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Summary of Wills of Family Name Colegate


The 'Wills' are of five types. a) Transcripts, b) Abstracts, c) Copies from Microfilm, d) Seen 'Will' microfilm and extracted base information, e) 'Will' listed in an index and not seen or is unreadable. These are in listed in forename/date order.

A lot of 'Wills' do NOT have a transcript but over time hopefully this situation will be improved. Wherever possible I try to show an original copy of the Will' with a transcript. This then enables any later queries to be resolved. NOTE: If anyone reading this page has a Transcript or a good copy of any of the 'Wills' mentioned then I would be very thankful for a copy.

'Wills' have been cross referenced to/from Family Group pages in this site (but in a few cases the link has yet to be established). Where a link is shown under Copy/Transcript, then either a Transcription (or Abstract) of the Will is provided if available or a photocopy from the microfilm.

Name Place Date
Date Proved Ref. Main People Identified Fam Grp
Transcript or Copy: readability
Ann Colegate Rotherfield, Sx 11/01/1739 12/06/1741 LEWES A56.P189 Sister: Mary Sawyer and her children Thomas & Richard
Brother Thomas. Others Ann dau James Migridge!!! & Mary dau Samuel Wirkins
CoR1620 Read- some
Daniel Colegate (Colgate) Horsham, Sx 14/12/1767 11/05/1768 Chichester STC I/42/1 Wife: Mary (executor)
Sons: John, Daniel (both trustees)
Daughter: Mary
Grandchildren: Samuel (under 14), Anne (under 21)
Witnesses: Stephen Rowland, Daniel Greenfield, Daniel Rowland
CoJ1650 Transcript
Elizabeth Colegate (widow) Lewes, Sx 05/05/1714 1730 LEWES A53.P93 Son: Samuel
Daughter: Susanna
Grandchildren William Giles, Susanna Giles & John Giles
Granddaughter: Mary Holford, daughter of John Holford
CoR1606 Read- some
Henry Colegate Uckfield, Sx   1681 LEWES   CoH1608  
Henry Colegate Uckfield, Sx   16/05/1714 LEWES   CoH1608  
Henry Colegate East Grinstead, Sx 08/03/1712 1713 LEWES A48.P306 Wife: Frances
Sons: Robert,John, Henry
Daughters: Sarah, Frances (wife of John Phousf!!! of Lingfield), Elizabeth (wife of Ralph Borer!), Mary (wife of John Knight of Lingfield)
Overseer William Lindley
CoH1650 Read- most
Henry Colegate East Grinstead, Sx 09/11/1765 1766 LEWES A61.P300 Daughter: Ann Jane Blackstone wife of Thomas, Elizabeth Blackstone wife of William
Grandchildren: Thomas & Henry Blackstone (children of Ann).
Land in the Manor of Duddleswell. Henry a Sawyer
CoH1650 Read-little
Joan Colegate Uckfield, Sx   17/04/1641 LEWES South Mailing F96 Administration    
John Colegate Streat, Sx 03/03/1711 1712 LEWES A48.P195 Wife: Elisha   Read- most
John Colegate Tonbridge, Knt 11/06/1755 Codacil 16/11/1768 24/07/1773   Wife: Anne (executor)
Father in Law: thomas Holamby
Godsons: Matthew Stidolph, John Mugridge
Others: Margaret Stone, Elizabeth Caret, Alice Caret
Mary Colegate (widow) Framfield, Sx 24/12/1771 19/05/1792 LEWES South Mailing

Devise to son Henry Colgate of all real estate
To daughter Ann the wife of William Collins the interest on £100 for life and to daughter Elizabeth Colgate the interest on £200 for life
Residuary legatee and executor: the said Henry Colgate

See SAS-WG/121 East Sussex record office

Michael Colegate Uckfield, Sx   1641 LEWES South Mailing F96      
Stephen Colegate Horsham   1767 Chichester STC I/41/289   CoJ1727  
Stephen Colegate West Grinstead   1795 Chichester STC I/45/70   CoJ1727  
Susanna Colegate Lewes, Sx   1760 LEWES A60.P235   CoR1606 Read-little
Reuben Colegate Hadlaw, Kent 25/03/1727 20/07/1731   See Add Mss 27175 : West Sussex record office for certified copy of Will    
Robert Colegate Lewes, Sx 12/08/1693 1708 LEWES A47.P112 Goldsmith
Wife: Elizabeth
Son: Samuel (under 21)
Daughters: Elizabeth Gyles (eldest). Anne, Susanna, Mary ( under 21).
CoR1606 Read- some
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