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Richard Grove (1671) & Anne Carpenter

General History

Richard Grove & Anne Carpenter were one of my 9th generation ancestors.

Key Dates:

Richard Grove was baptised on 12th February 1671 in East Grinstead, Sussex.  He was the son of John Grove & Jane Wren. He probably married firstly Katherine Pierce (Catherine) on 1st November 1692 in Lingfield, Surrey. Katherine was buried on 27th January 1702 in East Grinstead, Sussex ('wife of Richard'). He possibly married secondly Anne Carpenter (Ann) on 28th March 1703 in East Grinstead, Sussex (but see concerns below- item 2).

Anne Carpenter was baptised on 18th October 1668 in East Grinstead, Sussex. She was the daughter of  John Carpenter & Frances Monke.

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Richard & Katherine had two children (1-2) and Richard & Anne had three known children (3-5):

Elizabeth Edward Anne Oliver Jane
  1. Elizabeth Grove was baptised on 8th May 1696 in East Grinstead, Sussex.
  2. Edward Grove was born on 26th June and was baptised on 10th July 1698 in East Grinstead, Sussex. He possibly married Elizabeth Chantler on 23rd February 1717 in East Grinstead, Sussex (Edward shown as of Edenbridge). Elizabeth was maybe possibly buried on 14th January 1729 in East Grinstead, Sussex, (no name given, but shown as 'wife of Edward') and Edward was possibly buried there on 29th December 1734. Edward & Elizabeth had four children.
    1. Richard Grove was baptised on 4th October 1718 in East Grinstead, Sussex and was buried there on 16th October 1718 ('an infant') .
    2. Mary Grove was baptised on 4th October 1718 in East Grinstead, Sussex and was buried there on 21st October 1718 ('an infant').
    3. Anne Grove was baptised on 14th October 1720 in East Grinstead, Sussex.
    4. Anne Grove was baptised on 2nd May 1724 in East Grinstead, Sussex.
    5. Robert Grove was baptised on 23rd April 1726 in East Grinstead, Sussex.
  3. Anne Grove was baptised on 26th April 1704 in East Grinstead, Sussex. She married Matthew Wicking. Details of Matthew Wicking & Anne Grove are shown separately as they are direct ancestors.
  4. Oliver Grove was baptised on 15th June 1708 in East Grinstead, Sussex.  He was mentioned in ‘Windows Tax Records of 1747’ East Grinstead: tax paid 2s 0d. no extra windows. He possibly married Sarah. Oliver & Sarah had one child.
    1. Richard Grove was baptised on 21st November 1735 in East Grinstead, Sussex.
  5. Jane Grove was baptised on 29th March 1710 in East Grinstead, Sussex.

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Richard and Anne were shown as ‘Poor’ at the baptismal of Anne.

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  1. The main groupings of Grove's for the period 1500-1700 occurs in the parish of East Grinstead. There are also some records in Cowden (Kent) with a few records in the parishes of Lingfield & Limpsfield (Surrey) and Hartfield (Sussex). Some later records (1700+) are found in Horsted Keynes & Withyham (Sussex). There are none in the adjacent parishes of Ardingly, Buxted, Fletching, Maresfield, Rotherfield, West Hoathly & Worth. Records for other adjacent parishes of Edenbridge, Chiddingstone (Kent), Burstow, Godstone, Horne, & Tandridge (Surrey) still need to be checked plus Withyham (sussex) for pre 1700.
  2. For the period 1650-1676 (Age 16 at marriage to age 60 at birth of youngest child) there were two Richard Grove's born in East Grinstead and none in adjacent parishes. The first one is more likely due to age. However naming son Oliver is a worry as it ties in very closely with the second family. The implication is that there may be a missing Richard (son of Richard son of Oliver born c 1680) and he married only Ann Carpenter.
    1. 12/02/1671 in East Grinstead, son of John & Jane
    2. 06/03/1651 in East Grinstead, son of Oliver & Elizabeth but was possibly too old to marry Ann (52 yr) and have three children and there would be large gap from earlier children.
  3. For the period of 1660- 1687 (Age 16 at marriage to age 50 at birth of youngest child), there was only one family of ‘Carpenters’and only one Anne in East Grinstead. There were no Ann's baptised in adjacent parishes, however there were two other Anne's baptised in surrounding parishes. The Anne identified is likely to be correct due to the East Grinstead link.
    1. 18/10/1668 in East Grinstead, Sussex dau of John & Frances
    2. 15/12/1670 in Uckfield, Sussex dau of William
    3. 07/03/1665 in Buxted, Sussex dau of John
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No information available
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