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Henry Faulconer (1627) & Elizabeth Dungate

General History

Henry Faulconer & Elizabeth Dungate were one of my 10th generation ancestors.

Key Dates:

Henry Faulconer was baptised on 14th August 1627 in Balcombe, Sussex and he was the son of John Faulconer & Elizabeth Blundell. Henry was mentioned in his grandfathers  Henry’s ‘Will’ of 1632 and was executor to his fathers ‘Will’ of 1680. He was mentioned in Stephen Dungate's will of 1652 as a friend (but may have been an elder Henry Faulconer), his brother-in-law Joseph Dungate' s 'Will' of 1666, his sister-in-law Sarah Dungate's will of 1666 and he witnessed Thomas Dungate's will of 1686. He lived at ‘Newcombe’ in West Hoathly. He married Elizabeth Dungate on 22nd May 1655 in Balcombe, Sussex (sources 1 & 5) but bands were published on 22nd April 1655 in East Grinstead, Sussex (sources 2 & 5). Henry left a 'Will' dated 25th September 1696 and was buried on 13th March 1697 in West Hoathly, Sussex.

Elizabeth Dungate was baptised on 13th May 1621 in East Grinstead, Sussex in East Grinstead, Sussex, the daughter of Stephen Dungate & Ann Cripps. She was executor to her husband  and she inherited ‘Newcombe’ for life under his ‘Will’. She was buried on 22nd April 1702 in West Hoathly ('aged widow').

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Henry and Elizabeth had three known children (source 1):

Elizabeth Sarah Henry
  1. Elizabeth Faulconer was baptised on 22nd August 1656 in East Grinstead and she was buried there on 25th September 1656 (shown as a child of Henry Faulckner).
  2. Sarah Faulconer (shown as Fauckner) was born on 3rd January, possibly in Balcombe, but was baptised on 13th January 1660 in East Grinstead, Sussex. She was mentioned in her grandfathers ‘Will’ of 1680. Sarah married Robert Payne. Details of Robert Paine & Sarah Faulconer are shown separately as they are direct ancestors.
  3. Henry Faulconer (shown as Faulcknor) was born on 3rd December and he was baptised on 19th December 1661 in East Grinstead, Sussex. He was mentioned in his aunt Sarah Dungate's 'Will' of 1667 and he was mentioned in his grandfather’s ‘Will’ of 1680. Henry was buried on 21st April 1682 in West Hoathly ('young').

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  1. There were numerous differant spellings of "Faulconer" in the parish registers eg (Fawlkner,Faucknore,Faulkner, Faukner,Fawkner, Faucknoure, Fackner ).
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  1. Henry Faulconer left a 'Will' dated 25th September 1696 and proved 8th May 1697 (LEWES A43. P8). The link is to a transcript of the 'Will'. The 'Will' mentions his wife Elizabeth, his daughter Sarah & Son in law Robert Payne ; his grandchildren Robert, Elizabeth, Mary, Sarah and William Payne. Overseers were John Prior, Edward Soane . Properties mentioned were Newcomb in West Hoathly.
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