seen or is unreadable. These are in listed in forename/date order.

A lot of 'Wills' do NOT have a transcript but over time hopefully this situation will be improved. Wherever possible I try to show an original copy of the Will' with a transcript. This then enables any later queries to be resolved. NOTE: If anyone reading this page has a Transcript or a good copy of any of the 'Wills' mentioned then I would be very thankful for a copy.

'Wills' have been cross referenced to/from Family Group pages in this site (but in a few cases the link has yet to be established). Where a link is shown under Copy/Transcript, then either a Transcription (or Abstract) of the Will is provided if available or a photocopy from the microfilm.

Name Place Date
Date Proved Ref. Main People Identified Fam Grp
Transcript or Copy: readability
Catherine Infield
West Hoathly 19/11/1563 01/03/1564 LEWES A5.P296 Sons: Thomas (under 21), James, Richard (executor)
Daughters: Agnes,Johane, Thomasyn
Overseer: Thomas Chaloner (gent of West Hoathly)
Witnesses: Thomas Chaloner, Thomas Browne
InR1500 Transcript


Edmund Infield   19/09/1556 20/04/1557 LEWES A3.P255     unreadable- can't identify
George Infield West Hoathly. Sx 23/01/1559
(Note: 'Will' shows 1558)
13/03/1560 LEWES A4.P219 Wife: Clemence (executor)
Daughters: Jone (youngest), Thomasyn
Wife goddaughter Joan Payne
Son: Roger (deceased, but widow with child)
Son in Law: Thomas Jordeyne (executor)
Others: Mary Payne, Robert Chesman (executor)
Witnesses: Thomas Payne of Stone, Thomas Coulstocke
Properties mentioned: Newgate Feld
InT1475 Transcript


Henry Infield   21/04/1557   LEWES A3.P274     unreadable- can't identify
James Infield Lingfield 21/01/1596 02/02/1956 LMA-DW/PA/ 05/1595/055 Wife: unnamed (executor)
Daughters: two unnamed
Others: Edward Payne (servant), William Woodgate
InR1500 Transcript


Richard Infield
(or Ingfeld)
West Hoatlhy 19/09/1558 07/02/1559 LEWES A4.P218 Wife: Catherene (or Kathrene) (executor)
Sons: John (executor), Richard & Thomas (both under 21), Jamys
Daughters: Joane, Agnes (both unmarried)
Overseers: John Awall, Thomas Infeld and John Feldewycke
Witnesses: Rowland Harryeman (vycar of Westhothlyghe), Wylliam Bellowes, Thomas Tye and Roger (?)Comber
Properties: Kocwebys in West Hoathly, Hoke Crofts in Godstone (adjoining South Park), Lyne in Lingfield & Godstone , land in Worth.
InR1500 Transcript


Richard Infield
(or Inyngfielde)
West Hoathly, Sx 11/03/1571
(Note: 'Will' shows 1570)
23/04/1571 (PCC-says 24/4) PCC Prob 11/53/202 Wife: Margaret (executor)
Sons: Richard (under age 7),
Brother: James, Thomas (overseers)
Sister: Joan
Grandchildren: Thomas Payne & Edward Payne (children of sister Joan)
Kinsmen: Richard Infield, son of William; Thomas Infield (deceased) son of Thomas Infield (uncle)
Others: John Benke, Alice Jenninges (my servants) ; John Challoner, Thomas Chaloner (overseer)
Witnesses: Robert Taylor, curate, John Payne of Stoneland, Edwarde Payne and Thomas Browne, writer, John Cole and Thomas Potter.
InR1500 Transcript


Richard Infield   02/01/1611 19/01/1611 LEWES South Mailing C108      
Richard Infield
als Inyngfeild (or Inyngfeld)
West Hoathly 18/02/1615
(Note: 'Will' shows 1614)

Addendum dated 21/09/1619

03/02/1620 PCC Prob 11/135/143 Wife: Catherine
Mother: Margaret Newman
Sons: Richard (under 21 in 1615- executor & under 22 in 1619), John (second son-under 21), James (third son-under 21), Ano Infield (fourth son in 1619 adden)
Daughters: Agnes (sometimes shown as Anne), Bridget, Cordell, Margarett and Catherine (all under 21 & unmarried)
Kinsman: Richard Infield, Edmund Infield of Bucksted & his son Richard.
Cozen: Roberte Heath
Godchildren: Ano Pattenden the sonne of George Pattenden & Ano Courtopp
Others: Richard Faulkner & Henry Faulkner his father (deceased) , Thomas Underhill of Lingfield, Richard Trendle (servant)
Overseers: Francis Challoner of Horsted Keynes (uncle) and John Compton (brother in lawe).
Witnesses: John Michelborn, Frances Challoner, John Ball, Edward Linfeild.
Properties: lands in Lingfeild, Surrey called 'Lynnes' (or Lynes) ; lands in Godstone in Surrey called 'The Bye' and 'Barland' and all my lands in Lingfeild called 'Sugham'; mannor of Bristowe als Burstowe in Surrey; mansion house called Gravetie; parcell of wood ground called the Plawe beinge in the parrish of Eastgrinsted
InR1500 Transcript
Richard Infield (Inningfeld or Infeld) West Hoathly, Sx 22/02/1625 09/02/1626 PCC Prob 11/148/216   InR1500  
Roger Infield   01/01/1560 21/03/1560 LEWES A4.P291   InT1475 unreadable- can't identify
Thomas Infield (Infelde) Horne, Sy   13/05/1561 PCC Prob 11/44/193      
Thomas Infield
(or InyngfeMld)
West Hoathly 20/05/1573 25/06/1573 LEWES A6.P47 Brothers in law: John Payne & John Newman
Brothers: Richard, James Inyngfyeld (executor)
Sisters: Jone & sister Chaloner
Nephews: sister Chaloner's children (Wylliam Veldwyke excepted); sister Jone's children Thomas & Edward; brother Richard son Richard (under 21)
Cousins: John Inyngfyeld (+ his children), Richard Inyngfyeld
Others: Jone Daye, Julyan Hatcher, Jane Hawkins, John Mylls
Witnesses: Robart Tayler, John Newman, Henry Farmer, Thomas Browne and Richard Inyngfyeld
InR1500 Transcript


Thomas Infield (Infeild) Ardingly, Sx 18/12/1631 09/07/1632 PCC Prob 11/162/6      
William Infield   25/02/1559 13/07/1560 LEWES A4.P515     unreadable- can't identify
William Infield   16/10/1676 12/10/1682 LEWES A36.P52 Wife : Joan
Thomas Infield of West Hoathly (executor & residual beneficiary)
Richard , Mary & Elizabeth Infield, children of Thomas
Edmund Infield of West Hoathly

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