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Francis Rhodes (1861) & Fanny Bland

General History

Francis RhodesFanny BlandFrancis Rhodes & Fanny Bland were one of my 3rd generation ancestors.

Key Dates:

Francis George Rhodes was born on 9th June 1861 in Oulton, Yorkshire, the son of Israel Rhodes & Phillis Sayner. He married Fanny Bland on 13th August 1885 in Snaith, Yorkshire (registered in August 1885 in Goole RD- banns read in Snaith 26th July 2nd August and 9th August). Francis was buried on 11th July 1920 in Oulton, Yorkshire (registered in about August 1920 in Hunslet RD -'age 59').

Fanny Mary Hannah Bland was born on 22nd February 1859 in Snaith, Yorkshire, the daughter of John Bland & Fanny France. Fanny died in about August 1924 (aged 65) in Hunslet RD, Yorkshire.

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Francis & Fanny had probably seven children of which only three are known (see 1911 census).

Ethel Amy Ada
  1. Ethel Rhodes was born about May 1886 in Hunslet RD, Yorkshire. She lived with her grandparents John & Fanny Bland, from the age of 5 to 24 in Snaith (see John Bland 1891/1901/1911 census).
  2. Amy Louisa Rhodes was born on 22nd April 1887 in Woodlesford, Yorkshire. She married Joseph Speight. Details of Amy Rhodes & Joseph Speight are shown separately as they are direct ancestors.
  3. Ada Fanny Rhodes was born about November 1890 in Hunslet RD, Yorkshire. She married Joseph Chapman in about November 1918 in Hunslett RD, Yorkshire. They had one son.
    1. Brian Chapman was born in about 1919, possibly in Hunslett, Yorkshire. He had a child. (See documents section for photographs)

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Francis Rhodes

The marriage was witnessed by John Bland and Alice Rhodes.
Lived at Woodlesford. Woodlesford, Oulton and Rothwell are all very close to each other.

In 1881 Census Francis occupation was shown as Stone Mason.
On Francis marriage certificate both Israel and Francis are shown as Farmers. On Amy's birth certificate Francis is shown as a Farmer, but at marriage of Amy Louisa he was shown as a General Labourer.
At 1901 census lived at Primrose Hill, Oulton with Woodlesford, Yorks. Occupation was Green Grocer.

In the 1911 census Francis is shown as a Steelworks Labourer and he lived at 25 Sussex Avenue, Hunslet,Yorkshire.


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  1. Census:
    1. 1891 census for Oulton shows Francis 29 , Fanny 32 (born Snaith), Amy 3 (born woodlesford), Ada 6 months
    2. 1901 census for Oulton shows Francis being born in 1861/62 in Oulton and Fanny being born in 1858/59 in Snaith. These are consistent with the information shown on the birth certificates and also the marriage certificate which shows years of birth as 9/1860 - 8/1861 & 9/1858 - 8/1859 respectively. Ethel was living with her Mother's parents (Bland) at this time.
    3. 1911 census of Hunslet, Leeds shows: Francis 49 (born Oulton- steelworks labourer), Fanny Mary Hannah 52 (born Snaith), Ada Fanny 20 ( daughter born Fleet Oulton-Cap Sewing Machinist ), William Becket 44 (a border - born huddersfield -boilermaker), Clara Earnshaw 30 (a border - born Barnsley-Cap Finisher). They had been married for 25 years and lived at 25 Sussex Avenue, Hunslet, Leed a house of 4 rooms. Francis & Fanny had seven children of whom four had died previously.
  2. Hunslet Registration District included Rothwell, Oulton with Woodlesford, Hunslet see
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Certificates & Official Records

  1. Fanny Bland Birth Certificate
  2. Francis Rhodes Birth Certificate
  3. Francis Rhodes Marriage Certificate
  4. Francis Rhodes 1891 Census
  5. Francis Rhodes 1901 Census
  6. Francis Rhodes 1911 Census


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Francis Rhodes Fanny Bland Ada Rhodes Ada Rhodes
Francis Rhodes Fanny Bland Ada Rhodes 1 Ada Rhodes 2
Ada Rhodes Ada Rhodes    

Ada Rhodes 3-

Brian Chapman

Ada Rhodes 4    


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