Peter Brown Family History

Noah Watkins (1821) & Martha

General History

Noah Watkins & Martha were one of my 4th generation ancestors.

Key Dates:

Noah Watkins was baptised on 19th August 1821 in Sedgley, Stafford, the son of John Watkins & Phoebe Walters. He probably died about August 1884 in Middlesborough RD, Yorkshire, aged 63 (source 4). He married Martha and his occupation was a Puddler (ironworks).

Martha was born in 1825 in Princes End, Staffordshire.

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Noah & Martha had five children.

William Martha Priscilla Silloth Elizabeth
  1. William Watkins was born in 1856 in Motherwell, Scotland
  2. Martha Watkins was born in 1859 in Princes End, Staffordshire.
  3. Priscilla Watkins was born in 1861 in Elsecar, Yorkshire. She married Joseph Speight. Details of Priscilla Watkins & Joseph Speight are shown separately as they are direct ancestors.
  4. Silloth Watkins was born in 1862 in Ellerker, Yorkshire.
  5. Elizabeth Watkins was born in 1867 in Potteries, Staffordshire

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  1. Census
    1. 1861 Census- no entries found- this is probabbly because Noah & family were in Scotland -son William born there
    2. 1871 census shows Noah 49, Martha 45, William 14, Martha 12, Priscilla 9, Elizabeth 3 living in Brightside, Sheffield, Yorkshire
    3. 1881 census shows Noah 66, Martha 55, Silloth 19, Elizabeth 14 living at Linthorpe, Yorkshire
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Certificates & Official Records

  1. Noah Watkins 1871 Census
  2. Noah Watkins 1881 Census
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  1. Census Records- 1881 Family Search CD
  2. Census Records - 1841, 1861, 1871 - British Origins Web site
  3. Family (Latter day Saints):
  4. FREEBMD (Index of birth, marriages, deaths post 1837)