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John Feldwick (1520) & Thomasine Infield

General History

John Feldwick & Thomasine Infield were one of my 13th generation ancestors.

Key Dates:

John Feldwick was born about 1520 in West Hoathly, Sussex and was the son of Walter Feldwick & Margaret. John married Thomasine Infield in about 1555. He was overseer to Richard Infield's 'Will' of 1558 and to John Payne of Lindfield 'Will' of 1559 (shown as John Feldwycke my brother in law). John left a 'Will' dated 7th February 1561 and died prior to August 1561.

Thomasine Infield (Thomasyn) was born in about 1533, the daughter of Richard Infield & Catherine. She administered her husband John Feldwick's 'Will' in 1561. She married secondly Thomas Chaloner of Ashington - (see Archives-ref 1) in possibly 1562 and had four further children (Francis, Mary, Bridget & Anne who were mentioned in their father's 'Will of 1587). Thomas Chaloner was overseer and witness to Catherine Infield's 'Will' of 1563 and show as a gent of West Hoathly. He left a 'Will' dated 5th May 1587 and was buried in 1587. Thomasine was mentioned in her brother Thomas Infield's 'Will' of 1573 (as sister Chaloner), in her mothers 'Will' of 1563 and in her second husband Thomas Chaloner's 'Will' of 1587.

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John & Thomasine had maybe four children (but see concerns below-ref 3)

Walter William John Thomas
  1. Walter Feldwick was possibly born about 1556 in West Hoathly, Sussex. He was mentioned in his grandfather Walter Feldwick's 'Will' of 1558 but presume died prior to 1561 as not mentioned in his father's 'Will'.
  2. William Feldwick was born about 1558 in West Hoathly, Sussex (derived as no birth records found). He was mentioned in his grandfather Walter Feldwick's 'Will' of 1558. He was executor to his fathers 'Will' of 1561, but was stated as under 21 and was not yet at school. He was mentioned in his uncle Thomas Infield's 'Will' of 1573 (as Wylliam Veldwyke, a child of sister Chaloner). He married Agnes Brown. Details of William Fedwick & Agnes Brown are shown separately as they are direct ancestors.
  3. John Feldwick was born about 1560 in West Hoathly, Sussex (derived as no birth records found). He was under 21 in his fathers 'Will' of 1561 and was not yet at school. He was mentioned in his step father Thomas Chaloner's 'Will' of 1587 as "son in law" (but see concerns- item 4). John maybe possibly married Susan Jennings on 5th July 1593 in East Grinstead, Sussex (shown as John Velvick). He maybe possibly married secondly Mary in about 1610 (or this may be another John). John & Mary maybe possibly had two children.
    1. Benjamin Feldwick was buried on 1st June 1610 in West Hoathly, Sussex (this may not be a child of John).
    2. Anne Feldwick was baptised on 5th June 1614 in West Hoathly, Sussex (daughter of John & Mary)
  4. Thomas Feldwick was born about 1562 possibly in West Hoathly, Sussex (derived as no birth records found and may not be part of this family group). He may have been the unborn child mentioned in John's 'Will' of 1561. He maybe possibly married Margaret Stanton on 3rd June 1584 in Newdigate, Surrey. He possibly married secondly Bridget Whockes on 29th June 1603 in Lindfield, Sussex (Bridget was a widow). Thomas was probably buried on 4th April 1610 in West Hoathly, Sussex ('of East Grinstead & none will take a letter of administration for his goods wch are like to posh as wee credidlye heare'). See also Archives below.
    1. Mary Feldwick was born in about 1590, possibly in West Hoathly, Sussex (derived as no birth records yet found) and she had a child baseborn, father stated as John Norrice.
      1. Richard Feldwick was baptised on 6th November 1610 in West Hoathly, Sussex
    2. Alice Feldwick (Velvick) was baptised on 26th November 1592 in East Grinstead, Sussex (no parents shown)
    3. Thomas Feldwick (Velvick) was baptised on 23rd January 1597 in East Grinstead, Sussex (no parents shown). He probably married Elizabeth Wickings (Wickens). Details of Thomas Feldwick & Elizabeth Wickings are shown separately.
    4. John Feldwick (Velvick) was baptised on 21th January 1599 in East Grinstead, Sussex (no parents shown)


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John Feldwick

He owned property of a house, barn and certain lands and tenements of about forty acres, commonly known by the name of Feldwickes, situated in the parishes of West Hoathly and Ardingley; and of one other parcel of land in West Hoathly, of about thirty acres, called Nicholles or Homewoods (see PM Inquistion 1592).

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  1. There were numerous differant spellings of "Feldwick" in the parish registers eg Feldwick, Fieldwick, Feldewick, Feldweeke, Feldwicke, Velvick, Vilfick, Velveck.
  2. There was a William Feldwick who married Agnes Vincent on 8th February 1574 in Bolney, Sussex (shown as Velfick) and also one who married Anne Brown (or Braine or Brian) on 28th October 1606 in West Hoathly, Sussex.
  3. There is a small possibility that John had married previously to Thomasine Infield and that Walter & William were maybe possibly children of the earlier marriage. Only John is mentioned in his stepfather Thomas Chaloner's Will of 1587 . The four children attributed to Thomasine with her second husband are also unproved that they are actually Thomasine's children. They are mentioned in his Will but as he probably lived in West Hoathly there are no parish records to get both ages and parents. Thomas Infield's 'Will' of 1573 also needs to be reviewed to see what children are identified. However Thomas Chaloner was executor to Catherine Infield (Thomasine's mother) in 1563 and Thomasine's brother Richard had a son Richard who in his Will had "uncle" Francis Chaloner as his overseer.
  4. Thomas Chaloner's 'Will' of 1587 mentions "son in law" John Felwyck. This was probably the step son (family ref 3). Even in the 19th century the term "in law" denoted kinship by marriage and the children of one's spouse from a previous marriage were also referred to as son or daughter in law and the step parent as father or mother in law.
    However the 'Will' was also witnessed by a John Felwick. Legally a witness should be neither "infamous nor interested" that is not disqualified or a beneficiary. It is always possible that the two John Felwyck's are the same person , but probably unlikely. There is however no record of any other suitable John Felwck who could be the witness. However this could also just be transcription error on the probate will and should refer to John Muncke who was an overseer.
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  1. John Feldwick (family ref top) left a 'Will' dated 6th Feb 1561 at West Hoathly, Sussex that was proved on 25th August 1561 (Ref: Lewes A5 P18 ). The link is to a transcript of the will. In the 'Will' he mentions his wife Thomasine; his sons William & John; Others John Benat (Kinsman); Overseers & Witnesses Thomas Payne of Stone, John Payne of Horshome, Richard Gatland and Thomas Browne, John Gasson & John Lurlin vicar of  West Hoathly.
  2. Thomas Chaloner (family ref top) left a 'Will' dated 5th May 1587 of Ashington, Sussex that was proved on 10 th October 1587 (ref Chichester 14/47). The link is to a transcript of the will. In the 'Will' he mentions his wife Thomasine; his son Francis; his son in law John Felwyck; his daughters: Mary, Bridget, Anne (all unmarried); overseers were Christopher Myrshall and John Munck; witnesses were Christopher Myrshall, John Felwyck.


  1. Post Mortem Inquisition 1592: ref 404. JOHN FELDWICK. Vol. 233, No. 46. Chichester, 3 April 34 Eliz. Died 1 Jan. 33 Eliz. Heir, son William, aged 30 and more at Inq. Lands. " Feldwicke" in West Hoathly. The link is to a full transcription of the Inquest.

  2. Buckhurst Terrier: In 1598 Thomas Velvick is possibly recorded as being a juror, ( Stephen Dungate, Edward Paine, Walter Humphrey, Thomas Treape, Thomas Velvick & others), on a survey of the Manor of Imberhorne. He is recorded as a copyholder in the parishes of East Grinstead & Hoathleigh and that as Thomas Velfeck he holds by copy dated 17 Mar 34 Eliz, land (80 acres) called "Brocketts" als Plawhatch, 80 ac - (bounds the forest of Ashdown E, Dodges and Crouchfield W, Queen's high way N, Plaw S) - rent 5s 0½d in the parish of East Grinstead. (note: Elizabeth came to throne in 1558).


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