Peter Brown Family History

John Underhill (1637) & Elizabeth Kent

General History

John Underhill & Elizabeth Kent were one of my 9th generation ancestors.

Key Dates:

John Underhill was baptised on was baptised on 10th September 1637 in Lingfield, Surrey, and was the son of William Underhill & Mary Browning . He maybe married Elizabeth Kent on 29th April 1673 in Lingfield, Surrey. He was probably buried on 30th March 1695 in Lingfield, Surrey (John of Felcourt).

Elizabeth Kent birth details are unknown. She was possibly buried on 17th May 1695 in Lingfield, Surrey ('a widow').

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John & Elizabeth had at least five children

  1. Elizabeth Underhill was baptised on 17th February 1674 in Lingfield, Surrey (daughter of John of Smiths!). She was maybe posibly buried there on 15th February 1678 (dau of John of Camsiron!)
  2. Maria Underhill was baptised on 29th November 1676 in Lingfield, Surrey (daughter of John Undrill)
  3. Maria Underhill was baptised on 19th October 1679 in Lingfield, Surrey
  4. Esther Underhill was baptised on 29th May 1684 in Lingfield, Surrey (daughter of John of Felcourt Heath). She was probably buried on 29th April 1686 in Lingfield, Surrey.(shown as Hester, daughter of John of Felcourt).
  5. Richard Underhill was baptised on 3rd June 1688 in Lingfield, Surrey. He married Mary Tapsell. Details of Richard Underhill & Mary Tapsell are shown separately as they are direct ancestors.

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  1. There are a number of name variations in the parish records (Underhill, Underill,Undrill, Undririll, Undirill, Undrell, Vndrell, Hunderhill)
  2. There were a number of John Underhill's born in the period 1628-1637 who could also be possible. (With a minimum marriage age of 16 and the maximum age at birth of youngest child would be 60, John had to be born between 1628 -1657). However the normal likely birth date of John coincides with large gaps in Lingfield register (1653-1663)
    1. 10/09/1637 John son of William born in Lingfield
    2. 10/11/1633 John son of George of Blackbury born in Lingfield
    3. 11/10/1631 John son of Arthur & Jane in East Grinstead (see Thomas Underhill 1530)
    4. 13/08/1635 John son of John born in Lingfield (see Thomas Underhill 1530)
    5. 07/12/1652 John son of Thomas & Jane in Crowhurst (see Thomas Underhill 1530)
    6. 21/12/1628 John son of George born in Lingfield, but died 08/03/1630
    7. 02/07/1637 John son of Arthur in Crowhurst , but died 10/11/1639
  3. For the period 1650-1688 in Sussex & Surrey there was only marriage of a John Underhill (29/04/1673) to Elizabeth Kent both of Lingfield.
  4. To choose the right John the following assumptions have been made:
    1. The name Richard appears in the recent family history
    2. There was a son born prior to the Richard of 1688 (unless John's father was a Richard)
    3. As Richard was born in Lingfield then his father John was born in Lingfield.
    4. Case 1 (10/09/1637) is the only one to satisfy these criteria, but the choice is far from error free.
  5. The children shown may not be correct. They are all children of 'John', but other information as shown is confusing. There was also a John son of John buried on 22/06/1667 and a William baptised son of John on 28/12/1669. These names fit it with father and grandfather, but would only apply if John had married firstly someone else. There is no obvious death of a woman from 1669-1673.
  6. No earlier (before 1800) parish records found for 'Underhill' in the adjacent parishes of Burstow, Charlwood, Horley, Horne or Worth
  7. There are no parish records found for 'Kent' in the parishes of Crowhurst or Lingfield, but the likely birth date of Elizabeth also coincides with gaps in Lingfield register. Another Elizabeth Underhill was buried on 08/01/1696.
  8. Another source of error is that one 'Will' has not yet been allocated to a John Underhill & children (see SW/22_204- John died 1682, wife Frances, daughter Sybil & son William- both under 21)
  9. There are three familes of John Underhills around at this time. a) John of Frith (see Thomas 1530); b) John of Puttenden ((see Thomas 1530) and c) John of Felcourt Heath (see above)
  10. One major problem of accuracy is with the large gap in Lingfield register (1653-1663) where no births, burials or marriages were recorded. based around the averages for the previous and the following ten year period it is estimated that about 15 events are missing.
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Sources Returns to 'Top of Page'
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