Peter Brown Family History

William Speight (1630) & Anne

General History

William Speight & Anne were not one of my direct ancestors but the family group has been included in an attempt to record the Speights in the area as they may be related as later indirect generations of a direct ancestor.

Key Dates:

William Speight was born in about 1630 probably in Rothwell, Yorkshire (derived as no birth record found). William possibly married Anne in about 1660. William was probably buried on 14th March 1682 in Rothwell, Yorkshire and Anne was possibly buried there on 12th July 1700 (shown as 'Spight, widow of Thorp')

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William & Anne had maybe six children.

Judith Alice Ano Barnadus Joseph Edward
  1. Judith Speight was baptised on 24th December 1660 in Rothwell, Yorkshire ('dau of William').
  2. Alice Speight was buried on 7th March 1664 in Rothwell, Yorkshire ('dau of William of Thorp')
  3. Ano Speight was buried on 27th March 1664 in Rothwell, Yorkshire ('son of William')
  4. Barnadus Speight was baptised on 6th August 1665 in Rothwell, Yorkshire ('son of William of Thorp').
  5. Joseph Speight was baptised on 12th April 1668 in Rothwell, Yorkshire ('son of William of Thorp'). Details of Joseph Speight are shown separately .
  6. Edward Speight (Edrus) was baptised on 8th October 1671 in Rothwell, Yorkshire ('dau of William of Thorp').

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  1. Carleton is about 1.5km south from Rothwell and Ouswell Green is a further 1 km south from Carleton. Thorp is about 2km west of them all. Middleton is about 1km north of Thorpe. Rothwell lies about 5km south east of Leeds and about 10km north west of Castleford. Oulton is about 1.5km west of Rothwell. Carleton, Ouswell Green, Thorpe, Middleton & Oulton are all in the parish of Rothwell.
  2. The adjacent parishes to Rothwell all contain some Speights but particular large numbers are in Leeds, Woodkirk & Wakefield.
  3. For the period 1611 - 1644 (age at marriage of 16 to age 60 at birth of youngest child), there was no William Speight born in Rothwell, three were born in the adjacent parishes (Batley), six were born in the surrounding parishes (Dewsbury), and nine were born in more distant parishes. It is very unclear who the correct William should be but Matthew has a common theme with some later generations.
    1. 18/03/1626 in Batley, son of William
    2. 28/03/1627 in Batley, son of James
    3. 24/05/1628 in Batley son of Richard
    4. 24/05/1627 in Dewsbury son of William
    5. 10/02/1628 in Dewsbury son of John
    6. 01/04/1630 in Dewsbury son of William
    7. 30/01/1638 in Dewsbury son of Matthew
    8. 02/09/1638 in Dewsbury son of William
    9. 15/06/1617 in Dewsbury son of James
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  1. Ancestry Yorkshire Parish Records CD (North Riding & West Riding)
  2. Rothwell Parish Register transcripts
  3. IGI (International Genealogical Index: Latter-day Saints) - batches of parish records: see LINKS-Research Web sites