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William Watchus (1720) & Anne

General History

William Watchus & Anne were one of my 8th generation ancestors.

Key Dates:

NOTE: The information on this page may be incorrect. See note below under documents

William Watchus birth details are unknown, but was possibly born around 1720 in Ticehurst, Sussex. He married Anne around 1750. William was buried on 26th November 1770 in Ticehurst, Sussex (' a poor man')

Anne's birth deatils are unknown.

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William & Anne had five children.

William Mary Thomas Joseph Sarah
  1. William Watchus was possibly born around 1750 in Ticehurst, Sussex (but birth record not yet found). He married Deborah Burgess. Details of William Watchus & Deborah Burgess are shown separately as they are direct ancestors.
  2. Mary Watchus (Warches) was baptised on 8th April 1751 in Ticehurst, Sussex.
  3. Thomas Watchus (Warches) was baptised on 15th October 1752 in Ticehurst, Sussex. He married Anne and they had three children.
    1. Anne Watchus (Warchus) was baptised on 6th August 1780 in Ticehurst, Sussex.
    2. Elizabeth Watchus (Wacchus) was baptised on 14th July 1782 in Ticehurst, Sussex.
    3. Sarah Watchus (Wacchus) was baptised on 31st October 1784 in Ticehurst, Sussex.
    4. Mary Watchus (Wacchus) was baptised on 13th May 1787 in Ticehurst, Sussex.
    5. Sophia Watchus (Wacchus) was baptised on 8th August 1789 in Ticehurst, Sussex.
    6. Philadelphia Watchus was baptised on 22nd May 1791 in Ticehurst, Sussex.
    7. Thomas Watchus (Warchus) was baptised on 8th December 1793 in Ticehurst, Sussex. He possibly married Harriet and had five children (Thomas (1817), Hannah (1819), Ann (1821), Richard (1823) & Charles (1825)).
    8. Jemima Watchus (Warchus) was baptised on 8th May 1796 in Ticehurst, Sussex.
    9. Lucy Watchus (Warchus) was baptised on 22nd April 1798 in Ticehurst, Sussex.
    10. Sophia Watchus (Wacchus) was baptised on 18th October 1801 in Ticehurst, Sussex.
    11. Hannah Watchus (Wacchus) was baptised on 8th August 1802 in Ticehurst, Sussex.
    12. William Watchus (Wacchus) was baptised on 4th November 1804 in Ticehurst, Sussex.
  4. Joseph Watchus (Warches) was baptised on 1st June 1755 in Ticehurst, Sussex.
  5. Sarah Watchus (Warches) was baptised on 24th April 1757 in Ticehurst, Sussex.

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  1. Names for ancestors of Watchus shown as Warchus, Watchus, Warches , Wacchus and Watchous.
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The following information was provided by Faith Yeomans ( Steve Yeomans <>) on 16/09/18 which contradicts some of the above information. The correct information has yet to be established.

Hi Peter,
I came across your tree as I am also researching the Waters/Warchus/Watchers family tree. I am a direct descendant of Williams Warchus (1746) brother Derrick and think I can offer a little bit more information to your tree. My grandfather  Charles Eric Waters was an ordained minister and had a passion for family  history he drove all around England visiting churches and accessing the oringinal parish registers as a result he compiled a very accurate family tree . He believes it goes like this 

FATHER.Derrick Warchus
WIFE.     Elizabeth

Bapt Wadhurst. 21.07.1743

Bapt Wadhurst   01.09.1746
Married               27.04.1772
Deborah Burgess Ticehurst

Bapt Wadhurst 16.08.1747
Married Anne Britt Ticehurst 06.04.1779

Bapt Wadhurst. 06.05.1750
Married Elizabeth Sands
15.05.1769. His surname at marriage was spelt Wackers
(my ancestor).

Baptist Wadhurst 01.12.1753

I do Have a copy of the settlement certificate for the family moving from Wadhurst to Mayfield 1754, minus baby Samuel (deceased) and wife Elizabeth (Presumed had died)  to back up all this up as. I  will send you through a copy when I get a chance to scan it.

I am sure I have given you a little to digest  for the moment

Best regards



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