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Information from the parish registers of Mid Sussex, East Surrey & South West Kent for the periods about 1550-1812, (later for Surrey), and also from other sources, have been collected. All events for Godstone Registration District have been included up to 1880 (plus some later ones). Event-Birth is usually baptism and Event-Death is usually burial. These lists are largely complete and will not alter much over time (except for correction of errors and any new information that comes to light). There are nearly 4,600 events, (births, marriages, deaths) available.

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Brown Siccill 01/05/1648 Marriage Limpsfield, Sy Nicholas Martin Miy says Sybil & Marlin P,Miy
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Brown Sicily 23/10/1617 Marriage Horley, Sy John Lewis Miy says Cecilia P,Miy
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Brown Sindonie 15/02/1589 Death East Grinstead Widow P,SxF
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Brown Sophia 15/09/1776 Birth Horsham, Sx William Mary P,SxF
Brown Sophia 15/02/1778 Death Horsham, Sx infant SxF
Brown Sophia 14/06/1781 Birth Burstow, Sy Abraham Mary P BrJ1656
Brown Sophia 25/07/1790 Birth Horley, Sy Henry Anne P
Brown Sophia 09/10/1796 Birth Withyham, Sx Edward Sarah P,Ri
Brown Sophia 18/01/1797 Death Burstow, Sy died 13/1: aged 15, d Abraham & Mary P,Biy BrJ1656
Brown Sophia 01/01/1804 Birth Withyham, Sx James Mary P,SxF
Brown Sophia 19/02/1837 Death Horley, Sy infant P,Biy
Brown Sophia 18/05/1854 Death Horley, Sy aged 37 p
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Brown Stephen 24/01/1574 Birth Cowfold, Sx SxF
Brown Stephen c/1/1584 Birth West Hoathly,Sx Edward Year is approximate Will BrE1556
Brown Stephen 15/05/1588 Birth East Grinstead Joseph P BrW1534
Brown Stephen c/1/1595 Birth Ticehurst, Sx derive BrH1510
Brown Stephen 03/01/1612 Marriage East Grinstead Elizabeth Kidder Llic,Mix BrW1534
Brown Stephen 19/01/1612 Marriage East Grinstead Elizabeth Kidder P,Mix BrW1534
Brown Stephen 09/08/1631 Marriage Burwash, Sx Elizabeth Noakes P,Mix BrH1510
Brown Stephen 22/11/1635 Birth Ticehurst, Sx Stephen P,SxF BrH1510
Brown Stephen 19/04/1652 Birth Ticehurst, Sx Stephen P,SxF BrH1510
Brown Stephen 04/03/1677 Birth West Hoathly,Sx Edward Mary P,SxF BrP1610
Brown Stephen 05/04/1677 Death West Hoathly,Sx P,SxF BrP1610
Brown Stephen c/1/1756 Birth Withyham, Sx Henry Elizabeth Year is approximate Will BrP1689
Brown Stephen 27/06/1790 Birth Rotherfield, Sx Thomas Mary P,SxF
Brown Stephen 02/03/1802 Birth Lindfield, Sx Abel Jane P,SxF
Brown Stephen y/11/1876 Death Godstone RD, Sy age 32 Bmd
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Brown James c/1/1546 Birth Warbleton, Sx Henry Year is approximate Will BrH1510
Brown Susan 04/01/1570 Death Dorking, Sy Biy
Brown Susan 23/04/1578 Birth East Grinstead P BrJ1490
Brown Susan 03/12/1579 Death East Grinstead Suzan, daughter of Harrie P,SxF BrJ1490
Brown Susan 11/01/1596 Birth Rusper, Sx Joseph P,SxF BrW1534
Brown Susan 22/03/1596 Birth Worth, Sx Thomas Susan P,SxF BrJ1490
Brown Susan 19/09/1596 Birth Rotherfield, Sx John shown as Susand P,SxF BrJ1510
Brown Susan 30/12/1598 Birth Westerham, Knt William hs-LC BrC1490
Brown Susan 26/06/1600 Death Warbleton, Sx single P,SxF BrH1510
Brown Susan c/1/1602 Birth West Hoathly,Sx John Mary Year is approximate SxG BrJ1546
Brown Susan 05/06/1608 Birth Warbleton, Sx Abell Marie Susane P,SxF
Brown Susan 15/07/1610 Birth Dorking, Sy Richard IGI BrT1413
Brown Susan 26/01/1616 Death Worth, Sx Wife of Thomas P,SxF BrJ1490
Brown Susan 16/09/1619 Marriage Horley, Sy Thomas Leachford Miy says 1609, shown as Letchford P,Miy BrW1534
Brown Susan 30/04/1620 Marriage Cowden, Knt Thomas Kent P
Brown Susan 09/07/1623 Marriage Lewes, Sx John Prior both from West Hoathly,  P,Mix,Llic BrJ1546
Brown Susan 09/07/1623 Marriage Lewes, Sx John Prior Both from West Hoatly, John a butcher,  Llic
Brown Susan 16/02/1625 Marriage Westerham, Knt Sameul Benet hs-LC BrC1490
Brown Susan 07/05/1626 Birth West Hoathly,Sx Nicholas Elizabeth from East Grinstead P,SxF
Brown Susan 02/05/1641 Birth Buxted, Sx Francis P,SxF
Brown Susan 20/09/1654 Marriage East Grinstead William Werger Bands called 3-17/9/1654,  P,Mix
Brown Susan 23/11/1659 Marriage Slaugham, Sx Edward Shave P,Mix
Brown Susan 14/06/1667 Death Brasted, Knt wife of Abraham hs-LC BrC1490
Brown Susan 21/12/1678 Death Heathfield, Sx P,SxF
Brown Susan 22/05/1687 Birth Ringmer, Sx James Elizabeth P,SxF
Brown Susan 20/01/1732 Marriage Ashurst, Knt Richard Goodwyn p
Brown Susan 12/10/1778 Marriage Frant, Sx John Tomsett P,Mix
Brown Susan y/11/1857 Death Godstone RD, Sy Bmd
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Brown Susanna 29/11/1584 Birth Heathfield, Sx William SxF BrH1510
Brown Susanna 02/05/1611 Marriage Charlwood, Sy Richard Wright P,Miy
Brown Susanna 07/06/1635 Birth Ifield, Sx William P,SxF BrW1534
Brown Susanna 25/08/1640 Death Hever, Knt Susannah wife of John hs-LC
Brown Susanna 26/08/1656 Death Buxted, Sx Wife of William P,SxF BrW1534
Brown Susanna 24/04/1662 Birth West Hoathly,Sx Nathaniel Lucy shown as Susanah P,SxF BrT1516
Brown Susanna 14/06/1666 Marriage Buxted, Sx Benedict Thorpe P,Mix BrW1534
Brown Susanna 03/09/1676 Birth East Grinstead Thomas Elizabeth Parents shown as Tho & Eli P,SxF BrJ1490
Brown Susanna 10/01/1688 Marriage London,Southwark William Sennock William Senock of East Griusted, co. Sussex,carpenter, widdower, 25, and Susan Browne of East Grinsted, spinster,22 ; at St. George, Southwark. "At her own dispose, her father and mother being dead. SyLic
Brown Susanna 26/12/1693 Birth Ifield, Sx John Mary P
Brown Susanna 04/11/1695 Marriage East Grinstead John Stenning John from Godstone, Llic,Mix BrJ1490
Brown Susanna 24/11/1695 Marriage East Grinstead John Stenning P,Mix BrJ1490
Brown Susanna 28/02/1700 Birth Isfield, Sx William Mary born 25/2 P,SxF
Brown Susanna 02/02/1715 Birth Heathfield, Sx John Rachel shown as Susannah P,SxF BrH1510
Brown Susanna 29/07/1716 Birth Little Horsted, Sx Richard Susanna P,SxF
Brown Susanna 22/03/1718 Death Little Horsted, Sx dau of Richard & Susanna P,SxF
Brown Susanna 05/04/1719 Birth Little Horsted, Sx Richard Susanna P,SxF
Brown Susanna 19/08/1722 Marriage Slaugham, Sx Josiah Lindfield Susan of Ifield P,Mix
Brown Susanna 17/06/1739 Death Tandridge, Sy dau of Susanna Biy
Brown Susanna 22/09/1740 Marriage Uckfield, Sx Thomas Pelling Thomas from Isfield, shown as Susannah P,Mix
Brown Susanna 26/07/1747 Birth Fletching, Sx Richard Susanna shown as Susannah P,SxF BrW1682
Brown Susanna 27/04/1752 Marriage Horley, Sy William Roffee P,Miy
Brown Susanna 11/03/1761 Birth Bolney, Sx Susanna Cressy- baseborn of widow P,SxF
Brown Susanna 12/12/1764 Birth Crowhurst, Sy Richard Susanna wife & child shown as Frusannah P
Brown Susanna 01/01/1765 Death Horne, Sy infant, shown as Frusanna P,Biy
Brown Susanna 29/06/1769 Marriage Maresfield, Sx Timothy  Mills Mi error  says Miles P,Mix BrW1682
Brown Susanna 07/08/1770 Birth East Grinstead John Mary P,SxF BrJ1712
Brown Susanna 02/02/1772 Death Frant, Sx P,SxF
Brown Susanna 03/12/1775 Birth Rotherfield, Sx Richard Sarah P,We BrW1682
Brown Susanna 12/05/1784 Death Horne, Sy wife of Richard of Burstow, shown as Frusanna P,Biy
Brown Susanna 21/11/1791 Death Maresfield, Sx P,SxF BrW1682
Brown Susanna 12/09/1798 Marriage Ifield, Sx Edward Penfold P,Mix
Brown Susanna 03/01/1803 Death Charlwood, Sy infant P,Biy
Brown Susanna 10/02/1811 Birth Buxted, Sx Thomas Anne P,SxF
Brown Susanna 03/03/1811 Birth Cowden, Knt adult baptism aged 19 fs
Brown Susanna 29/11/1813 Marriage East Grinstead Samuel Wickens Samuel a widower from Rotherfield Mix
Brown Susanna 03/12/1829 Death Horne, Sy shown as Frusannah:age 13 Inscript -died 27/11/1820 P,Biy
Brown Susanna 28/06/1830 Death Shipley, Sx Horsham Baptist chapel-age73, wife of Allen SxF BrP1689

Key for Source: P - Parish Register Transcripts; 'p' -PRT, but needs recheck; SxF -Sussex Family History Group; SxG -Sussex Genealogies; We -The Weald Sx Record Society; Ri -Vital record index; Wills -from a 'Will'; C/xx - Census for year; Mix -Sussex Marriage Index CD; Miy -Surrey Marriage Index CD; Biy -Surrey burial index CD; An- Ancestry Yorkshire Cd's ; Llic - Lewes Licence Register; Cert -Oficial Certificates; Bmd -Births Index (1837+); IGI -International Genealogical Index; ED-cd -NWKFHS Edenbridge CD; hs-X -named history source; hs -Other History source; fs- Family Search;