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The following details are known for all names commencing with this Surname initial (excluding Family Group Names). Entries are in Forename order within Surname. Information from the parish registers for the periods about 1550-1839, and also from other sources, have been collected. (Note: Event- Birth is usually Baptism and Event- Death is usually burial) .

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In total there are over 1,600 events (births, marriages, deaths), available all shown in alphabetic order of surname/forename. These list will change extensively over time as other family names are researched. However the lists will only be updated periodically, (say about yearly), due to the effort involved with creating the new lists. The last full update was May 2012.

Event Date

Father or
Spouse f.n.

Mother or
Spouse s.n.

Aburley Katherine 09/09/1588 Marriage Worth, Sx Edward Blundell Mix,IGI BuJ1510
Adams Emma 21/09/1872 Marriage Sompting, Sx Thomas Stripp hs-RW, Bmd StJ1784
Adeane Joan 18/06/1592 Marriage Horsham, Sx Henry Dungate Dongat, or 'A Deane' P,Mix DuW1510
Agate Mary x/1/1791 Marriage Southwark, Ldn David Colegate Colgate, Christchurch Miy CoJ1726
Akehurst Rebecca 26/06/1790 Marriage Withyham, Sx John Brown P,Mix BrW1682
Alcock Edward c/1/1685 Marriage Crowhurst, Sy Mary Underhill Will UnT1530
Alfrey William 04/05/1601 Marriage East Grinstead Timothea Payne Alffrye  & Tymothye P,SxG PyE1536
Alisander Edward 03/09/1610 Marriage East Grinstead Mary Grove P,Mix GrJ1550
Allchorne John 02/02/1647 Marriage Rotherfield, Sx Mary Muddle Muddall,  P MuJ1560
Allen Elizabeth 13/10/1606 Marriage Reigate, Sy Edward Plaw Allyn, Edward from East Grinstead Mix PlE1574
Allen Elizabeth 27/06/1722 Marriage Lewes, Sx Henry Feldwick Fieildwick, of Horsted Keynes Smlic,Mix FeW1648
Allen Elizabeth 02/07/1722 Marriage Lewes(All St's),S Henry Feldwick Henry from Horstead Keynes, Elizabeth of Lindfield Mix FeW1648
Allen Hannah 24/04/1726 Marriage Horne, Sy Abraham Brown Miy,Ri BrT1630
Allen Jane 26/05/1629 Marriage East Grinstead Arthur Underhill both from East Grinstead, banns, License P,Llic, Mix UnT1530
Allen Joan 31/05/1578 Marriage East Grinstead Nicholas Underhill shown as Johane Allyn P,Mix UnJ1490
Allen William 06/10/1748 Marriage Ardingly, Sx Elizabeth Wicking William of Lindfield P,Mix WiJ1660
Allin Elizabeth 09/01/1614 Marriage Hartfield, Sx Thomas Monke Mix MoT1561
Allingham Henry  x/03/1758 Marriage West Hoathly,Sx Priscilla Feldwick Banns only in March P,Mix FeT1684
Allingham Henry  04/04/1758 Marriage Worth, Sx Priscilla Feldwick Priscilla of West Hoathly Mix FeT1684
Amertye Margaret 21/10/1560 Marriage Ticehurst, Sx Richard Daniel Danyell, margaret widow of Richard Amerye Mix DaT1500
Anscombe Allen 07/10/1759 Marriage Bolney, Sx Anne Shirley Allen of Shermanbury, Ann P,Mix ShR1590
Aphen Richard 18/04/1580 Marriage Worth, Sx Elizabeth Blundell Mix,IGI BuJ1510
Arnold Ano 11/06/1654 Death Worth, Sx wife of Nicholas buried P
Arnold Ano 05/03/1669 Death Worth, Sx son of Nicholas buried P
Arnold Dorothy 04/08/1909 Birth Orpington, Knt William Philadelphia Dorothy Beatrice hs-BW  ShJ1828
Arnold Elizabeth c/1/1676 Birth Worth, Sx Nicholas Mary not in Parish Register Transcripts hs BrJ1546
Arnold Ethel 13/09/1902 Birth Orpington, Knt William Philadelphia Ethel Violet hs-BW  ShJ1828
Arnold Evelyn 08/03/1891 Birth Orpington, Knt William Philadelphia Eveline , Bmd is 05/91 hs-BW  ShJ1828
Arnold Florence 04/05/1895 Birth Orpington, Knt William Philadelphia Florence Mary, Bmd is 05/95 hs-BW,Bmd ShJ1828
Arnold Lily 05/01/1901 Birth Orpington, Knt William Philadelphia Lily May, Bmd is 02/01 hs-BW,Bmd  ShJ1828
Arnold Margaret c/1/1670 Birth Worth, Sx Nicholas Mary not in Parish Register Transcripts hs BrJ1546
Arnold Mary c/1/1674 Birth Worth, Sx Nicholas Mary not in Parish Register Transcripts hs BrJ1546
Arnold Nicholas c/1/1668 Marriage West Hoathly,Sx Mary Brown Not in Parish Register Transcripts or Mix hs BrJ1546
Arnold Philadelphia 09/07/1939 Death Orpington, Knt Bmd is 08/39- Bromley RD hs-BW,Bmd  ShJ1828
Arnold Sophia 03/09/1896 Birth Orpington, Knt William Philadelphia Sophia Jane hs-BW  ShJ1828
Arnold Walter 05/02/1672 Birth Worth, Sx Nicholas P,SxF BrJ1546
Arnold William 15/04/1863 Birth Horne, Sy   hs-BW  ShJ1828
Arnold William 08/02/1890 Marriage Blindley Heath, Sy Philadelphia Shirley Bmd is 02/90-Godstone RD hs-BW,Bmd ShJ1828
Arnold William 01/03/1893 Birth Orpington, Knt William Philadelphia William James hs-BW  ShJ1828
Arnold William 18/12/1944 Death Orpington, Knt hs-BW  ShJ1828
Arnold Winifred 17/04/1908 Birth Orpington, Knt William Philadelphia   hs-BW  ShJ1828
Ashdowne Alice 02/10/1739 Marriage Lewes, Sx Thomas Brown Thomas from Rotherfield,  Mix BrW1682
Ashdowne Mary 18/10/1797 Marriage Horne, Sy William Stripp Streape, Ashdown Miy,Ri StW1710
Ashfold Susanna 08/11/1742 Marriage Lindfield, Sx William Shirley P,Mix ShR1590
Ashpoole Joan 01/08/1578 Marriage Cowden, Knt Francis Wicking shown as Johane, Weeking P WiT1500
Atfield James 05/10/1878 Marriage Lingfield, Sy Rhoda Stripp James son of Shadrach Atfield, West Claydon hs,Bmd StI1800
Atkinson Alicia 30/01/1677 Marriage Easingwold, Yrks Thomas Bland An BlT1651
Atkinson James c/1/1715 Marriage East Grinstead Sarah Payne Not in Mix, Not in PRT Will PyR1656
Auman Hannah 04/02/1733 Marriage Woodkirk, Yrks Ephraim Rhodes fs RhE1711
Austin Ephraim y/11/1861 Marriage Steyning, Sx Lucy Stripp Bmd StJ1784
Austin Mary 04/08/1641 Marriage East Grinstead Arthur Underhill or Awstin, Wid from Uckfield, License P,Llic, Mix UnT1530
Auty Thamar 17/09/1795 Marriage Woodkirk, Yrks Israel Rhodes Tamor fs RhI1666
Aves Elizabeth 02/06/1603 Marriage Lindfield, Sx Edward Brown P,Mix BrE1556
Avis Elizabeth 24/12/1683 Marriage Wadhurst, Sx Ralph Brown P,Mix BrW1610
Avys Agnes 01/01/1605 Marriage Worth, Sx Andrew Brown P,Mix BrJ1490
Awcock Ann 31/03/1766 Marriage East Grinstead Henry Wicking witnessed by Matthew Wicken P,Mix WiM1698
Awcock Cecily 27/09/1622 Marriage Lewes, Sx Stephen Colegate Stephen Colgate from Magna Chart, Kent Llic,Mix CoE1540
Awcock Cecily 30/09/1622 Marriage Lewes, Sx Stephen Colegate Mix CoE1540
Aylarde Mary 26/05/1575 Marriage Herstmonceux,sx Christopher Brown P,Mix BrT1520
Aynscombe Elizabeth 16/05/1661 Marriage Rotherfield, Sx Thomas Muddle Mix MuJ1560

Key for Source: P - Parish Register Transcripts; 'p' -PRT, but needs recheck; SxF -Sussex Family History Group; SxG -Sussex Genealogies; We -The Weald Sx Record Society; Ri -Vital record index; Wills -from a 'Will'; C/xx - Census for year; Mix -Sussex Marriage Index CD; Miy -Surrey Marriage Index CD; Biy -Surrey burial index CD; An- Ancestry Yorkshire Cd's ; Llic - Lewes Licence Register; Cert -Oficial Certificates; Bmd -Births Index (1837+); IGI -International Genealogical Index; ED-cd -NWKFHS Edenbridge CD; hs-X -named history source; hs -Other History source; fs- Family Search;