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Information from the parish registers of Mid Sussex, East Surrey & South West Kent for the periods about 1550-1812, (later for Surrey), and also from other sources, have been collected. All events for Godstone Registration District have been included up to 1880 (plus some later ones). Event-Birth is usually baptism and Event-Death is usually burial. These lists are largely complete and will not alter much over time (except for correction of errors and any new information that comes to light). There are nearly 4,600 events, (births, marriages, deaths) available.

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Brown William 01/04/1750 Birth Maresfield, Sx Thomas Mary SxF says William & Mary -error-check film P,SxF BrW1610
Brown William 01/01/1751 Birth Bolney, Sx Edward Sarah P,SxF
Brown William 25/10/1754 Death West Hoathly,Sx age 23 P,SxF BrP1610
Brown William 07/04/1755 Marriage Buxted, Sx Jane Baker William from Rotherfield P,Mix BrW1610
Brown William 11/07/1755 Birth West Hoathly,Sx John Mary P BrP1610
Brown William 04/08/1755 Marriage Rusper, Sx Sussana Jupp William from Charlwood  P,Mix
Brown William 26/02/1756 Marriage Crawley, Sx Alice Waller P,Mix
Brown William 12/12/1756 Birth Westerham, Knt Nicholas Susan hs-LC
Brown William 17/01/1759 Birth Rotherfield, Sx William Jane P,Ri BrW1610
Brown William 29/03/1759 Death East Grinstead Browe P,SxF
Brown William 12/08/1759 Birth East Grinstead Hannah baseborn 4/8 -father william Waters- see archive P,SxF
Brown William 06/04/1760 Birth Ashurst, Knt Thomas Susannah born 1/4 Ri
Brown William 2/07/1760 Birth Burstow, Sy Thomas Mary P BrT1702
Brown William 22/07/1761 Death Rotherfield, Sx young man SxF
Brown William 30/08/1761 Birth Caterham, Sy John Elizabeth P BrJ1656
Brown William 22/09/1761 Death Horne, Sy infant P,Biy
Brown William 22/10/1761 Marriage Horsted Keynes Elenor Earle P,Mix BrT1702
Brown William 31/03/1762 Birth Lingfield, Sy Richard Elizabeth P BrR1597
Brown William 25/04/1762 Birth Charlwood, Sy John wm P BrJ1656
Brown William 20/04/1763 Death Charlwood, Sy son of Jn P,Biy BrJ1656
Brown William 03/05/1764 Marriage Edenbridge, Knt Sarah Cacket Wit: John Denman & William Hartley P, Ed-cd BrJ1712
Brown William 07/05/1766 Birth Rotherfield, Sx Thomas Sarah P,We BrW1682
Brown William 27/06/1766 Death Godstone, Sy P,Biy BrA1622
Brown William 21/12/1766 Death Lingfield, Sy P,Biy
Brown William 25/02/1768 Death Bletchingly, Sy Biy
Brown William 23/03/1768 Death Lingfield, Sy P,Biy
Brown William 19/03/1769 Birth Charlwood, Sy Richard Sarah P BrW1696
Brown William 01/10/1769 Marriage Brasted, Knt Mary Smith William of Cudham P
Brown William 15/10/1769 Birth Horsted Keynes William Elizabeth P,SxF BrT1702
Brown William 04/11/1769 Marriage Rotherfield, Sx Mary Cozens P,Mix BrW1682
Brown William 19/02/1770 Birth Withyham, Sx Richard Hannah P,SxF BrW1610
Brown William 14/04/1770 Death Buxted, Sx an Anabaptist SxF
Brown William 15/04/1770 Death Limpsfield, Sy P,Biy
Brown William 01/11/1770 Death East Grinstead P,SxF
Brown William 04/11/1770 Marriage Buxted, Sx Esther Baker William from Maresfield P,Mix BrW1682
Brown William 09/12/1770 Birth Clayton, Sx John Anne SxF
Brown William x/1/1771 Other Bessels Grn, Knt member of baptist church, died after 1771 P-bc
Brown William 09/05/1771 Marriage Bolney, Sx Elizabeth  Shaw P,Mix
Brown William 03/01/1773 Birth Buxted, Sx William Esther P,SxF BrW1682
Brown William 13/02/1774 Marriage Horsham, Sx Mary Gilburd Mix
Brown William 12/03/1774 Marriage Limpsfield, Sy Martha King (or Kinge), William from Tandridge P,Miy
Brown William 06/10/1774 Marriage Maresfield, Sx Jane Turner P,Mix BrW1610
Brown William 19/02/1775 Birth Horsted Keynes Joseph Elizabeth P,SxF BrT1702
Brown William 31/07/1775 Death Bolney, Sx P,SxF
Brown William 14/08/1775 Birth Rotherfield, Sx William Mary P,We BrW1682
Brown William 01/11/1775 Birth Bletchingly, Sy John Martha Shown as Wil : Joh & Mta, no day P
Brown William 01/11/1775 Marriage Bletchingly, Sy Matha Russell shown as Wil & Mta, no day P,Miy
Brown William c/1/1776 Birth Oxted, Sy wife sarah C/41
Brown William 14/05/1776 Birth Caterham, Sy William Martha P BrJ1656
Brown William 28/11/1777 Death Caterham, Sy or 28/3-chk P,Biy
Brown William 05/04/1779 Marriage Charlwood, Sy Elizabeth Constable P,Miy BrT1702
Brown William 14/12/1779 Marriage West Hoathly,Sx Ann Pattenden William was a Miller, age 24, ann age 21 Llic,Mix BrP1610
Brown William 16/12/1779 Marriage West Hoathly,Sx Ann Pattenden P,Mix BrP1610
Brown William 19/02/1780 Birth Charlwood, Sy William Elizabeth wm P BrT1702
Brown William 23/04/1780 Birth Speldhurst, Knt Charles Ann Ri
Brown William 13/05/1780 Birth Charlwood, Sy William Elizabeth wm: from Horley P
Brown William 22/10/1780 Birth Bletchingly, Sy John Martha Shown as Wil : Joh & Mta P
Brown William 01/11/1780 Death Burstow, Sy day not given P,Biy BrW1696
Brown William 01/09/1781 Death Burstow, Sy From Horley P,Biy
Brown William 08/12/1781 Birth Horley, Sy Joseph Mary from Bournehurst P BrJ1639
Brown William 24/12/1781 Marriage Brasted, Knt Anne Geall P
Brown William 08/09/1783 Birth Burstow, Sy Abraham Mary P BrJ1656
Brown William 18/01/1784 Birth Lingfield, Sy Jacob Sarah P BrJ1754
Brown William 11/02/1784 Death West Hoathly,Sx aged 28 P,SxF BrP1610
Brown William 06/08/1784 Marriage Fletching, Sx Mary Dapp William 40, Mary 27 Llic,Mix
Brown William 11/08/1784 Marriage Fletching, Sx Mary Dapp William aged 40, Mary aged 27 (Llic) P,Mix
Brown William 16/09/1785 Birth Lingfield, Sy Samuel Mary shown as William Henry P
Brown William 06/08/1786 Birth Charlwood, Sy John Sarah wm P BrR1597
Brown William 10/10/1786 Birth Rotherfield, Sx Richard Mary P,We
Brown William 11/10/1786 Death Maresfield, Sx P,SxF
Brown William 12/10/1786 Death Rotherfield, Sx son of Richard & Mary SxF
Brown William 14/01/1787 Birth Cowden, Knt Thomas Mary fs
Brown William 09/05/1787 Birth Nutfield, Sy Thomas Sarah fs says 09/09 p BrJ1656
Brown William 22/10/1787 Marriage Ditchling, Sx Sarah Knight William from Pulborough P,Mix
Brown William 23/12/1787 Birth Buxted, Sx Thomas Sarah P,SxF
Brown William 16/03/1788 Marriage Uckfield, Sx Ann Alchorne William from Framfield-Banns -NOT IN REGISTER Mix
Brown William 03/05/1788 Marriage Framfield, Sx Ann Alchorn Mix
Brown William 12/01/1789 Death Charlwood, Sy Aged 30 a pauper P,Biy
Brown William 10/04/1789 Death Charlwood, Sy aged 70 a pauper P,Biy
Brown William 21/11/1790 Birth Bletchingly, Sy Richard Elizabeth born 06/11 fs
Brown William c/1/1791 Birth Crowhurst, Sy or Godstone, wife Jane, NOT IN REGISTER C/41
Brown William 21/06/1791 Birth Uckfield, Sx Thomas Elizabeth shown as William Heath P,SxF
Brown William 03/07/1791 Birth Buxted, Sx William Ann P,SxF
Brown William 26/01/1792 Marriage Bletchingly, Sy Ann Stacey P,Miy
Brown William 30/01/1792 Birth Godstone, Sy John Mary fs says 30/12 p BrP1610
Brown William 02/09/1792 Birth Bletchingly, Sy William Ann born 15/08 fs
Brown William 29/10/1792 Marriage Limpsfield, Sy Sarah Peacock P,Miy
Brown William 26/12/1792 Marriage East Grinstead Jane Beale Mix BrT1702
Brown William 30/12/1792 Birth Godstone, Sy John Hillary p
Brown William 07/10/1794 Marriage Rotherfield, Sx Mary Pollington P,Mix BrW1682
Brown William 29/01/1795 Death Nutfield, Sy Aged 5 months-  p,Biy
Brown William 08/03/1795 Birth Rotherfield, Sx Richard Mary P,SxF
Brown William 26/07/1795 Birth Rotherfield, Sx William Mary P,SxF BrW1682
Brown William 11/08/1795 Birth Godstone, Sy Richard Jane p BrR1597
Brown William 23/11/1795 Birth Charlwood, Sy Joseph Sarah Jos & Sar p BrJ1656
Brown William 27/12/1795 Birth Fletching, Sx John Hannah had 2 children in total P,SxF
Brown William c/1/1796 Birth Godstone, Sy  wife elizabeth, NOT IN REGISTER C/41
Brown William 19/03/1797 Birth Fletching, Sx Joshua Elizabeth had 9 children in total SxF,We
Brown William 13/04/1797 Death Horsted Keynes P,SxF BrT1702
Brown William 20/05/1798 Birth Withyham, Sx Edward Sarah P,SxF
Brown William 19/06/1798 Death Rotherfield, Sx of Hodges SxF,Will BrW1682
Brown William 02/09/1798 Birth West Hoathly,Sx William Jane P BrT1702
Brown William 20/09/1798 Marriage Rotherfield, Sx Annesley Bridger had 2 children in total P,Mix
Brown William c/1/1799 Marriage Buxted, Sx Elizabeth had 7 children in total in Buxted, NOT IN REGISTER We
Brown William x/1/1799 Birth Buxted, Sx Elizabeth Had children 1800-1817, NOT IN REGISTER We
Brown William 26/04/1799 Death Rotherfield, Sx Jarvis Brook SxF
Brown William 12/12/1799 Marriage Horsham, Sx Mary Brett Mix
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Brown William 16/03/1800 Birth Worth, Sx John  Jane P,SxF BrJ1659
Brown William 13/05/1800 Marriage Charlwood, Sy Phillis Carter P,Miy BrW1696
Brown William 27/07/1800 Birth Withyham, Sx Jane Not Married- had 4 children P,SxF
Brown William 14/12/1800 Birth Fletching, Sx Thomas Elizabeth had 5 children in total -NOT IN REGISTER We
Brown William 09/08/1801 Birth East Grinstead Isaac Martha SxF says 9/2: error  - check film P,SxF BrJ1712
Brown William 13/12/1801 Birth Lingfield, Sy Jacob Elizabeth P BrJ1754
Brown William 22/05/1802 Marriage Ifield, Sx Jane Easton P,Mix
Brown William 11/11/1802 Marriage Nutfield, Sy Elizabeth Dod Miy
Brown William 11/03/1804 Death Nutfield, Sy Aged 16-son of Thomas & Sarah p,Biy
Brown William 19/06/1804 Marriage Lingfield, Sy Mary Tidey P,Miy BrW1784
Brown William 09/09/1804 Birth Chailey, Sx James P,SxF
Brown William 2/09/1805 Death Ifield, Sx aged 60 P,SxF
Brown William 08/09/1805 Death Bletchingly, Sy Biy
Brown William 09/03/1806 Birth Worth, Sx Henry Mary born 2/2 P,SxF BrT1702
Brown William 31/10/1806 Death Worth, Sx age 9 mnth P,SxF BrT1702
Brown William 17/01/1808 Birth Edenbridge, Knt James Elizabeth hs-LC,Ed-cd BrJ1754
Brown William 23/05/1809 Marriage Brasted, Knt Martha  Worsell P
Brown William 08/04/1810 Birth Lingfield, Sy William Mary P BrW1784
Brown William 18/06/1810 Marriage Horley, Sy Catherine Coomber William from Burstow, Catherine widow P,Miy
Brown William 10/02/1811 Birth Balcombe, Sx Edward Ann SxF
Brown William 25/02/1811 Marriage Fletching, Sx Elizabeth Staplehurst P,Mix
Brown William 23/06/1811 Death Burstow, Sy son of Jane 3 days old P,Biy
Brown William 29/12/1811 Birth Charlwood, Sy John Ann p
Brown William 15/11/1812 Birth Rusper, Sx Driver Fanny P,SxF BrT1702
Brown William 29/11/1812 Birth Worth, Sx Henry Mary born 1/10 P,SxF BrT1702
Brown William 27/12/1812 Birth Withyham, Sx James Mary P,SxF
Brown William c/1/1813 Birth Burstow, Sy Richard Sarah Year is approximate Inscr,C/51 BrT1702
Brown William 24/04/1813 Marriage Ardingly, Sx Elizabeth Downer Mix
Brown William 08/06/1813 Marriage Mayfield, Sx Mary Midmore P,Mix
Brown William 12/10/1813 Death Tandridge, Sy Aged 82 p,Biy BrA1622
Brown William 25/01/1816 Death Uckfield, Sx aged 13 P,SxF
Brown William c/1/1816 Birth Oxted, Sy Murell Common C/41
Brown William 13/04/1816 Marriage Bletchingly, Sy Jane Sherlock P,Miy
Brown William 30/06/1816 Birth Edenbridge, Knt Robert Ann hs-JC,Ed-cd BrJ1754
Brown William 02/03/1817 Birth Horne, Sy John Hursley born 30/1 P,Ri
Brown William 30/04/1817 Death Hartfield, Sx age 60 SxF
Brown William 27/08/1818 Death Bletchingly, Sy age 6 mnth Biy
Brown William 13/11/1819 Death East Grinstead age 21, Ashurstwood SxF
Brown William 25/11/1819 Death Caterham, Sy aged 10 months P,Biy
Brown William 02/12/1821 Death Buxted, Sx age 74 SxF
Brown William 11/11/1822 Marriage Oxted, Sy Jane Mills Miy BrW1801
Brown William 11/01/1824 Birth Godstone, Sy Richard Catherine P BrJ1639
Brown William 07/08/1825 Marriage Horley, Sy Ann Wilkinson P,Miy
Brown William 30/04/1828 Death Frant, Sx age 52, of Henley on Thames P,SxF
Brown William 08/09/1829 Marriage Crowhurst, Sy Jane Colegate Miy error shows as 'Beaves??' & 'Coldgate' P,Miy BrW1810
Brown William 10/01/1830 Death East Grinstead age 74, poorhouse SxF
Brown William 01/11/1830 Marriage Limpsfield, Sy Elizabeth Illman P,Miy BrW1808
Brown William 06/02/1831 Birth Godstone, Sy Joseph Susanna P BrJ1659
Brown William 23/05/1833 Marriage Burstow, Sy Sarah Laker Not in Parish Register Transcripts Miy BrT1702
Brown William 14/07/1833 Death Charlwood, Sy age 10 wk (Dorking) P,Biy
Brown William 30/11/1834 Birth Limpsfield, Sy James Sarah P BrJ1754
Brown William 12/07/1836 Death Charlwood, Sy aged 67 P,Biy BrW1696
Brown William 29/01/1837 Birth Limpsfield, Sy Jacob Mary Ann P BrJ1802
Brown William 23/02/1837 Marriage Nutfield, Sy Mary Brown Miy
Brown William x/1/1838 Birth Horne, Sy William Sarah only year known C/51 BrT1702
Brown William 02/09/1838 Death Maresfield, Sx age 63 SxF
Brown William 06/11/1839 Death Horne, Sy age 13 day P,Biy
Brown William 05/04/1840 Death Maresfield, Sx age 69 SxF
Brown William 18/06/1841 Death Horley, Sy aged 23 p
Brown William y/08/1841 Birth Godstone RD, Sy Bmd
Brown William y/02/1842 Death Godstone RD, Sy Bmd
Brown William 09/08/1842 Death Horsted Keynes aged 25 from Cuckfield, SxF says Ruth P,SxF
Brown William y/08/1843 Birth Godstone RD, Sy Bmd
Brown William 14/01/1844 Birth Limpsfield, Sy William Elizabeth born 8/11/1843, Bmd date is y/11/1843 hs-FK,Bmd BrW1808
Brown William 08/09/1844 Birth Oxted, Sy William Jane Murell Common - Labourer, born 8/8, Bmd date is y/08/1844 p,Bmd BrW1810
Brown William y/11/1844 Birth Godstone RD, Sy Bmd
Brown William y/11/1844 Birth Godstone RD, Sy Bmd
Brown William y/02/1845 Birth Godstone RD, Sy Bmd
Brown William y/05/1847 Death Godstone RD, Sy William Smale Bmd
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Brown William 30/10/1852 Marriage Croydon Sarah Hubbard hs-JC BrW1816
Brown William y/05/1855 Marriage Godstone RD, Sy Sarah Hook Sarah Charlotte Bmd
Brown William 15/12/1855 Death Horley, Sy aged 40 p
Brown William y/08/1857 Death Godstone RD, Sy Bmd
Brown William y/05/1859 Death Godstone RD, Sy Bmd
Brown William 29/10/1859 Marriage Oxted, Sy Rhoda Fennell Wiiliam's father is Jacob, Rhoda of Tatsfield, Bmd date is y/11/1859 hs-FK,Bmd BrJ1802
Brown William x/1/1860 Birth Beckenham, Knt William Sarah William Henry hs-JC BrW1816
Brown William y/02/1860 Birth Godstone, Sy Henry Mary Bmd,C/71 BrW1810
Brown William y/08/1860 Death Godstone RD, Sy Bmd
Brown William 13/10/1860 Death West Hoathly,Sx age 30, Bmd date is y/11/1860 P,SxF,Bmd
Brown William y/08/1863 Birth Godstone RD, Sy Bmd
Brown William Y/11/1863 Birth Godstone, Sy John but could be August Bmd,C/81 BrW1810
Brown William y/05/1865 Death Godstone RD, Sy Bmd
Brown William 05/02/1867 Death Hartfield, Sx age 75, Bmd date is y/02/1867 SxF,Bmd
Brown William 07/09/1870 Birth Reading, Berks William Ann William James-date is birth date. cert BrW1808
Brown William y/05/1871 Birth Godstone RD, Sy William Henry Bmd
Brown William 17/06/1871 Birth Oxted, Sy William Rhoda William James Jacob, born 11/5, father farmer, Bmd date is y/05/1871 hs-FK,Bmd BrJ1802
Brown William 24/09/1873 Marriage Blindley Heath,Sy Mary Jane Skinner Bmd date is y/08/1873 hs-PW,Bmd BrW1810
Brown William y/05/1874 Death East Grin. RD age 46 Bmd
Brown William 27/03/1876 Death Horne, Sy inscription at Hathresham Farm, Nutfield aged 63 Inscript BrT1702
Brown William y/11/1881 Death Godstone RD, Sy age 79 Bmd BrW1801
Brown William 12/02/1882 Birth Godstone, Sy William Mary Jane William James Alfred, Bmd date is y/02/1882 hs-PW,Bmd, BrW1810
Brown William y/05/1883 Death East Grin. RD age 71 Bmd
Brown William 16/01/1885 Death Horne, Sy cert BrW1810
Brown William y/02/1885 Death Godstone RD, Sy age 73 Bmd
Brown William 07/05/1892 Marriage Reading, Berks Ellen King Ellen dau of William King, born 1867 cert BrW1808
Brown William 10/05/1893 Death Caterham, Sy age 76, Bmd date is y/05/1893, William White 75 Biy,Bmd
Brown William 06/10/1893 Death Limpsfield, Sy Not on BMD hs BrW1808
Brown William x/1/1898 Birth Catford, Knt Charles William John C/11 BrW1810
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Brown William y/02/1900 Death Godstone RD, Sy age 55, William Thomas Bmd
Brown William y/03/1900 Death Godstone RD, Sy probably Oxted Bmd BrW1810
Brown William y/05/1904 Death Godstone RD, Sy age 70 Bmd BrJ1754
Brown William 02/07/1912 Marriage Canada Mabel Jay Mabel Louisa, Vancouver-BC-Canada hs-PW BrW1810
Brown William y/02/1919 Death Godstone RD, Sy age 42, William F Bmd
Brown William y/02/1926 Death Godstone RD, Sy age 77 Bmd
Brown William y/05/1926 Death Godstone RD, Sy age 81 Bmd
Brown William x/11/1926 Death London day not known, Westminster Bridge hs-PW BrW1810
Brown William y/08/1928 Death Godstone RD, Sy age 76 Bmd
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Brown Wilmot y/05/1895 Death Godstone RD, Sy age 39 Bmd
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Brown Winfrith 20/12/1646 Birth Streat, Sx Richard p

Key for Source: P - Parish Register Transcripts; 'p' -PRT, but needs recheck; SxF -Sussex Family History Group; SxG -Sussex Genealogies; We -The Weald Sx Record Society; Ri -Vital record index; Wills -from a 'Will'; C/xx - Census for year; Mix -Sussex Marriage Index CD; Miy -Surrey Marriage Index CD; Biy -Surrey burial index CD; An- Ancestry Yorkshire Cd's ; Llic - Lewes Licence Register; Cert -Oficial Certificates; Bmd -Births Index (1837+); IGI -International Genealogical Index; ED-cd -NWKFHS Edenbridge CD; hs-X -named history source; hs -Other History source; fs- Family Search;