Peter Brown Family History

William Underhill (1589) & Frances Chippingdale

General History

William Underhill & Frances Chippingdale were one of my 10th generation ancestors.

Key Dates:

  • 1589: William Underhill born
  • 1612: William Underhill married Frances Chippingdale
  • 1613: First child born
  • 1623: Frances Underhill (Chippingdale) died
  • 1625: William Underhill married Mary Browning
  • 1637: Last child born
  • 1641: Mary Underhill (Browning) died
  • 1641: William Underhill possibly married Elizabeth Mills
  • 1644: William Underhill possibly married Ellen Thorpe
  • 1646: William Underhill died

William Underhill was baptised on 22nd June 1589 in Lingfield, Surrey and was the son of Richard Underill & Joan Giles. He was mentioned in his brother Francis's 'Will' of 1619 and was also Executor. He married Frances Chippingdale on 25th October 1612 in Lingfield, Surrey. Frances was buried there on 25th February 1623. He probably married secondly Mary Browning on 31st July 1625 in Lingfield, Surrey. Mary was buried on 5th March 1641 in Lingfield (wife of William the Elder). William maybe possibly married thirdly Elizabeth Mills (Miles) on 4th October 1641 in Lingfield, Surrey and maybe possibly married fourthly Ellen Thorpe on 20th August 1644 in Lingfield, Surrey. William was buried on 14th May 1646 in Lingfield, Surrey ('Parish Priest').

Frances Chippingdale birth details are unknown.

Mary Browning birth details are unknown.

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William & Frances had five children (1-5). William & Mary had two children (6-7)

  1. Francis Underhill was baptised on 11th April 1613 in Lingfield, Surrey. He was mentioned in his uncle Francis Underhill's will of 1619. He was buried on 31st May 1629 in Lingfield, Surrey ('son of William').
  2. Maria Underhill was baptised on 28th December 1614 in Lingfield, Surrey and was buried there 1st January 1615 ('daughter of William').
  3. Elizabeth Underhill was baptised on 17th December 1615 in Lingfield, Surrey
  4. William Underhill was baptised on 9th May 1619 in Lingfield, Surrey (son of William). He maybe possibly married Sarah Orgle on 6th October 1636 in Nutfield, Surrey. (shown as William Underell). Sarah was buried on 20th August 1638 in Lingfield, Surrey, ('wife of William'). William was possibly buried on 19th December 1642 in Lingfield, Surrey ('the Clarke').
  5. Solomon Underhill was baptised on 12th June 1621 in Lingfield, Surrey and was buried there 14th February 1623 ('son of William').
  6. Richard Underhill was baptised on 29th February 1626 in Lingfield, Surrey (son of William). He was possibly buried on 17th May 1676 in Lingfield, Surrey (' Richard of Felcote Heath')
  7. John Underhill was baptised on 10th September 1637 in Lingfield, Surrey (son of William). (Note: may have been a son of William-see family ref 4). He married Elizabeth Kent. Details of John Underhill & Elizabeth Kent are shown separately as they are direct ancestors.

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  1. There are a number of name variations in the parish records (Underhill, Underill,Undrill, Undririll, Undirill, Undrell, Vndrell, Hunderhill)
  2. One major problem of accuracy is with the large gap in Lingfield register (1653-1663) where no births, burials or marriages were recorded. based around the averages for the previous and the following ten year period it is estimated that about 15 events are missing.
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Sources Returns to 'Top of Page'
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