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Robert Wicking (1642) & Jane Driver

General History

Robert Wicking & Jane Driver were one of my 10th generation ancestors.

Key Dates:

Robert Wicking (shown as Wickins) was baptised on 5th December 1642 in East Grinstead, Sussex. He was the son of Matthew Wicking & Susan Brooker. Robert probably married Jane Driver on 21st May 1667 in Edenbridge, Kent. Robert was probably buried on 5th October 1725 in Cowden, Kent and Jane was buried there on 19th February 1696 (' wife of Robert senior')

Jane Driver's birth details are unknown. (Note: there are no Edenbridge baptismal records for the period 1603-1639), but she could have been the daughter of Robert or John Driver, both of whom had families at this time. Jane was buried on 21st February 1696 in Edenbridge, Kent ('wife of Robert Wicken')

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Robert & Jane had possibly five children.

Matthew Jane Anne Thomas Robert
  1. Matthew Wicking was baptised on 6th September 1668 in Worth, Sussex. He married Elizabeth Potter. Details of Matthew Wicking & Elizabeth Potter are shown separately as they are direct ancestors.
  2. Jane Wicking was baptised on 27th December 1672 in Cowden, Kent. She was buried on 28th October 1684 in Edenbridge, Kent ('daughter of Rober Wicken').
  3. Anne Wicking (Ann) was baptised on 18th November 1676 in Cowden, Kent. She was buried on 27th February 1695 in Edenbridge, Kent ('Ann, daughter of Rober Wicken').
  4. Thomas Wicking was buried on 14th October 1683 in Edenbridge, Kent ('son of Robert')
  5. Robert Wicking was baptised on 29th June 1683 in Cowden, Kent.


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  1. The parish record microfiche for Matthew shows 'Mathew sonne of --- Wicken & Jane'. It is therefore conjecture that this is Robert but it fits it with Roberts father being Matthew so is likely to be correct. There were no other records for Wickings in Worth so the family was only there temporaily. In addition Ann Wicking is shown as child of Robert & Jane.
  2. There are a variety of names used instead of Wicking. These are all felt to be spelling variations. The names identified are: Wicken, Wickinge, Wickens, Wickyng, Wekyhge, Weekyng, Weckynge, Weeknge, Weekinge, Weekyn, Weking, Wyking, Wycking, Wykinge. There are Wickenden's in East Grinstead & Cowden, but these have been excluded as considered another name.
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