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Joseph Speight (1857) & Priscilla Watkins

General History

Joseph Speight & Priscilla Watkins were one of my 3rd generation ancestors.

Key Dates:

Joseph Speight was born in 1857 the son of James Speight & Mary Mead in Middlesbrough, Yorkshire. He married Priscilla Watkins on 14th August 1882 in Stockton, Durham. Joseph died prior to 1910.

Priscilla Watkins was born in 1861, the daughter of Noah Watkins & Martha. After Joseph's death she subsequently married George Wainford in about August 1910 in Hunslet RD, Yorkshire. George Wainford was born about February 1861 in Boston RD (or Wrangle), Lincolnshire and worked as a Blast Furnace labourer.

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Joseph & Priscilla had three known children.

Joseph Amelia Leonard
  1. Joseph Henry Speight was born 26th June 1883 in Thornaby on Tees, South Stockton on Tees, Middlesbrough, Yorkshire. He married Amy Rhodes. Details of Joseph Speight & Amy Rhodes are shown separately as they are direct ancestors.
  2. Amelia Speight was born about 1898 in Thornaby, Yorkshire. She was involved with man at Redcar. (see LGS letter) and she possibly involved with 'Ernest' who was possibly a sailor. She had one child, but is shown as single on the 1911 census. She was a very religious person
    1. Doris Speight was born about 1910 in Leeds, Yorshire
  3. Leonard George Speight was born about November 1891 in Middlesbrough, Yorkshire. In 1911 he was possibly working as a lamp man on the railway. He died on 11th December 1916 in WW1. Military service: 1st Bn Northumberland Fusiliers; Rank: Lance Sergeant; Number: 3100; Burial: Courcelles-Au-Bois, Communal Cemetry Extension grave D6; . See Roll of honour. He wrote letter from India in 1913- see documents below.

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Joseph Speight

Married in registry office. Witnessed by William Speight (brother) & Sarah Ann Anderson. Both Joseph and Priscilla lived at 75 Lawson Street, Stockton at the date of marriage. Lived at 27 Palmerston Street, Thornaby. Middlesborough, Yorkshire at time of sons birth (1883). Changed jobs sometime between 1881 & 1910 from a Puddler (Steel furnace Operator) to a Steam Ship Fireman.
He died prior to Joseph Henry's marriage in 1910.
Letter from Leonard George in 1913 refers to Aunty Elizabeth & Uncle Bill (brother/sister) and to Henry (william's son).

Joseph Speight could not write as signature on marriage certificate was marked with a cross.
1881 Census shows birth year as 1856/57. Marriage certificate shows it as 1857/58.
1881 census shows birth place as Middlesborough. However no record of birth in Middlesborough, Thornaby or Stockton.

Priscilla Watkins

Pricilla Watkins does not appear on 1881 census, but did not marry until following year.She had no noted profession at the date of her marriage.She was the eldest child and had two sisters (Silloth and Eliza).  Her family originate from Stafford. She possibly had another child in 1890 before Leonard, also called Amelia, that died early on. Priscilla could not write as her signature on her marriage certificate (to Joseph Speight) and her sons birth certificate were marked with a cross.
After her second marriage, Priscilla lived at 30 Warwicksire Street, Hunslet, Yorkshire with George Wainford. When she lived at 40 Leicester Street, Thwate Gate, Hunslet, Leeds she used the name Priscilla Wainford. Later Mr Wainford was cared for by Priscilla’s son Joseph in Guildford

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  1. The 1881 census (see James Speight 1828) shows birth year for Joseph as 1856/57 but the marriage certificate shows it as 1857/58.
    1881 census shows the birth place as Middlesbrough. However no record of birth is recorded in Middlesbrough, Thornaby or Stockton.
  2. 1891 census for Thornaby shows Joseph Streight 34 (born Middlesborough), Pricilla 28 (born Milton), Jos Hy 7 (born S. Stockton), Amelia 2 (born S. Stockton) all living at 14 Oxford Street, Thornaby.
  3. 1901 census for Loftus shows Joseph Streight 41 , Pricilla 39, Joseph H 17, Amelia 12, Lennard (all born in Thornaby ??)
  4. 1911 census for Stockton shows Priscilla (age 49) living with George Wainford (age 50) having been married under a year. and also her son Joseph Speight & wife Amy. Daughter Amelia 22 and granddaughter Doris 1 are also living at the house.
  5. 1911 census for Leeds shows James Speight 19 (born Thornaby) a border with Walter Wright Hanson & his wife Lucy. They were living at 6 Woodbine Terrace, Horisford! Leeds, Yorkshire
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Certificates & Official Records

  1. Joseph Speight Marriage Cerificate
  2. Joseph Speight 1891 census
  3. Joseph Speight 1901 census
  4. Priscilla Speight 1911 census

Letters from Leonard George Speight in 1913

  1. Letter 1
  2. Letter 2
  3. Letter 3
  4. Letter 4
  5. Letter ends
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