Peter Brown Family History

William Stripp (1797) & Mary Payne

General History

William Stripp & Mary Payne were not one of my direct ancestors but they are related to me as later indirect generations of a direct ancestor.

Key Dates:

William Stripp (Strip) was baptised on 26th July 1797 in East Grinstead, Sussex and was the son of Richard Stripp ( & Mary) who was the son of William Stripp 1715 & Elizabeth Underhill. He possibly married Mary Payne on 7th May 1821 in Godstone, Surrey (shown as Streape). William was a Shoemaker and he & Mary lived in Blindley Heath. In 1841 he was living next door to Francis & Sarah Strip (1780) who maybe looked after him after his parents died. William died in about February 1867 in Godstone RD, Surrey ('aged 69') and Mary was living with her son William in 1871.

Mary Payne birth details are not known.

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William & Mary had six children. (source 9).
  1. Thomas Stripp (Strip) was baptised on 29th April 1821 in Godstone, Surrey. He possibly married Ann and lived in 1881 in St Martins in the field, London as a Licensed Victualler
  2. Maria Stripp (Strip) was born on 2nd February 1822 in Tandridge, Surrey. She possibly married Robert Harling on 11th May 1846 in Tandridge, Surrey. Robert & Maria had nine children in Tandridge, Surrey ( James, William, Mary Ann, Maria, John,Eliza J, Robert, Elizabeth,& George). (source 9)
  3. Mary Anne Stripp (Marianne Strip) was born 21st May 1826 in Lingfield, Surrey (William shown as from Tandridge).
  4. Eliza Stripp (Strip) was born on 24th August 1828 in Tandridge, Surrey.
  5. Lucy Stripp (Strip) was born on 3rd August 1837 in Tandridge, Surrey. She married Amos Shirley. Details of Amos Shirley & Lucy Stripp are shown separately.
  6. William Stripp (Strip) was born in about 1839 in Tandridge, Surrey. He possibly married Eliza Peters in about November 1864 in Godstone RD, Surrey. Eliza is shown in census as from Horley, Surrey. William probably died in about November 1896 in Godstone Rd ('aged 57'). William & Eliza had eight children.
    1. Ernest Stripp was born in about 1864 in Tandridge, Surrey.
    2. Mary Anne Stripp (Mary Ann) was born in about November 1865 in Tandridge, Surrey (Godstone RD).
    3. Eleanor Stripp (Ellen) was possibly born in about November 1867 in Godstone, Surrey (Godstone RD).
    4. Jane Stripp was born in about May 1870 in Godstone, Surrey (Godstone RD) .
    5. Agnes Stripp was born in about 1876 in Godstone, Surrey.
    6. William Stripp was born in about 1878 in Tandridge, Surrey.
    7. Eliza Stripp was born in about 1880 in Tandridge, Surrey.
    8. Alice May Stripp was born in about 1887 in Tandridge, Surrey.

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  1. There were numerous differant spellings of "Stripp" in the parish registers eg (Strip, Stripp, Strype, Stripe, Streape, Strape, Streap). 'Streape' tended to be used up to about 1800, 'Strip' was then normally used to about 1840 and then 'Stripp' became the standard.
  2. 1841 Census
    1. Tandridge shows: see family top - William Strip 44 , Mary 43 , Maria 18, Mary Ann 15, Eliza 11, Lucy 3 , William 1 living at Blindley Heath next door to Francis Strip & Sarah
  3. 1851 Census
    1. Tandridge shows: see family top - William Strip 53 (Godstone-Shoemaker), Mary 52 (Godstone), Eliza 22 (Tandridge), Lucy 13 (Tandridge), William 11(Tandridge) living at Blindley Heath
    2. Tandridge shows: See family 3 - Mary Ann Strip 23
  4. 1861 Census
    1. Tandridge shows: see family top - William Strip 63 (Godstone-Shoemaker), Eliza 63 (Godstone), Eliza 32 (Tandridge) living at Blindley Heath.
    2. Godstone: see family 6 - Amos Shirley 25, Lucy Shirley 23 (Tandridge), William Stripp 21 (Brother in law-Tandridge), Robert Chas... 33 (Brother in law -Godstone) living at the Cottage, Blindley Heath,Godstone ; Neighbours were Richard Stripp & Thomas Stripp 1792
  5. 1871 Census
    1. Godstone shows: see family 6 - Mary (mother - Godstone) 74, William 32 (Tandridge), Eliza (sister-Tandridge) 42, Ernest 7 (Tandridge), Mary Ann 5 (Tandridge), Eleanor 3 (Godstone), living at Cottage on Common, Godstone
  6. 1881 Census
    1. Tandridge shows: see family 6 - William Stripp 41 (Tandridge), Eliza 31 (Horley), Jane 11 (Godstone), Agnes 5 (Godstone), William 2 (Tandridge), Eliza 1 (Tandridge), Eliza 54 (sister-Tandridge) living at Blindley Heath, Tandridge,
    2. London shows: Thomas Strip 59 (Godstone-Licensed Victualler), Ann 57 ( Barton, Bedford) living at The Two Chairmen 20 Warwick St, St Martin In Fields, London.
  7. 1891 Census
    1. Tandridge shows: see family 6 - William Stripp 51 (Tandridge), Eliza 46 (Horley), William 13 (Tandridge), Eliza 11 (Tandridge), Alice M 3 (Tandridge)
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Sources Returns to 'Top of Page'
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