Peter Brown Family History

William Browne (1696) & Elizabeth

General History

William Browne & Elizabeth were not one of my direct ancestors but they are related to me as later indirect generations of a direct ancestor.

Key Dates:

William Browne was baptised on 19th February 1696 in Burstow, Surrey, the son of Richard Browne & Mary who was the son of Thomas Browne & Anne. He married Elizabeth. William was possibly buried in November 1780 in Burstow, Surrey. William left a 'Will' that was proven on 29th November 1780

Elizabeth's birth details are unknown. She was buried on 18th March 1767 in Burstow, Surrey ('wife of William')

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William & Elizabeth had eight known children (source 2)

Sarah Richard Mary Elizabeth Jane Sarah William John
  1. Sarah Brown was baptised on 18th May 1731 in Burstow, Surrey.
  2. Richard Brown was baptised on 20th September 1732 in Burstow, Surrey. He married Sarah. Richard was buried on 5th May 1821 in Charlwood, Surrey (aged 88') and Sarah was buried there on 28th May 1810 ('wife of Richard aged 71'). Richard & Sarah had eight children.
    1. John Brown was baptised on 10th February 1760 in Charlwood, Surrey.
    2. Mary Brown was baptised on 23rd February 1762 in Charlwood, Surrey.
    3. Sarah Brown was baptised on 22nd January 1764 in Charlwood, Surrey.
    4. William Brown was baptised on 19th March 1769 in Charlwood, Surrey. He possibly married Phillis Carter on 13th May 1800 in Charlwood, Surrey. Phillis was probably buried on 11th May 1833 in Charlwood, Surrey (Phyllis, 'aged 73') and William was buried there on 12th July 1836 ('aged 67'). William & Phillis had three children.
      1. Sarah Brown was baptised on 6th August 1800 in Charlwood, Surrey.
      2. Thomas Brown was baptised on 15th January 1802 in Charlwood, Surrey.
      3. Mary Anne Brown was baptised on 12th October 1804 in Charlwood, Surrey. Mary Anne married William Newnham on 17th December 1832 in Charlwood, Surrey (William shown from Balcombe)
    5. James Brown was baptised on 16th June 1771 in Charlwood, Surrey. James was buried on 18th June 1821 in Charlwood, Surrey ('aged 50').
    6. Hannah Brown (Hanny) was baptised on 27th June 1773 in Charlwood, Surrey.
    7. Thomas Brown was baptised on 19th July 1778 in Charlwood, Surrey.
    8. Jenny Brown was baptised on 30th September 1781 in Charlwood, Surrey.
  3. Mary Brown was baptised on 8th November 1734 in Burstow, Surrey. She probably married John Budgen on 17th July 1761 in Horne, Surrey (Surrey Licenses 1673-1770 show - 16th July 1761 - John Budgen of Horne, abode 6 weeks, malster,bachelor, 26, and Mary Brown of Burstow, abode 6 weeks, spinster,26 ; at Horne. Henry Skinner of Horne, butcher, 2nd s)
  4. Elizabeth Brown was baptised on 5th June 1737 in Burstow, Surrey.
  5. Jane Brown was baptised on 28th April 1738 in Burstow, Surrey.
  6. Sarah  Brown was baptised on 28th February 1739 in Burstow, Surrey.
  7. William Brown was baptised on 17th November 1743 in Burstow, Surrey.
  8. John Brown was baptised on 17th December 1744 in Burstow, Surrey.

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No information available

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  1. In general the family name BROWNE was used up to about 1700 and then BROWN became standard
  2. Athough the details of the individual entries are correct, and the children are born to the named parents, a rigorous analysis has not yet been undertaken to ensure that the correct family heads are with the appropriate children.(ie if there was a choice of father's called 'William' the wrong one may have been used).
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  1. William Brown (family ref top) left a 'Will' that was proven on 29th November 1780 (ref PCC Prob 11/1070/327)
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