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Henry Payne (1591) & Joan Hall

General History

Henry Payne & Joan Hall were not one of my direct ancestors but they are related to me as later indirect generations of a direct ancestor.

Key Dates:

Henry Payne was probably baptised on 18th April 1591 in East Grinstead, Sussex (parents not shown, Harry Paine, baptised jointly with Joane Hall -see below). He was maybe possibly the son of Henry Payne (see Henry Payne 1470 (family ref 1 D i). However this Henry may not be the correct one as that Henry's son was possibly born in about 1589 (possible date is 27th July 1589 as he was 19 years 1 month 14 days at his fathers death (see PM Inquisition of his father).
Henry married Joan Hall at Lewes on 23rd February 1622, (license issued at Lewes which showed Henry was a husbandman of East Grinstead and Joan a maiden of East Grinstead with additional sureties provided by George Payne a husbandman of East Grinstead and John Burley a husbandman of Horsted Keynes).

Joan Hall's was probably baptised ‘Johane Halle’ on 18th April 1591 in East Grinstead, the daughter of Phillip Halle & Elizabeth Vilett. Phillip & Elizabeth were married on 14th January 1589 in East Grinstead, Sussex and had children Dorothy (18/01/1590, but died 23/04/1591), Joan & Humphrie (12/08/1592). Joan (Joanee) was actually baptised with Henry Payne (entry on register (source 3) shows both names together on same date).  She probably was buried on 7th October 1672 in West Hoathly, Sussex (of East Grinstead).

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Henry Payne and Joan Hall had 4 known children:

Mary Henry Joane Edward
  1. Mary Paine was baptised on 30th June 1622 in West Hoathly.
  2. Henry Payne, was baptised on 20th March 1625 in West Hoathly.  He married Mary Humphrey on 30th June 1646 in West Hoathly, Sussex (Mary shown as of East Grinstead). Mary Humphrey was probably baptised on 29th October 1626 in East Grinstead, Sussex, the daughter of Peter Humphrey & Mary Wickens and Mary Wickens was probably the daughter of Drew Wicking & Mary Butcher. Mary Payne (Humphrey) was probably buried in West Hoathly on 9th May 1679. Henry & Mary had five known children.
    1. Robert Payne was baptised on 1st August 1647 in West Hoathly. He was probably buried ‘a young man’ on 16th April 1657 in East Grinstead.
    2. Anne Payne was baptised on 1st October 1648 in West Hoathly.
    3. Henry Payne was baptised on 7th February 1650 in West Hoathly.
    4. Elizabeth Payne was baptised on 1st December 1656 in West Hoathly (parents shown as Henry & Elizabeth but presumed error and should be Henry & Mary).  She married John Hams on 26th January 1681 in West Hoathly, Sussex.  Elizabeth Payne & John Hams are direct ancestors of Mandy Willard-(click to access the relevant page on her site or go to 'Links' to access the site home page). John Hams and Elizabeth Payne had 8 known children:
      1. Mary Hams (shown as Davis, but Mandy Willard says Hams) was baptised on 26th November 1684 in West Hoathly. 
      2. Elizabeth Hams  (shown as Harris, but Mandy Willard says Hams) was baptised on 24th April 1686 in West Hoathly. 
      3. Sarah Hams (shown as Harris, but Mandy Willard says Hams) was baptised on 12th February 1688 in West Hoathly. 
      4. Anne Hams was baptised on 23rd March 1689 in West Hoathly.
      5. John Hams was baptised on 7th November 1691 in West Hoathly.
      6. Jane Hams was baptised on 18th March 1693 in West Hoathly. 
      7. Susannah Hams was baptised on 17th April 1695 in West Hoathly. 
      8. William Hams was baptised on 29th October 1697 in West Hoathly (note: Mandy Willard show this date as 9/10 but transcript shows it as 29/10)
    5. Robert Payne was baptised on 15th May 1660 in East Grinstead. (‘Robert son of Henry and Mary Paine of West Hodlye’).See Verification 
  3. Joan Payne (Joane) was baptised on 23rd July 1627 in East Grinstead.
  4. Edward Payne was baptised on 9th May 1630 in East Grinstead.  He may have married Joanna Howell on 7th November 1665 in East Grinstead.

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  1. A Joan Hall married Ralph Patrick in East Grinstead on 29th November 1613, but Ralph was buried in East Grinstead on 23rd December 1618. However a Joan Hall (widow) then married Richard Saxpes on 29th May 1620 so is definitely a separate person.
  2. For the period 1570-1606 (age 16 at marriage to age 60 at birth of youngest child) three Henry Payne’s have been identified. (sources 4,6 & 7). The later two are unlikely because of age. Also one of the last two married a Joane Broocker in Ardingly 27/02/1598 and had children there (shown as buried but unbaptised.)
    1. 19/10/1591 East Grinstead
    2. 21/06/1573 Ardingly, son of Thomas Payne of Stone
    3. 03/05/1573 Ardingly , son of Leonard Payne
  3. It is possible that Robert Payne 1660 was a direct ancestor, but the preferred choice is Robert Payne 1656 son of William & Susan.
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