Peter Brown Family History

Map : Frogit-Heath : 1873


Frogit Heath , also known as Frogwood Heath, is currently known as Newchapel, Horne, Surrey. Historically it was partially in the parish of Horne and partially in the parish of Godstone.. It bounds Hedgecourt Manor to the south. See Surrey Map 4 for overview of location.

Frogit Heath was a large tract of waste that denoted the end of any land that could be usefully cultivated at the southern end of the manors of Lagham and Bletchingley.  These waste lands were historically buffers between adjoining manors and in the case of Frogit Heath it served as a buffer between the manor of Lagham and the manors of Tandridge, Sheffield/Grinstead, Hedgecourt and Bletchingley, and also between the manors of Bletchingley, Hedgecourt, Bysshe Court and Horne Court. By 1522 the heath had acquired the name of Frogworth Heath, in the 17th century it had become known as Frogwood or Frogatt, and by the 18th century this had become Froggit, spelt with either an i or e after the second g and often with two t’s.  However, today the spelling has become standardised as Frogit Heath. Extracts from “Clayton's Ancient Enclosure on Froggit Heath” (


Frogitt Heah

There are a number of ancestors who lived in this area:

  1. James Brown lived at Cherry Tree cottages in 1870's and later Lowlands Cottages from c1880-1936.
  2. Robert Brown lived at Lowlands farm from 1750-1816 (For history of Lowlands Farm see Robert Brown 1597)
  3. Richard Stripp lived at Cherry Tree cottages in 1850's
  4. John Daniels lived at Yew Tree Cottage in 1840's & 1850's
  5. Thomas Stripp lived at Year Tree Farm, Hedgecourt Common, Horne from 1850-1900