Peter Brown Family History

William Brown (1808) & Elizabeth Illman

General History

William Brown & Elizabeth Illman were not one of my direct ancestors but they are related to me as later indirect generations of a direct ancestor.

Key Dates:

William Brown was baptised on 17th January 1808 in Edenbridge, Kent. (Source is IGI & unconfirmed). He was the son of James Brown & Elizabeth Sergent and James was the son of Jacob Brown (1754) & Sarah Wicking. He married Elizabeth Illman on 1st November 1830 in Limpsfield, Surrey. William's occupation was a 'Carpenter' and/or 'Labourer'. (Note: one site shows his name as William Earl, but this cannot be confirmed). William possibly possibly died on 6th October 1893 in Limpsfield, Surrey and Elizabeth possibly possibly died there on 13th September 1896, (Source unclear but dates have not been confirmed and neither is shown on BMD)

Elizabeth Illman was probably born on 8th September and was baptised on 19th September 1813 in Lingfield, Surrey. She was the daughter of John Illman & Hannah Hollman who had six children in Lingfield (William, Sarah, John, Elizabeth, Mary & Thomas).

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William & Elizabeth had ten known children:

John Ellen Elizabeth Catherine Sarah Eliza William George Henry Harriet
  1. John Brown was born on 26th November and was baptised on 25th December 1831 in Limpsfield, Surrey.
  2. Ellen Brown was born on 9th August and was baptised on 15th September 1833 in Limpsfield, Surrey.
  3. Elizabeth Brown was born on 16th March and was baptised on 19th April 1835 in Limpsfield, Surrey.
  4. Catherine Brown was born on 26th November 1836 and was baptised on 8th January 1837 in Limpsfield, Surrey.
  5. Sarah Brown was born on 4th February 1839 (see Census & Bmd) but was baptised on 2nd May 1841 in Limpsfield, Surrey.(source of birth date is unclear)
  6. Elizabeth Brown (Eliza) was born on 12th February 1841 and was baptised on 2nd May 1841 in Limpsfield, Surrey. She was maybe possibly buried on 15th July 1881 in Limpsfield, Surrey. (source of birth date is unclear, but ties in with Bmd)
  7. William Brown was born on 8th November 1843 and was baptised on 14th January 1844 in Limpsfield, Surrey. He probably moved to Reading, Berkshire and married Anne Picton. They had five children. (1871 & 1881 census Reading, Berkshire and William shown as born in Limpsfield). In 1891 census, there is a Mr William J L Brown dob 1844, a carpenter with a son William J Brown living at 9 Albany Road Reading. Anne was born in about 1840 in Reading. At the marriage of William James in 1892, the father is shown as William James Leonard Brown, carpenter, but on 1870 birth cerificate of son William he is shown as just William Brown, carpenter, living at 65 Wine Place, Reading.
    1. Elizabeth A Brown was born in about 1865 in Reading, Berkshire but possibly died before 1881 (Source is 1871 & 1881 census).
    2. Martha Jane Brown was baptised on 22nd February 1868 in St Mary's Butts church, Reading, Berkshire. She probably married Frederick William Wiggins in about November 1890 in Reading, Berkshire. Frederick was born about 1869 in Reading. The family were living at 59 Elm Park Road Reading at the time of the 1901 census. Martha & Frederick had four children.
      1. Frederick Wiggins was born in about 1890 in Reading, Berkshire.
      2. Elsie Wiggins was born in about 1896 in Reading, Berkshire.
      3. Leonard Wiggins was born in about 1899 in Reading, Berkshire.
      4. Dorothy Wiggins was born on 14th November 1900 in Reading, Berkshire. She married Ivor Harris and they had six children (Ronald, Joan, Brenda, Doreen, Kathleen & Jean) Dorothy possibly died on 29th July 1963 in Prospect Park Hospital, Reading..
    3. William James Brown was born on 7th September 1870 in Reading, Berkshire (registered 19th October- source is certificate). He married Ellen King on 7th May 1892 in Reading, Berks. (marriage witnessed by Emily Brown - source is certificate ). Ellen was born in 1867, the daughter of William King. William was a 'Coal Merchant'. William & Ellen had six children (William ,Alice , Bert , Charles Albert , Stanley , Doris May) all living in 1911 at 651 Oxford Road, Reading. (His grandson Ben Brown provided some of this information. Ben Brown is one of my 'Fifth Cousins'.
    4. Emily Brown was born in about 1873 in Reading, Berkshire (Source is 1881 census).
    5. Kate Brown was born in about 1877 in Reading, Berkshire (Source is 1881 census).
  8. George Brown was possibly born on 10th October 1845 (but not shown in parish register) and was baptised on 22nd February 1846 in Limpsfield, Surrey. He was maybe possibly buried on 30th July 1854 in Limpsfield, Surrey (Source unclear but birth on BMD).
  9. Henry Brown was baptised on 24th November 1847 in Limpsfield, Surrey (but registered on BMD in about February 1848).
  10. Harriet Brown was born in about April 1850 and was baptised on 11th April 1850 in Limpsfield, Surrey.
  11. Mary Ann Brown was maybe possibly baptised on 2nd December 1852 in Limpsfield, Surrey and was maybe possibly buried there on 29th June 1855 (Source unclear but neither event shown in parish register or on BMD. There is a BMD birth entry for February 1855).

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  1. Census Information:
    1. The 1841 Census shows (Family ref Top) - William & Elizabeth family in Limpsfield - William 30, Elizabeth 28, John 9, Ellen 7, Elizabeth 6, Catherine 5, Sarah 2, Eliza 3 mnths,
    2. The 1851 Census in Godstone Registry district shows (Family ref Top) - William and Elizabeth family in Limpsfield area-folio 215a - William 42 (Edenbridge), Elizabeth 37 (lingfield), Sarah 12, Eliza 10, William 7, George 5, Henry 3, Harriett 11 months.
    3. The 1881 Census shows William & Ann in Reading (Family ref 7) - William 37 (born Lampsfield, Surrey-error assume Limpsfield), Ann 41 (born Reading) Martha 13, William 9, Emily 7, Kate 3 (all children born in Reading- living at 5 Connaught Road, Reading, Berks)
    4. 1911 census of Reading shows (Family ref 7 C) William James Brown 40 (Reading, Coal Merchant), Ellen 43 (Reading, wife , married 19 years), William 18 ,Alice 14, Bert 12, Charles Albert 9, Stanley 6, Doris May 2 all living at 651 Oxford Road, Reading
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Certificates & Official Records

  1. William Brown 1870 Birth Certificate
  2. William Brown 1870 & Ellen King Marriage Certificate
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