Peter Brown Family History

William Faulconer (c1520) & Anne

General History

William Faulconer & Anne were one of my 14th generation ancestors.

Key Dates:

William Faulconer lived in Balcombe, Sussex and was probably born there in about 1520. He married Anne  William left a 'Will' that was dated 7th August 1558 and he probably died in August 1558.

Anne birth details are unknown. She was mentioned in her husband’s ‘Will’ by which he directed that she should continue to occupy the house and lands known as Heggeland, providing she remained a widow. Anne was buried on 11th April 1560 in Balcombe, Sussex.

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William & Anne had three known children:

Edward Henry Julian
  1. Edward Faulconer was born in about 1546 probably in Balcombe, Sussex and he was executor to his father. Details of Edward Faulconer are shown separately as he is a direct ancestor.
  2. Henry Faulconer was baptised on 19th August 1548 in Balcombe, Sussex. He was mentioned in his fathers ‘Will’ of 1558 as being under 21 and inherited lands at Worth. He was buried in West Hoathly church according to his sons ‘Will’. Henry had three children:
    1. Henry Falconer was possibly born in about 1574, possibly in West Hoathly. He was executor to his brother ‘Will’ of 1611.
    2. John Faulconer was possibly born in about 1576, possibly in West Hoathly. was a Yeoman of West Hoathly. He was buried there on 2nd June 1610. His will was dated 31st May 1610 and proved 10th October 1611 (PCC 78 Wood)
    3. Richard Falconer was possibly born in about 1578, possibly in West Hoathly. He was shown of Ripe “cousin german” to Thomas Faulconer of East Grinstead. Under 21 and called “senior” in brothers ‘Will’. Administrator on 9th March 1646 to Henry Faulconer and on 10th June 1646 (PCC) to Anne Browne.
  3. Julian Faulconer was born about 1550 probably in Balcombe, Sussex and she was mentioned in her fathers 'Will' of 1558 as then unmarried.


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In addition to legacies to his family in his ‘Will’ he also left 10 shillings and 6 pence to the poor of Balcombe and Cuckfield

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  1. There were numerous differant spellings of "Faulconer" in the parish registers eg (Fawlkner,Faucknore,Faulkner, Faukner,Fawkner, Faucknoure, Fackner )
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  1. William Faulconer (see family ref top) Will dated 7th August 1558 and proved 26th September 1558 (LEWES A4.60). Overseers were Ninian Warde and John Mychell
    Additional notes for wills of Henry’s children: Richard Infield of West Hoathly in his ‘Will’ dated 1612 refers to £200, the portion of Richard Falconer left him by his father, Henry Faulconer. John Faulconer refers to suit between his cousins John Newman and Richard Infield as to his fathers estate


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