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John Feldwick (1588) & Frances Watson

General History

John Feldwick & Frances Watson were one of my 11th generation ancestors.

Key Dates:

John Feldwick was born in about 1588. He was the son of William Feldwick & Agnes Brown. He was shown at father's death in 1633 as aged 40 or more - PM Inquest in 1639 . He probably married firstly Frances Watson on 8th March 1611 in Southwark (St Saviours), London (shown as Fieldweeke). He maybe possibly married secondly Prudence Taylor on 2nd August 1617 in East Grinstead, Sussex by license issued at Lewes (Prudence was a widow and John Velvicke shown as of West Hoathly). Prudence was buried on 18th April 1648 in West Hoathly, Sussex ('wife of John senior'). He possibly married thirdly Eleanor Walters on 11th December 1655 in Lindfield, Sussex ('John shown as widower, & yeoman of West Hoathly, and Eleanor a widow'). John was possibly buried on 17th April 1659 in West Hoathly, Sussex and Eleanor was possibly buried there on 30th April 1659 ('un-named, wife of John').

Frances Watson was probably baptised on 13th March 1586 in Dorking, Surrey (dau of John). She was probably the daughter of John Watson & Bridget Browne. Bridget was the daughter of Thomas & Elizabeth Browne (family ref 8). Frances was buried on 23rd March 1616 in West Hoathly, Sussex ('Frauncis, wife of John Feldwicke').

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John & Frances possibly had three children (1-3) and John & Prudence posibly had five children (4-8). (but it is possible that some may relate to another John)

John William Agnes Thomas Anne William Thomas Nicholas
  1. John Feldwick was baptised on 1st June 1611 in West Hoathly, Sussex. (assumed as no parents shown). He was mentioned in his grandfather William Feldwick's 'Will' of 1628. He married Anne Payne.  Details of John Feldwick & Ann Payne are shown separately as they are direct ancestors.
  2. William Feldwick was baptised on 7th March 1613 in West Hoathly, Sussex (assumed as no parents shown) and he was buried there on 30th April 1613 (' son of John').
  3. Agnes Feldwick was buried on 11th March 1617 in West Hoathly, Sussex (' a child')
  4. Thomas Feldwick (Feldwicke) was baptised on 12th September 1619 in East Grinstead, Sussex (son of John & Prudence) but presumed died before 1626.
  5. Anne Feldwick was baptised on 14th July 1622 in West Hoathly, Sussex (daughter of John). She married Philip Champion on 25th September 1646 at West Hoathly, Sussex. Anne & Philip had at least one child.
    1. John Champion was baptised on 13th June 1647 in Buxted, Sussex (son of Phillape Champione) and he was buried there on 18th February 1650 ('son of Fillupe Champione) - (see Archives below).
  6. William Feldwick was possibly born in about 1624 in maybe possibly Horsted Keynes. He was mentioned in his grandfather William Feldwick's 'Will' of 1628. He possibly married Jane. Jane was buried on 2nd April 1654 in West Hoathly, Sussex ('wife of William') and William was possibly buried there on 3rd July 1655. William & Jane possibly had one child.
    1. Ano Feldwick was buried on 2nd March 1650 in West Hoathly, Sussex ('unbaptised child of William')
  7. Thomas Feldwick (Velveck) was baptised on 9th July 1626 in Fletching, Sussex (son of John). He was mentioned in his grandfather William Feldwick's 'Will' of 1628. He probably married Susannah Stone on 27th July 1648 in West Hoathly, Sussex. Thomas was possibly buried on 13th February 1650 in West Hoathly, Sussex ('Shoemaker') and Susan possibly married secondly Abraham Caslen in May 1657 in Lewes, Sussex ('Susan Veldick, a widow of Fletching'- banns only so may have married elsewhere). Thomas & Sussah had maybe two children.
    1. Ano Feldwick was baptised on 4th February 1649 in West Hoathly, Sussex ('a bastard born in wedlock and living a month').
    2. Thomas Feldwick was baptised on 14th March 1649 in West Hoathly, Sussex.
  8. Nicholas Feldwick (Nicolas Vellvecke, or Fellwick) was baptised on 2nd November 1628 in Fletching, Sussex (son of John- 'Novemb : 2d Nicolas fonne of John Velvick' ). He probably married Anne Lock (shown as Agnes Lock, but assumed error as all children baptised with mother as Anne, & Nicholas Welvick) on 28th September 1653 in Horsted Keynes, Sussex. (Anne Lock had been baptised on 17th May 1629 in West Hoathly, Sussex, the daughter of William & Anne). Nicholas was buried on 9th October 1702 in West Hoathly, Sussex ('an old man'). Anne was possibly buried on 27th April 1716 in West Hoathly, Sussex ('a Unitient woman'). Nicholas and Anne had five children.
    1. Robert Feldwick was baptised on 31st August 1654 in West Hoathly, Sussex. He probably married Elizabeth Denton on 24th April 1694 in East Grinstead, Sussex. Elizabeth was buried on 17th June 1724 in East Grinstead Sussex ('wife of Robert') and Robert was buried there on 2nd January 1725. Robert & Elizabeth had one child.
      1. Elizabeth Feldwick (Felwick) was born on 15th December and was baptised on 21th December 1696 in East Grinstead, Sussex. She married Thomas Martin on 21st December 1720 in St Dunstans in the East, City of London.
    2. John Feldwick was baptised on 5th April 1663 in West Hoathly, Sussex. He was buried on 3rd April 1673 in West Hoathly, Sussex ('John Feildwick the Son of Nicholas Feildwick'). Note: the addendum shown appears in the Bishops transcripts- the Parish transcripts only show 'young' which is an transcription error.
    3. Elizabeth Feldwick was baptised on 19th August 1666 in West Hoathly, Sussex.
    4. George Feldwick was baptised on 9th February 1670 in West Hoathly, Sussex. He married Mary Cook. Details of George Feldwick & Mary Cook are shown separately.
    5. William Feldwick was baptised on 15th September 1672 in West Hoathly, Sussex. Details of William Feldwick are shown separately.

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  1. There were numerous differant spellings of "Feldwick" in the parish registers eg Feldwick, Fieldwick, Feldewick, Feldweeke, Feldwicke, Velvick, Vilfick, Velveck.
  2. For the period 1568-1594 (Age 16 at marriage to age 60 at birth of youngest child) there was only one John Feldwick born in West Hoathly. and there were none born in the adjacent or surrounding parishes.
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  1. John Champion: He was mentioned in the Quarter Sessions Order Book for Arundel, (Epiphany quarter) on 12th January 1648/9 when: "It was ordered that John Feldwick of Westhothly grandfather to John Champion (a poore childe kept at the charge of the parish of Buxted) being a man of ability shall from henceforth pay and allow to the Churchwardens and overseers of the poore of the parish of Buxted twelve pence weekely towards the reliefe of the sayd John Champion till further order".
  2. Robert Feldwick: West Hoathly Poor Law Records film 1469260: To the Church Wardens and Overfeers of the poor of the Parifh of West Hoathly in the County of Sufsex and to all and every of them. WE Edward Bennett Jervaise Thorpe Richard Constable Robert Felwick John Coleman - Church Wardens and Overfeers of the poor in the Parifh of East Grinsted in the County of Sufsex Do hereby own and acknowledge John Martin and Mary his Wife and Children to be inhabitants Legally Settled in the Parifh of East Grinsted aforesaid. In Witness Whereof we have hereunto Sett our hands and Seals the Twenty Ninth Day of January in the fourth year of his Majestys Reign Anno Dom 1717. Jervais Thorpe, Edward Bennett, the mark R of Robert Felwick, John Coleman, Rich'd Constable
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