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The following details are known for all names commencing with this Surname initial (excluding Family Group Names). Entries are in Forename order within Surname. Information from the parish registers for the periods about 1550-1839, and also from other sources, have been collected. (Note: Event- Birth is usually Baptism and Event- Death is usually burial) .

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In total there are over 1,600 events (births, marriages, deaths), available all shown in alphabetic order of surname/forename. These list will change extensively over time as other family names are researched. However the lists will only be updated periodically, (say about yearly), due to the effort involved with creating the new lists. The last full update was May 2012.

Event Date

Father or
Spouse f.n.

Mother or
Spouse s.n.

Lakeir Sarah 09/02/1615 Marriage Rusper, Sx Arthur Fenner (nee brown) P BrW1534
Lakeir William 29/10/1611 Marriage Rusper, Sx Sarah Brown P,Mix BrW1534
Laker Sarah 23/05/1833 Marriage Burstow, Sy William Brown Not in Parish Register Transcripts Miy BrT1702
Lamb Mary 04/04/1695 Marriage Waldron, Sx John Daniel John of East Hoathly Mix DaT1500
Lambkin Sarah 04/12/1798 Marriage Ticehurst, Sx Daniel Bones daniel from Salehurst P,Mix BoJ1701
Lanaway Katherine 18/12/1684 Marriage Rudgwick, Sx Daniel Tidey Tydie P,Mix TyD1645
Langridge Alice 07/05/1692 Death East Grinstead hs-MW FeW1490
Langridge Elizabeth 22/11/1741 Birth Horsted Keynes Samuel Anne P,SxF BrJ1659
Langridge Elizabeth 29/05/1764 Marriage Horsted Keynes Thomas Brown  Elizabeth bapt 22/11/1741 HK,  P,Mix BrJ1639
Langridge John 03/07/1642 Marriage East Grinstead Alice Feldwick Velveck & Langridg P,Mix FeT1597
Langridge Philadelphia 31/05/1757 Marriage Horsted Keynes William Feldwick P,Mix FeW1648
Langridge Rose 03/10/1624 Marriage East Grinstead Richard Underhill P,Mix UnR1515
Lashmer Margaret 09/05/1605 Marriage Cuckfield, Sx Edward Faulconer Fawkner P,Sx,Mi FaE1540
Lashmere Sarah 25/07/1749 Marriage Lindfield, Sx Peter Brown P,Mix BrP1689
Latter Joan 16/04/1590 Marriage Burwash, Sx John Muddle Mix MuJ1500
Latter Lettice 04/09/1609 Marriage Speldhurst, Knt Richard Colegate hs-PW CoE1540
Laurence Martha 29/09/1726 Marriage Heathfield, Sx Robert Giles P,Mix GiT1500
Laverack Elizabeth 22/01/1762 Birth Drax, Yrks hs-GF FrH1760
Laverack Elizabeth 07/02/1785 Marriage Snaith, Yrks Hessay France   IGI FrH1760
Lea Richard 07/10/1692 Marriage West Hoathly,Sx Mary Brown (or Lee) surety John Brown Llic,Mix BrJ1546
Leachford Sarah 08/10/1596 Marriage Horley, Sy Benjamin Brown P,Miy BrW1534
Leachford Thomas 16/09/1619 Marriage Horley, Sy Susan Brown Miy says 1609, shown as Letchford P,Miy BrW1534
Leadbetter Mary Ann 31/05/1818 Birth Worth, Sx William Sarah Libbeter P StJ1784
Leadbetter Mary Ann 10/09/1836 Marriage Horne, Sy Thomas Stripp Strip Miy,Ri StJ1784
Leader Elizabeth 20/10/1716 Marriage Speldhurst, Knt Stephen Colegate Stephen of Hadlow, by license hs-PW CoS1628
Leagar William 06/09/1561 Marriage Ardingly, Sx Joan Infield Indfell P,Mix InT1475
Lee Alice 08/06/1642 Marriage Horley, Sy Thomas Tapsell p,Miy TaT1620
Lee John 02/11/1652 Marriage East Grinstead Mary Faulconer P,Mix FaH1602
Lee John 14/08/1657 Death East Grinstead John Lee the younger P FaH1602
Lee Margaret 14/08/1581 Marriage Abinger, Sy Thomas Tidey Tydie Miy TyJ1490
Lee Mary 14/03/1658 Marriage East Grinstead John Wicking John Wicken a Yeoman, Mary a widow, bands  P,Mix WiJ1581
Lee Nicholas 18/06/1609 Marriage East Grinstead Margaret Grove Nycilas & Margrete, Nicholas of Cowden P,IGI GrT1550
Leeson Elizabeth 15/03/1822 Marriage Horne, Sy Edward Daniel Daniels Miy,Ri DaT1760
Leigh Eleanor y/05/1840 Marriage Reigate RD, Sy George Stripp Bmd StF1780
Lemmy Ann 17/10/1717 Marriage Wrotham, Knt Nicholas Colegate Colgate hs-PW CoT1658
Lenfeeld Mary 24/01/1600 Marriage Shipley, Sx William Daniel Danyell Mix DaJ1540
Linfeild Joan 21/x/1620 Marriage Nuthurst, Sx William Daniel Month not known Mix DaJ1540
Lintot Sarah 18/11/1622 Marriage Bolney, Sx John Brown P,Mix BrJ1546
Little Francis c/1/1782 Marriage Easingwold, Yrks Jane Pickersgill An PkW1726
Little Mary 11/01/1784 Birth Easingwold, Yrks Francis Jane born 15/12/1783 An PkW1726
Loader Elizabeth 21/02/1803 Marriage East Grinstead Henry Brown Mix BrJ1659
Lock Anne 17/05/1629 Birth West Hoathly,Sx William Anne SxF FeJ1588
Lock Anne 28/09/1653 Marriage Horsted Keynes Nicholas Feldwick shown as Agnes Mix FeJ1588
Lock Robert 11/10/1792 Marriage Godstone, Sy Mary Stripp Strip, Robert from Lingfield Miy,IGI StW1710
Lodynden Margaret 20/11/1553 Marriage Frant, Sx Thomas Giles Margareth P,Mix GiT1500
Lomas Samuel 04/10/1806 Marriage Godstone, Sy Amy Wicking Miy WiJ1696
Longly Katherine 11/05/1671 Marriage Withyham, Sx William Brown Ri,Mix BrW1610
Longly Mary 29/03/1590 Birth Rotherfield, Sx Richard P MuJ1560
Louckhurst Mary 07/08/1614 Marriage Sevenoaks, Knt Edward Colegate hs-PW CoE1540
Lucas Anne 20/02/1671 Marriage Brasted, Knt Joseph Brown hs-LC BrC1490
Lullingden Francis 16/04/1616 Marriage West Hoathly,Sx Sarah Brown Widow, shown as Sara P,Mix BrT1516
Luxford John 10/05/1563 Marriage East Grinstead Clemence Payne P,Mix PyJ1480
Luxford Mary 13/05/1645 Marriage Rotherfield, Sx William Giles Gylles P,Mix GiT1500
Luxford Sarah 18/10/1639 Marriage Tonbridge, Knt John Muddle hs-M MuJ1560
Lynne Susan 11/07/1689 Marriage Fletching, Sx Thomas Brown SxF says 11/6 check date P,Mix BrT1662
Lyntot Jane 18/07/1640 Marriage Bolney, Sx Henry Colegate Henry Colgate from Uckfield Llic,Mix CoH1615
Lypscombe Joan 03/05/1573 Marriage Abinger, Sy Richard Tidey Tydie Miy TyJ1490

Key for Source: P - Parish Register Transcripts; 'p' -PRT, but needs recheck; SxF -Sussex Family History Group; SxG -Sussex Genealogies; We -The Weald Sx Record Society; Ri -Vital record index; Wills -from a 'Will'; C/xx - Census for year; Mix -Sussex Marriage Index CD; Miy -Surrey Marriage Index CD; Biy -Surrey burial index CD; An- Ancestry Yorkshire Cd's ; Llic - Lewes Licence Register; Cert -Oficial Certificates; Bmd -Births Index (1837+); IGI -International Genealogical Index; ED-cd -NWKFHS Edenbridge CD; hs-X -named history source; hs -Other History source; fs- Family Search;