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James Speight (1798) & Hannah Marsden

General History

James Speight & Hannah Marsden were one of my 5th generation ancestors.

Key Dates:

James Speight was probably born on 22nd October and was baptised on 29th October 1798 in Swinton, Wath upon Dearne,Yorkshire. He was the son of William Speight & Mary Maw. James married Hannah Marsden on 28th December 1818 in Rothwell, Yorkshire.(Source is IGI & unconfirmed). His occupation was an "Earthernware Printer" - his cousin George Speight was a famous porcelain painter as one of the "Rockingham artists" group. James possibly died in May 1862 in Stockton RD, Durham.

Hannah Marsden birth details are unknown but she was possibly born in about 1796 (1841 census shows her age as 45). She was maybe possibly the daughter of Samuel Marsden & Frances Jenkinson who married on 6th December 1795 in Rothwell, Yorshire. They had a daughter Mary born 31/5 and baptised 2/7/1797, a son Benjamin born on 22/02/1800 and baptised on 13/04/1800 in Rothwell. Samuel died in 1800. Family also shown as of Carleton & also Middleton.
Hannah probably died in about February 1851 in Stockton RD, Durham.

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James & Hannah had four known children but probably others due to gaps.

Mary William James Alice
  1. Mary Speight was born in about 1820. She was shown in the 1841 census as aged 20. She married firstly Joseph Holliday in about February 1840 in Stockton RD, Durham. She married secondly William Weaver on 3rd August 1846 in Middlesborough, Yorkshire (Source is IGI) (Mary shown as Mary Halliday, her father as James Speight and William's father as Aaron Weaver). Marriage was also shown as about August 1846 in Stockton RD, Durham. Mary and Joseph had at least one child.
    1. Robert Speight Holliday was born in about November 1840 in Stockton RD and was shown in the 1841 census as aged 7 months.
  2. William Speight was baptised in February 1825 in Castleford, Leeds, Yorkshire. (Source is IGI & unconfirmed).
  3. James Speight was baptised on 24th February 1828 in Castleford, Leeds, Yorkshire. (Source is IGI & unconfirmed). He married Mary Mead. Details of James Speight & Mary Mead are shown separately as they are direct ancestors.
  4. Alice Speight was born in 1830 (source is census & marriage). She married Michael Monroch on 7th September 1851 in Middlesborough, Yorkshire (Source is IGI). (Husband shown as age 19, wife shown as age 21, brides father was James and groom's father was William). Marriage also shown as about September 1851 in Stockton RD,Durham. Alice possibly had two children prior to her marriage.
    1. James Marsden Speight was born in about August 1848 in Stockton RD, Durham and he died in about May 1849 in Stockton RD Durham.
    2. Alice Elizabeth Speight was born in about May 1850 in Stockton RD Durham.

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James Speight

At the time of the 1841 census the family were living at Durham Place, Middlesborough, Yorkshire. James occupation is given as Potter. On the marriage of his son James in 1851 he is shown on the marriage certificate as an "Earthernware Printer".

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  1. Carleton is about 1.5km south from Rothwell and Ouswell Green is a further 1 km south from Carleton. Thorp is about 2km west of them all. Middleton is about 1km north of Thorpe. Rothwell lies about 5km south east of Leeds and about 10km north west of Castleford. Oulton is about 1.5km west of Rothwell. Carleton, Ouswell Green, Thorpe, Middleton & Oulton are all in the parish of Rothwell.
  2. The adjacent parishes to Rothwell all contain some Speights but particular large numbers are in Leeds, Woodkirk & Wakefield.
  3. Swinton, which was part of the parish of Wath upon Dearne in South Yorkhire is about 30 km south south east of Rothwell and well outside a normal expected movement range. However the 1851 census indicates that James was born there. Only one James speight has been found in Wath on Dearne. The birth date is consisten with the 1851 census and also the 1841 census (date range 1798-1803: 5 year range on census age of 40). Other ages stated on the 1851 census were accurate.
  4. For further confirmation, checks were made for other James Speights in the Rothwell area for the period 1770 - 1802 (age at marriage of 16 to age 60 at birth of youngest child), There was one James Speight born in Rothwell, two were born in the adjacent parishes (Leeds), eight were born in the surrounding parishes (Dewsbury, Birstall & Horsforth), and fourteen were born in more distant parishes. Given the ages stated in the 1841/1851 census only items i, iv & v could be possibles.
    1. 03/10/1802 in Leeds, son of Joseph & Hannah
    2. 05/12/1794 in Leeds, son of Thomas
    3. 03/07/1774 in Rothwell, son of Benjamin
    4. 22/08/1802 in Dewsbury, son of Matthew & Martha
    5. 15/07/1798 in Birstall, son of James & Sarah
    6. 18/08/1793 in Horsforth, son of Radcliff
    7. 18/08/1793 in Dewsbury, son of Matthew & Martha but presumed died
    8. 26/09/1792 in Dewsbury, son of Matthew & Charlotte
  5. Census:
    1. 1841 Middlesborough census shows James 40, Hannah 45, James 14 and Allas (presumed to be Alice) 10 , Mary Teamade! 20, Robert Teamade! 7 month. (Note : Mary & Robert name was Holliday)
    2. 1851 Middlesborough Census shows James 54 ( widower born Swinton, Occupation was Earthernware Printer), James 24 (son, born Castleford, unmarried), Allice (daughter, age 20, unmarried, born Hunslet), Allice age 11 months (grand daughter, born Durham Stockton)   Residence was Durham Street, Middlesbrough (or maybe Durham, Stockton, Middlesborough).
    3. 1861 Middlesborough census shows James Speat 66, widower born Staffordshire. Occupation was painter of pottery. (Comments have been made on Ancestry that the spelling should be Speight and is thought that birth should be Swinton, Yorkshire.)
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Certificates & Official Records:

  1. James Speight 1841 census
  2. James Speight 1851 census
  3. James Speight 1861 census


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  2. Rothwell Parish Register transcripts
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  4. Latter day Saints - Family Search: For initial identification of details only
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