Peter Brown Family History

John Monke (1615) & Katherine

General History

John Monke & Katherine were one of my 11th generation ancestors.

Key Dates:

John Munke was baptised on 15rd January 1615 in East Grinstead, Sussex the son of Thomas Munke & Elizabeth Allin. He married Katherine. Katherine was buried on 3rd August 1688 in East Grinstead, Sussex (' wife of John')


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John & Katherine had four children.

Joan Frances John Elizabeth
  1. Joan Monke (Jone Muncke) was baptised on 29th November 1640 in East Grinstead, Sussex.
  2. Frances Monke was baptised on 1st January 1643 in East Grinstead, Sussex. She married John Carpenter. Details of John Carpenter & Frances Monke are shown separately as they are direct ancestors.
  3. John Monke (Munke) was baptised on 5th July 1645 in East Grinstead, Sussex.
  4. Elizabeth Monke (Munck) was baptised on 30th December 1660 in East Grinstead, Sussex.

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  1. There were numerous differant spellings of "Monke" in the parish registers eg Monk, Monkes, Monck, Moncke, Monncke, Munck, Muncke, Munckes, Munoke, Munke, Munchke
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