Peter Brown Family History

William Linn (c1640) & Mary

General History

William Linn & Mary were my one of my 8th generation ancestors.

Key Dates:

William Linn’s birth details are not known. He probably married Mary on 22nd October 1661 in Westerham, Kent. William died on 25th August and he was buried on 27th August 1704 in Horsted Keynes, Sussex. On the parish records of Marcy's burial he was described as ‘appore man relefed by the parish of Fletching’.

Mary’s birth details are unknown. Her name might have been Mersee or Marcy. She died on 7th February and was buried on 11th February 1703 in Horsted Keynes, Sussex.

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William & Mary had five known children:

Susan John William Edward Elizabeth
  1. Susan Linn was baptised on 5th November 1662 in Horsted Keynes, Sussex. She was actually baptised Fruzan. She married Thomas Brown. Details of Susan Linn & Thomas Brown are shown separately as they are direct ancestors.
  2. John Linn was baptised on 26th January 1665 in Horsted Keynes.
  3. William Linn was baptised on 8th December 1667 in Horsted Keynes. He was actually born in Fletching.
  4. Edward Linn was baptised on 30th March 1671 in Horsted Keynes. He was actually born in Fletching
  5. Elizabeth Linn was born & baptised on 23rd November 1673 in Horsted Keynes. She was actually born in Fletching.

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  1. No ‘Lynne’s’ were found in Fletching Parish Records. No Lynne’s in West Hoathly. No burials in Worth to 1700. No Linn’s in East Grinstead prior to 1668.
  2. The only other Linn's identified in the registers are: Francis & Dorothy Lyn had two children in East Grinstead ( Frances 11/3/1668 and Fransan 29/4/1670). John Lyne & Ann Nye of Worth had three children ( John 31/7/1677, Anne 28/7/1678 (both baptised in Worth) and William 26/9/1681 baptised in Worth but also baptised in East Grinstead 20/10/1681). Elizabeth Lynn married Thomas Stone in Worth on 15/12/1674.
  3. In the parish records Mary is always shown as Marcy rather than Mary. In Sussex marriage index Mary's surname is not shown, but the marriage date ties in with the children births.
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