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The following details are known for all names commencing with this Surname initial (excluding Family Group Names). Entries are in Forename order within Surname. Information from the parish registers for the periods about 1550-1839, and also from other sources, have been collected. (Note: Event- Birth is usually Baptism and Event- Death is usually burial) .

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In total there are over 1,600 events (births, marriages, deaths), available all shown in alphabetic order of surname/forename. These list will change extensively over time as other family names are researched. However the lists will only be updated periodically, (say about yearly), due to the effort involved with creating the new lists. The last full update was May 2012.

Event Date

Father or
Spouse f.n.

Mother or
Spouse s.n.

Cacket Sarah 03/05/1764 Marriage Edenbridge, Knt William Brown Wit: John Denman & William Hartley P BrJ1712
Caffyn Matha 28/10/1729 Marriage Cudham, Knt Stephen Colegate Stephen of Tatsfield hs-PW CoJ1726
Care Anne 22/08/1669 Birth Hartfield, Sx Simon Catherine shown as Ann P,SxF WiJ1660
Care Elizabeth 01/04/1675 Birth Hartfield, Sx Simon Catherine P,SxF WiJ1660
Care Hannah 01/11/1672 Birth Hartfield, Sx Simon Catherine Symon & Catharin P,SxF WiJ1660
Care Mary 23/02/1668 Birth Hartfield, Sx Simon Catherine P,SxF WiJ1660
Care Mary 07/02/1687 Marriage Hartfield, Sx John Wicking John from EG  (Mix says Carr) Llic,Mix WiJ1660
Care Mary 08/02/1687 Marriage Hartfield, Sx John Wicking John from EG P,Mix WiJ1660
Care Sarah 05/11/1670 Birth Hartfield, Sx Simon Catherine P,SxF WiJ1660
Care Simon 25/05/1628 Birth Hartfield, Sx William Symon P,SxF WiJ1660
Carey Jane 15/05/1841 Marriage Burstow, Sy William Stripp Strip hs-B,hs-RW StW1739
Carey Mary c/1/1811 Birth Reigate, Sy Year is approximate hs-RW  StW1739
Carey Mary y/11/1848 Marriage Godstone RD, Sy Richard Stripp Strip Bmd StW1739
Carr Mary 24/06/1661 Marriage Hawkhurst, Knt Richard Mascall Mix MaR1627
Carter Anne 24/03/1641 Marriage Horsted Keynes John Wicking Wicken, both of East Grinstead Mix,Llic WiD1569
Carter Jane 24/12/1811 Marriage Easingwold, Yrks William Bland An BlJ1766
Carter Phillis 13/05/1800 Marriage Charlwood, Sy William Brown P,Miy BrW1696
Carver Phoebe 13/04/1624 Marriage Ifield, Sx Benjamin Brown P,Mix BrW1534
Caslen Abraham x/05/1657 Marriage Lewes(st Mich),S Susan Feldwick Veldick, widow of Fletching, banns Mix FeJ1588
Castleden Frances 15/05/1673 Marriage East Grinstead Henry Colegate Coalegate P,Mix CoH1650
Catt Anne 17/04/1655 Marriage Cowden, Knt John Wicking fs WiP1555
Catt Elizabeth 06/11/1632 Marriage Cowden, Knt Richard Grove P,IGI GrJ1550
Chaloner Thomas c/1/1562 Marriage West Hoathly,Sx Thomasine Feldwick SxG FeJ1520
Chamber Joan 01/11/1591 Marriage Framfield, Sx Edward Wicking shown as Wickins P,Mix WiT1500
Champion Elizabeth 07/10/1647 Marriage Burstow, Sy Richard Brown Richard from West Hoathly, Eliz Champian from Nutfield P,Miy BrE1560
Champion John 13/06/1647 Birth Buxted, Sx Philip Phillape Champione SxF FeJ1588
Champion John 18/02/1650 Death Buxted, Sx son of Fillupe Champione SxF FeJ1588
Champion Philip 25/09/1646 Marriage West Hoathly,Sx Anne Feldwick P,Mix FeJ1588
Chantler Elizabeth 23/02/1717 Marriage East Grinstead Edward Grove Edward of Edenbridge Mix,IGI GrR1671
Chantler Elizabeth 24/10/1768 Marriage Horne, Sy John Stripp shown as Streap/Strep (B)-John of Godstone Miy,Ri StW1710
Chapman Anne 08/10/1559 Marriage Westerham, Knt George Brown Ann dau of Robert, George a weaver hs-LC BrC1490
Chapman Anne 22/10/1750 Marriage Wadhurst, Sx William Bones P,Mix BoJ1660
Chapman Brian c/1/1919 Birth Hunslet, Yrks Joseph Ada Year is approximate RhF1861
Chapman Edmond 24/02/1690 Marriage Lingfield, Sy Elizabeth Brown P,Miy BrJ1490
Chapman Joane 26/05/1614 Marriage Westerham,Knt Edward Brown hs-LC BrC1490
Chapman John 03/07/1576 Marriage East Grinstead Joan Dungate Dungatt, shown as Johanne  P,Mix DuR1480
Chapman Joseph y/11/1918 Marriage Hunslet, Yrks Ada Rhodes Bmd RhF1861
Chapman Margaret 15/04/1750 Marriage Wadhurst, Sx Thomas Bones P,Mix BoJ1660
Chapman William 20/09/1667 Birth Worth, Sx William Margaret P,SxF WiJ1581
Chapman William 01/07/1700 Marriage East Grinstead Elizabeth Wicking P,Mix WiJ1581
Chapman William 20/10/1743 Death Worth, Sx aged 77 P WiJ1581
Charleton Isabell 02/12/1759 Marriage Sunderland, Durh Edward Dobson IGI DoE1738
Charman Mary 20/03/1830 Marriage Godstone, Sy Robert Shirley Miy ShW1766
Chart Ann 18/01/1781 Marriage Horley, Sy John Shirley John from Worth Miy,Mix ShW1727
Chary Jane 12/02/1663 Birth Ightham, Knt Thomas Anne Jana, born 22/1 hs-PW CoT1658
Chary Jane 29/01/1683 Marriage Ightham, Knt Thomas Colegate Colgate hs-PW,IGI CoT1658
Chatfield Ano 22/09/1605 Marriage Lingfield, Sy Richard Carpenter Chatfeilde Miy CaR1580
Chatfield Henry 01/05/1666 Marriage Uckfield, Sx Anne Colegate Ann p CoH1615
Chatfield Mary 23/02/1748 Marriage Ardingly, Sx John Wicking Mrs Chatfield of Cuckfield P,Mix WiJ1660
Chelsame Mary 15/10/1609 Marriage East Grinstead Thomas Grove shown as Marrye P,Mix GrT1550
Cheseman Alice 15/11/1625 Marriage Rotherfield, Sx Robert Muddle Muddell P,Mix MuJ1560
Cheverton Joan 10/05/1584 Marriage Lingfield, Sy Peter Underhill Miy UnR1515
Chevington Joan 24/01/1575 Marriage Fletching, Sx Robert Blundell Blonndall Mix BuJ1510
Chippingdale Frances 25/10/1612 Marriage Lingfield, Sy William Underhill P,Miy UnW1589
Clarke Ann 16/05/1671 Marriage East Grinstead John Wicking Ann  widow from Frant, John widower Llic,Mix WiJ1581
Clement Robert 14/02/1633 Marriage Worth, Sx Elizabeth Underhill P,Mix UnJ1490
Cliffe Sarah y/11/1853 Marriage Godstone RD, Sy James Stripp Bmd StJ1799
Clifton Ann 10/04/1599 Marriage Lingfield, Sy Thomas Underhill P,Miy UnT1530
Clifton Elizabeth 26/04/1718 Marriage Withyham, Sx Thomas Brown Thomas from Rotherfield Mix,Ri BrW1610
Climent John 16/04/1592 Marriage Ardingly, Sx Eleanor Payne Paine, Elner P,Mix PyT1510
Cockrell Eliza 08/08/1858 Marriage St Pancras, Ldn Richard Shirley cert ShJ1796
Cockrell Elizabeth 08/08/1858 Birth East Grinstead William hs-RW  ShJ1796
Colcocke Anne 28/09/1674 Marriage Worth, Sx John Feldwick John widower 30y, Anne of Ifield 20y,VGA lic Mix,Lic FeJ1611
Cole Edmund y/11/1856 Marriage East Grinst. RD Eliza Stripp Bmd StI1800
Cole James 24/09/1744 Marriage Westerham,Knt Elizabeth Brown hs-LC BrG1614
Cole Judith 01/07/1658 Marriage East Grinstead Charles Payne Paine, shown as Col P,Mix PyE1536
Coleman Eva y/11/1914 Marriage Godstone RD, Sy Frank Brown Frank M & Eva B Bmd BrJ1847
Collcock Anne 22/07/1674 Marriage Worth, Sx John Feldwick P,Mix FeJ1611
Collens William 23/10/1612 Marriage Southwark, Ldn Frances Underhill Miy,Will UnJ1490
Collin Joan 05/07/1579 Marriage Rusper, Sx John Tidey Tydy Mix,IGI TyJ1490
Collins Esther 05/03/1779 Marriage Chevening, Knt John Colegate Colgate, widower hs-PW,IGI CoJ1726
Collins William 18/10/1771 Marriage Framfield, Sx Anne Colegate Mix CoH1615
Comber Agnes 26/11/1562 Marriage Ardingly, Sx Thomas Payne Paine, Annis Cumber, maybe 6/12 P,Mix PyT1510
Comber Isabell 24/01/1583 Marriage Ardingly, Sx John Payne Paine, of Westhill, Cumber P,Mix PyE1480
Comber John 01/06/1663 Birth East Grinstead Edward Ann Coomber P,SxF
Comber Margaret 07/10/1567 Marriage Lindfield, Sx Richard Infield or Margaret Rivers-comber Mix,SxG InR1500
Comber Margaret 02/04/1679 Birth East Grinstead Thomas Elizabeth Coomb.. P,SxF
Comber Mary 16/10/1738 Marriage Crowhurst, Sy John Colegate Miy CoJ1719
Compton Catherine c/1/1597 Marriage West Hoathly,Sx Richard Infield SxG InR1500
Constable Amelia y/05/1845 Marriage Cuckfield, Sx Edward Stripp Strip Bmd StJ1784
Constable Elizabeth 05/04/1779 Marriage Charlwood, Sy William Brown P,Miy BrT1702
Constable Jane 01/11/1642 Marriage East Grinstead John Dungate Llic,Mix DuS1590
Constable Sarah 04/04/1678 Marriage Lewes, Sx Thomas Brown both of Withyman,  Llic,Mix BrW1610
Coocheman Judith 20/05/1589 Marriage Cuckfield, Sx George Blundell sur Robert Blundell, all of Cuckfield Llic BuJ1510
Cook Mary 20/04/1662 Birth West Hoathly,Sx John Jane P,SxF FeG1670
Cook Mary 03/02/1695 Marriage East Grinstead George Feldwick P,Mix FeG1670
Cooper Diana y/05/1847 Marriage Horne, Sy John Daniel Daniels hs-JH,Bmd DaT1760
Cooper Elizabeth 03/09/1826 Birth East Grinstead fs ShJ1796
Cooper Elizabeth y/11/1859 Marriage Godstone RD, Sy Richard Shirley Bmd ShW1727
Cooper Mary 29/09/1834 Marriage Snaith, Yrks Joseph France IGI FrH1760
Cooper Susanna 03/06/1629 Marriage Ifield, Sx William Brown P,Mix BrW1534
Cord Edith 14/05/1686 Marriage Cowden, Knt Edward Daniel check date IGI says 2/5 & Card P,IGI DaE1660
Cornford Tymothea 16/02/1671 Marriage Lindfield, Sx Nathaniel Brown Llic,SxG BrJ1546
Cornford Tymothy 07/03/1671 Marriage Lindfield, Sx Nathaniel Brown P,Mix BrJ1546
Cornwall Mary 05/01/1738 Marriage Framfield, Sx Robert Colegate P,Mix CoH1615
Cossam Ann 17/06/1744 Marriage Tonbridge, Knt John Colegate or Cossun hs-PW,IGI CoR1620
Coulstock John 08/01/1650 Marriage East Grinstead Mary Feldwick Feldewick P,Mix FeT1597
Coupper Nicholas 17/11/1601 Marriage East Grinstead Eleanor Payne Ellyner P,Mix PyR1450
Cowper Ann x/05/1611 Marriage Shipley, Sx John Daniel Ann a widow Mix DaJ1540
Cox Anne 09/06/1624 Marriage Framfield, Sx John Wicking John from EG, Anne a widow Llic,Mix WiJ1581
Cox Emma 04/01/1641 Marriage Maresfield, Sx Stephen Giles Emma of Withyham, Stephen of Rotherfield Mix GiT1500
Cox Emmeline 02/07/1641 Marriage Maresfield, Sx Stephen Giles Stephen of Rotherfield, a hammerman; Emy of Withyham Llic,Mix GiT1500
Cox Robert 1/09/1572 Marriage East Grinstead Joan Underhill shown as Johane, Coxe, day not known P,Mix UnJ1490
Cox Timothy 23/06/1594 Marriage Brasted, Knt Thomas Brown hs-LC BrC1490
Coxe Richard 20/06/1567 Marriage Brasted, Knt Alice Brown hs-LC BrC1490
Cozens Mary 04/11/1769 Marriage Rotherfield, Sx William Brown P,Mix BrW1682
Craggs Sarah 28/07/1805 Marriage Rothwell, Yrks James Rhodes An RhJ1781
Cresey Ninian 26/10/1669 Marriage Balcombe, Sx Sarah Faulconer Mix,IGI FaJ1605
Cripps Agnes 18/04/1601 Marriage Rotherfield, Sx John Giles John Gyles of Frant, shown as Crippes Llic,Mix GiT1500
Cripps Ann 13/07/1611 Marriage East Grinstead Stephen Dungate Llic,Mix DuS1590
Cripps Ann 14/07/1611 Marriage East Grinstead Stephen Dungate shown as Crispe but family name is Crips, shown as Steven P,Mix DuS1590
Cripps Joan 05/09/1614 Marriage East Grinstead Jeremy Payne Johane Crippes P,Mix PyR1450
Cripps John  26/11/1758 Marriage Framfield, Sx Sarah Colegate Mix CoH1615
Cripps Margaret 03/05/1621 Marriage West Hoathly,Sx Andrew Brown P,Mix BrE1560
Cripps Nicholas 26/12/1659 Marriage Lindfield, Sx Susan Payne Susan widow of East Grinstead Mix PyW1620
Crouch Elizabeth 23/04/1667 Marriage Lewes, Sx Robert Colegate Mix CoR1606
Crust Martha 19/04/1746 Marriage Mayfield, Sx Richard Bones P,Mix BoJ1660
Culpeper Catherine 18/11/1680 Marriage West Hoathly,Sx Edward Brown or Katherine P,Mix BrT1630
Culpeper Katherine 03/07/1597 Birth Ardingly, Sx Edward Sir Edward Culpeper of Wakehurst P InR1500
Culpeper Katherine 24/02/1619 Marriage Ardingly, Sx Richard Infield Infeld, Katherine dau of Sir Edward Culpeper, Richard of West Hoathly P,Mix InR1500
Curd Barbara 21/04/1696 Marriage Frant, Sx William Giles Gyles, Barbary P,Mix GiT1500
Curtis Alice 17/05/1629 Birth Worth, Sx John Jonne SxF ShR1590
Curtis Alice 06/03/1649 Marriage Worth, Sx Edward Shirley P,Mix ShR1590
Curtis Benjamin 04/02/1837 Marriage Horne, Sy Mary Brown Miy BrW1784
Curtis Benjamin 30/07/1858 Death Oxted, Sy hs-FK BrW1784
Curtis Mary 14/06/1871 Death Limpsfield, Sy hs-FK BrW1784

Key for Source: P - Parish Register Transcripts; 'p' -PRT, but needs recheck; SxF -Sussex Family History Group; SxG -Sussex Genealogies; We -The Weald Sx Record Society; Ri -Vital record index; Wills -from a 'Will'; C/xx - Census for year; Mix -Sussex Marriage Index CD; Miy -Surrey Marriage Index CD; Biy -Surrey burial index CD; An- Ancestry Yorkshire Cd's ; Llic - Lewes Licence Register; Cert -Oficial Certificates; Bmd -Births Index (1837+); IGI -International Genealogical Index; ED-cd -NWKFHS Edenbridge CD; hs-X -named history source; hs -Other History source; fs- Family Search;