Peter Brown Family History

Westerham Manorial Records


The following list of Manorial records of Brown's for Westerham were complied by Lionel Cole. The records consist of at least three parts. The Court Leet was largely a list of inhabitants in Westerham parish. The Court Baron is list of tenants of the manor, which did not cover the entire parish. There is also a record of land transactions. Where a Browne is mentioned it is stated “leet” or “baron” .

1617 Arthur Browne (leet), William Browne (leet), Arthur Browne (baron), William Browne (baron).
Arthur Browne held a copyhold tenement.
1618 (April) Edmund Browne acted as a second to the borsholder for the town part.
Giles Browne(leet), William Browne (leet), Edward Browne (leet), Joseph Browne (leet) , William Browne (baron)
1618 (Oct) William Browne (leet), William Browne (leet, second one apparently), Joseph Browne, Edward Browne, Arthur Browne (baron)  unfinished.
For 1619 Edmund Browne seconded the borsholder of the town part. William Browne (leet), Joseph Browne (leet), John Browne (leet), Giles Browne (leet and baron). Edward Browne alienated a parcel of meadow in Medhurst Meade to his brother Joseph.
For 1620  William Browne (leet and baron), Giles Browne (leet), George Browne (leet), Edward Browne (leet), Joseph Browne (leet), Arthur Browne of Becheworth in Surrey, yeoman, sold his customary (copyhold) tenement called Collins and Laws (in Westerham town) to George Fisher for £100. Thomas Toller gent who held a messuage and a croft adjoining in the town of Westerham called Stapletons (2s) has alienated  it to Joseph Browne who performed fealty.
1621 (incomplete) William Browne (leet and baron), Edward Browne (leet), Giles Browne (baron), Joseph Browne (leet and baron)