Peter Brown Family History

Thomas Browne (1596) & Katherine Comber

General History

Thomas Browne & Katherine Comber were one of my 11th generation ancestors.

Key Dates:

Thomas Browne was born around 1596, probably in West Hoathly, Sussex. He was the son of John Browne & Mary Mills. He was under 21 in his fathers 'Will' of 1608, he was mentioned in his uncle George Browne's 'Will' of 1614 and in his uncle Edward Browne’s 'Will' of 1627. He married Katherine Comber on 31st January 1627 at West Hoathly (source 2). (License issued at Lewes on 19th January 1627, named as Katherine Rivers, with surety provided by Thomas Rivers).

Katherine Comber (Catherine) was the daughter of Thomas Comber & Anne Burstow of ‘Philpots’ (also known as Barleylands), West Hoathly. She was born about 1602 in West Hoathly, Sussex and was mentioned in her father' will of 1632, her brother Thomas's will of 1642, her sister Elizabeth's will of 1642 and her sister Sarah's will of 1662 (source 1). She died after 1662.

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Thomas & Katherine had 3 known children:

Anne Thomas Elizabeth
  1. Anne Browne was baptised on 23rd March 1628 at West Hoathly (sources 1&2). Mentioned in her aunt Elizabeth Comber’s will in 1642 (Source 1).
  2. Thomas Browne was baptised on 31st October 1630 at West Hoathly (sources 1&2). He married Ann. Details of Thomas Browne & Ann are shown separately as they are direct ancestors.
  3. Elizabeth Browne was baptised on 7th  October 1639 at West Hoathly (sources 1&2).

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Under his Uncle Edward’s ‘Will’ of 1627 he forgave his nephew Thomas Browne, who had just married Katherine Comber from Barleylands, the lot of ‘ware’ he had borrowed from the old man’s shop and also £3. He left him another £10.

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  1. This parentage is based on the assumption that the correct Thomas Browne’s were identified as the son and grandson. An analysis of all Thomas Browne’s born up to 1673 (sources 3-8) with burials and marriages has been carried out and some issues arise. See Thomas Brown 1630
  2. His father’s ‘Will’ refers to Thomas being under 21 in 1608 so he was born after August 1587.
  3. Katherine (Catherine) is mentioned in her fathers 'Will' of 1632, her brother Thomas's 'Will' of 1642, her sisters Elizabeth's 'Will' of 1642 and her sister Sarah's 'Will' of 1662.
  4. Katherine is shown as Comber in West Hoathly Parish Register for marriage, but as Rivers in the Lewes marriage Licenses. The name Comber was often shown as Rivers Comber or Rivers alias Comber or Rivers COMBER for families up to about 1615. Families after about 1615 only used the name Comber.
  5. In general the family name BROWNE was used up to about 1700 and then BROWN became standard.
  6. SxG- Source 1 has a number of errors identified
    1. All dates shown between 01/01 and 24/03 up to year 1750 usually have the year shown as that of the previous year (Exceptions are: a) birth of Ann shown as 23/3/1628,
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