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William Stripp (Treape) (c1530)

General History

William Stripp (or Treape) were one of my 10th generation ancestors.

Key Dates:

William Stripp (Treape) was born in about 1530 .

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Joseph & Ann had seven children.

Sarah Henry Jane Elizabeth Hannah John Joseph
  1. Thomas Stripp (Treape) was baptised on 19th September 1557 in Fletching, Sussex (son of William).
  2. John Stripp (Treape) was baptised on 6th October 1560 in Fletching, Sussex (son of William) and he was buried there on 29th December 1560 ('son of William').
  3. Walter Stripp (Treape) was baptised on 13th September 1562 in Fletching, Sussex (son of William). Walter was possibly buried on 25th February 1599 in Fletching, Sussex.
  4. William Stripp (Treape) was baptised on 11th March 1565 in Fletching, Sussex (son of William).

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No information available

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  1. There were numerous differant spellings of "Stripp" in the parish registers eg (Strip, Stripp, Strype, Stripe, Streape, Strape, Streap). 'Streape' tended to be used from about 1730 up to about 1800, 'Strip' was then normally used to about 1840 and then 'Stripp' became the standard. Prior to Streape up to about 1715, it is thought that the name Treape (or Treap or Trepe) was used . People have been shown with the name Stripp throughout with the other names appended where applicable. The transition from Streape to Stripp is born out by the parish records being followed for a particular person ( see William Stripp & Eleanor Harris introduction for example). The transition from Treape to Streape has yet to be clearly proven but few occurences have been found since 1715 and the timeline/names fit.
  2. There was a Thomas Treape who left a Will in Edenbridge in 1590 (links to Horstead Keynes) showing wife Joan, sons William, John & Thomas, daughtersAnne, wife of John Skinner & Joan, wife of George Knight. The William may be the fatherof the William 1600
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  1. Buckhurst Terrier: In 1598 a Thomas Treape is possibly recorded as being a juror, ( Stephen Dungate, Edward Paine, Walter Humphrey, Thomas Treape, Thomas Velvick & others), on a survey of the Manor of Imberhorne. He is recorded as a copyholder in the parishes of East Grinstead & Hoathleigh and that he held by copy dated 9 May 1 Eliz land (60 acres) called "Restlands" (bounds Queens Highway W, the way to Vinolds Mill E, Sweets N Broadhurst S); rent 8s. (note: Elizabeth came to throne in 1558).
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