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John Payne (c1520) of Plawhatch

General History

John Payne was one of my 13th generation ancestors

Key Dates:

John Payne (of Plawhatch) was born in about 1520 probably in East Grinstead (derived as no birth record exists). John was possibly the son of Edward Payne of Brambletye. see John Payne 1480. NOTE: This choice of John Payne may be incorrect (see John son of William). Brambletye & Plawhatch Paynes are in the same area so there is strong likelyhood of a direct link.
John was buried on 24th May 1597 in East Grinstead, Sussex ('John senior of Monkshill').

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John Payne had at least three children.

  1. Robert Payne was born in about 1545 probably in East Grinstead (derived as no birth record exists). He maybe married Ann Pickett on 25th January 1564 in East Grinstead, Sussex. Robert & Ann had children .
    1. Elizabeth Payne was baptised on 25th March 1570 in East Grinstead, Sussex
    2. John Payne was baptised on 24th July 1580 in East Grinstead, Sussex and he was buried there on 27th July 1580 ('son of Robert)
    3. John Payne was baptised on 4th March 1582 in East Grinstead, Sussex and he was buried there on 18th September 1599 ('son of Robert of Mayes).
  2. John Payne was born in about 1550 probably in East Grinstead (derived as no birth record exists) Details of John Payne are shown separately as he is a direct ancestor.
  3. Edward Payne was baptised on 6th October 1562 in East Grinstead, Sussex ('son of John of Plawhatche').

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  1. Taken from 'History of East Grinstead'. the Payne family , descended from John Payne of Plawhatch, was quite distinct from the "Paynes of the towne". They occupied small farms on the extreme south border of our large parish and on the verge of Ashdown Forest; such farms were Plawhatch, Legsheath, Monks-hill, Mawles, Walesbeech and, later, Charlwoods, and all owned by some member of the family of what we may call the Paynes of Legsheath, though they seem to have been earlier known as the Paynes of Plawhatch. A bird's-eye view of John Payne's ancestry may be given as follows, and its connection with farms in the parish gives it special interest:—
    1. John Payne, of Monkshill, Yeoman (probably of Plawhatch in 1562), owned freehold lands called Malls ; buried at East Grinstead as John Payne, senr., of Monkhill, in 1597.
    2. John Payne, of Maules, Yeoman, owned 7 acres at Buncegrove, called Baches, Legsheath and Dockets ; died 1624.
    3. William Payne, of Walesbeech, Yeoman, owned Legsheath, Maules, Dockets ; buried at East Grinstead as William Paine, of
      Walesbeech, 1657.
    4. William Payne, of Maules, Yeoman (5th son), owned Legsheath and Monkshill; died 1658 ; by his will " to be buried at
      East Grinstead."
    5. William Payne, of Legsheath, owned Velvicks; his brothers, Edward and Robert, lived at Maules and Monkshill; buried at
      East Grinstead as Mr. Wm. Payne, of Legsheath, 1727.
    6. John Payne, of Legslieath, Esqre., owned Maules, while his cousin, Edward, owned Monkshill; Sheriff of Sussex 1738 ; buried at East Grinstead as " John Payne, Esq.," 1760.

  2. In 1598, (see Buckhurst Terrier - Sussex Record Society), on a survey of the Manor of Imberhorne, Edward Payne of Monckhill is recorded as a copyholder in the parishes of East Grinstead & Hoathleigh and that he holds by copy dated 12 Nov 2 Eliz, (17 acres) of tenement & garden parcel of Munkhill and two other pieces (17 acres) called "Hothes" & " Marefield" (no bounds) - rent 2s. (note: Elizabeth came to throne in 1558)
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