Peter Brown Family History

Jacob Browne (1802) & Mary Ann Nightingale

General History

Jacob Brown  & Mary Ann Nightingale were not one of my direct ancestors but they are related to me as later generations of a direct ancestor.

Key Dates:

Jacob Brown was baptised on 4th April 1802 in Edenbridge, Kent. He was the son of James Brown & Elizabeth Sergent and James was the son of Jacob Brown (1754) & Sarah Wicking. He married Mary Ann Nightingale on 11th May 1828 in Limpsfield, Surrey. Jacob was alive in 1881 and he died in about November 1882 in Godstone RD, Surrey ('aged 79'). Jacob's occupation was a 'Lime Burner'.

Mary Ann Nightingale was born around 1810 and was alive in 1861. She was probably the daughter of Thomas & Salome Nightingale of Limpsfield. Thomas & Salome had five known children in Limpsfield of John (b 1812), William (b 1815), Michael (b 1818), Eliza (b 1822) & James (b 1826).(see verification below-item 2)

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Jacob & Mary Ann had four known children:

John Mary Ann William Thomas
  1. John Brown was baptised on 8th June 1828 in Limpsfield (PRT show parents as John & Mary Ann, but assume error). He married Mary Ann May on 20thApril 1856 in Oxted, Surrey (marriage witnessed by Mary Ann Brown). Mary Ann was the daughter of James May ( a labourer) who may have come from Horley and was born in 1838. John & Mary Ann had nine children.
    1. Emma Jane Brown (or Emma Ann as in Bmd) was born in about May 1857 and was baptised on 28th June 1857 in Limpsfield, Surrey and she presumably died before 1861 census.
    2. Elizabeth Ann Brown was born in about August 1859 and was baptised on 25th September 1859 in Limpsfield, Surrey.
    3. James Jacob Brown was born on the 24th August and was baptised on 19th October 1862 in Oxted, Surrey. He probably died in about November 1926 in Godstone Rd, Surrey ('aged 63').
    4. George Brown was born on the 11th September and was baptised on 9th October 1864 in Oxted, Surrey.
    5. Kathleen Ann Brown was born in about November 1866 and was baptised on 15th January 1867 in Oxted, Surrey and she died in about August 1868 in Godstone RD, Surrey ('aged 1').
    6. Mary Ann Brown (Marianne) was born on the 16th November and was baptised on 20th December 1868 in Oxted, Surrey. Mary probably died in May 1875 in Godstone RD, Surrey ('aged 6').
    7. Emily Samantha Brown was born on the 20th September and was baptised on 14th December 1873 in Oxted, Surrey.
    8. Thomas John Brown was born on the 21st March and was baptised on 13th May 1877 in Oxted, Surrey.
    9. Henry William Brown (census shows him as William Henry) was born on the 2nd May and was baptised on 8th June 1879 in Oxted, Surrey.
  2. Mary Ann Brown was baptised on 5th August 1832 in Limpsfield, Surrey. She married George Simmons on 9th August 1856 in Oxted, Surrey (witnessed by William Brown & Mary Ann Brown). George was baptised on 3rd November 1833 in Edenbridge, Kent the son of Joseph Simmons (of East Grinstead) & Ann who had children in Edenbridge (Thomas, William, John, Ann, George, Mary, Elizabeth, Emily, Emily & Alfred). George by occupation was a 'Cricket Ball maker'. He died on 31st October 1920 (aged 87) and Mary Ann died on 7th March 1921 (aged 88). Both were buried in Leigh, Kent and have a gravestone there with inscription 'In loving memory of George Simmons & also Mary Ann Simmons and also Jack son of the above, drowned on the Titanic'. George & Mary Ann had seven children.
    1. Emily Salome Simmons was born in about 1858 in Edenbridge, Kent.
    2. Alice Ann Simmons was born in about 1859 in Edenbridge, Kent.
    3. Elizabeth Simmons (Eliza) was born in about 1861 in Leigh, Kent.
    4. Mary Ann Simmons was born in about 1867 in Leigh, Kent.
    5. Joseph Simmons was born in about 1869 in Leigh, Kent.
    6. John Simmons (known as Jack) was born in about 1872 in Leigh, Kent and died in 1912 on the Titanic (see Personal History below).
    7. Fanny Olive Simmons was born in about 1878 in Leigh, Kent.
  3. William Brown was baptised on 29th January 1837 in Limpsfield, Surrey. He married Rhoda Fennell (or Funnell) on 29th October 1859 in Oxted, Surrey. Rhoda was born in about 1838 in Tatsfield (or possibly Limpsfield) the daughter of James Fennell. William's occupation was shown as 'Lime Merchant' in 1860, 'Church Clerk' in 1862 and then 'Farmer' in 1871. In 1911 William & Rhoda were living at Home farm. Ugley, Bishop Stortford, Hertfordshire, William shown as a Farmer. William & Rhoda had seven children.
    1. Herbert Thomas Brown was born in about August 1860 and was baptised on 7th October 1860 in Oxted, Surrey and he died in about November 1869 in Godstone RD, Surrey ('aged 9').
    2. Samantha Ellen Brown was born on the 5th May and was baptised on 6th June 1862 in Oxted, Surrey. In 1911 she was possibly working as a housekeeper for James Elwell in Potters Sty, Harlow, Essex (note-age is shown as 40 which is incorrect)
    3. Annie Brown was born on the 5th September and was baptised on 18th October 1863 in Oxted, Surrey. She was living with her aunt Eliza Nightingale in Hove, Sussex in 1881. In 1911 she was living with his parent in Bishop Stortford.
    4. Rhoda Brown was baptised on 13th January 1867 in Woldingham, Surrey
    5. William James Brown was born on the 11th May and was baptised on 17th June 1871 in Oxted, Surrey.
    6. Edward Brown was born on the 6th June and was baptised on 12th July 1877 in Oxted, Surrey.
    7. Walter Brown was born on the 6th June and was baptised on 3rd August 1877 in Oxted, Surrey. In 1911 he was living with his parent in Bishop Stortford.
  4. Thomas Brown was baptised on 1st December 1839 in Limpsfield, Surrey.

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  1. The Simmons family:- see family 2

John (also known as Jack) Simmons was drowned on the Titanic in 1912. He is mentioned on the parents gravestone in Leigh, Kent.
The passenger details are: Mr John Simmons, aged 39, 3rd Class ticket no 392082, Fare £8 1s. Joined the ship at Southampton.  Occupation General Labourer. Died on sinking, no body found.
The 'Whitstable Scene' shows the following: Mr John Simmons from the village of Leigh, near Tonbridge was also on the Titanic. Formerly a cricket ball maker with Messrs Duke and Son of Penshurst, Mr Simmons was making his way to America with Mrs Helen Twomey from Tonbridge who had secured a new position with the Bishop of Indianapolis.

In the 1881 census the children Alice (22) was working as a kitchenmaid in Brighton,Sussex and her older sister Emily a couple of miles away at 4 Mills Terrace in Hove, Sussex living with her ‘aunt’, Eliza Nightingale.  

The following is a photo of the parents(George & Mary Ann Simmons) in about 1910. It was provided by Brett Jeffrey, a descendant of the 'Nightingale ' family. The names are written on the reverse of the photo.


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  1. Census Information:
    1. The 1841 Census shows Jacob & Mary family in Limpsfield - Jacob 39, Mary Ann 30, John 13, Mary Ann 9 , William 4, Thomas 1. (family living next door or with William & Elizabeth)
    2. The 1851 Census in Godstone Registry district shows Jacob and Mary Ann family in Titsey area-folio 243b - Jacob 48, Mary Ann 41, John 22, William 14, Thomas 10.
    3. The 1861 Census shows Jacob & Mary Ann family in Oxted area (see family above: 1,A) - Jacob 59, Mary Ann 50.
    4. The 1871 Census shows
      1. John & Mary Ann in Oxted - John 42 (born Limpsfield), Mary Ann 32, Elizabeth Ann 11, James 8, George 6, Mary 2
      2. William & Rhoda in Oxted - William 34 (born Limpsfield), Rhoda 33, Symantha E 8, Annie 7, Rhoda 4
    5. The 1881 Census shows
      1. John & Mary Ann in Oxted - John 52 (born Limpsfield), Mary Ann 42 (born Horley), James 18, George 16, Mary A 12, Emily S 7, Thomas J 4, William H 1; all living at Chalkpit Lane, Oxted.
      2. William & Rhoda in Warlingham - Jacob 79 (born Limpsfield), William 44 (born Limpsfield), Rhoda 43 (born Limpsfield), Symantha 19, Rhoda 14, Willaim 10, Walter 3, Edward 3 ( children all born in Oxted, family living at Harvey Cottage, Warlingham)
      3. Eliza Nightingale aged 59, born Limpsfield living at 4 Wills Terrace Hove, Sussex with E Simmons (niece born Edenbridge) aged 23 and A Brown (neice born Oxted) aged 17
    6. The 1911 Census shows
      1. William & Rhoda (Family ref 3) in Bishop Stortford, Hertfordshire - William 79 (Limpsfield, Farmer), Rhoda 73 (Limpsfield, wife, married 52 years), Annie 47 (Oxted, daughter), Walter 33 (Oxted, son) all living at Home farm. Ugley, Bishop Stortford, Hertfordshire
  2. Mary Ann Nightingale is not shown in Limpsfield registers, but is defintely thought to be part of this family as the middle name of one of her granddaughters is Salome which ties into her mothers name. In addition her daughter Emily was living with her aunt Eliza Nightingale (aged 59) in Hove in 1881.
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