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John Mills (1695) & Judith Blundell

General History

John Mills & Judith Blundell were one of my 8th generation ancestors.

Key Dates:

John Mills was baptised on 6th July 1695 in Lingfield, Surrey and was probably the son of Thomas Mills. ( but see concerns below). He married Judith Blundell on 4th February 1721 in Horne, Surrey.

Judith Blundell's birth details are not known ( but see concerns below). She was probably the daughter of George & Mary Blundell and was born in Horne, Surrey (the family were Horne based)

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John & Judith had nine known children. (there are gaps so there may be others)

Jude Ruth Ann Elizabeth William George Michael Maria Jesse
  1. Jude Mills was baptised on 29th July 1722 in Worth, Sussex.
  2. Ruth Mills was baptised on 8th June 1729 in Worth, Sussex.
  3. Anne Mills (Ann) was baptised on 15th September 1732 in Worth, Sussex.
  4. Elizabeth Mills was baptised on 14th September 1735 in Worth, Sussex.
  5. William Mills was baptised on 16th July 1738 in Worth, Sussex. He married Frances Marin. Details of William Mills & Frances Martin are shown separately as they are direct ancestors.
  6. George Mills was baptised on 7th April 1744 in Worth, Sussex.
  7. Michael Mills was born on 25th February and baptised on 4th April 1746 in Worth, Sussex.
  8. Maria Mills was born on 15th November and baptised on 21st December 1747 in Worth, Sussex.
  9. Jesse Mills was baptised on 18th September 1751 in Worth, Sussex.

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  1. No baptismal record for John Mills can be found in Horne and there are also no baptismal records in Horne for the period 1694-1711 so the parentage is a bit of guesswork. In addition following this period there were a number of 'Adult Baptisms' implying that maybe baptisms did not take place in this period in Horne . In particular Ruth Blundell & Judith Mills were baptised on the same day as 'Adults'
  2. No baptismal record for Judith Blundell can be found. However a Judith Mills was baptised 'an Adult' on 21st April 1723 in Horne, Surrey and this may account for no baptismal record at birth. The marriage record shows both John Mills and Judith Blundell as living in Horne and George Blundell was the only Blundell family in Horne at that time that were producing children. The second male child of John & Judith was called George possibly after her father.
  3. There were a number of other John Mills born Lingfield and in the surrounding parishes between 1691 - 1705. (age at marriage of 16 to age 60 at birth of youngest child)
    1. 11/05/1694 the son of Richard in Horley.
    2. 20/04/1703 the son of John of Lingfield but died 28/05/1704
  4. There were numerous differant spellings of "Mills" in the parish registers eg Mills,Miles, Milles, Myles, Mylles, Mylls, Millins, Molles.
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