Peter Brown Family History

John Farnes (c1700) & Mary Best

General History

John Farnes & Mary were one of my 8th generation ancestors.

Key Dates:

John Farnes birth details are unknown. He married Mary but marriage details are unknown.

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John and Mary had five known children:

Elizabeth Harriet James Phoebe Eve
  1. Elizabeth Farnes was born about 1723, place unknown (see Poor Law records).
  2. Harriet Farnes was born about 1728, place unknown (see Poor Law records).
  3. James Farnes was baptised on 8th April 1734 in East Grinstead, Sussex – see Poor Law records. (records actually show name as ‘Fernes’.)
  4. Phoebe Farnes was baptised on 2nd February 1737 in East Grinstead, Sussex. She married William Wicking.  Details of William Wicking & Phoebe Farnes are shown separately as they are direct ancestors.
  5. Eve Farnes was baptised on 2nd March 1739 in East Grinstead, Sussex and she was buried there on 14th May 1740.

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John Farnes was mentioned in Poor Law records

Reference Number: Par/348/32/3/77           Parish:  East Grinstead ;
Order type: Removal order; Date:   6 Sep 1736
Type          Name               Marital status    Age      Occupation       Comment         Foreign Parish             
Subject       John FARNES             married                                                             Hartfield
Spouse       Mary FARNES                                                                                   
Child          James FARNES                       2y                                                       
Child          Harriet FARNES                      8y                                                      

Child    Elizabeth FARNES                   13y     

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  1. There were no Farnes in West Hoathly or Horsted Keynes and no earlier Farnes in East Grinstead (except see below).  There are however Farnes in Hartfield (see poor law removal order for link)
  2. The only Farnes identified were Richard & Mary (married in Horsted Keynes 11/6/1644. Mary died 3/5/1665 in East Grinstead and Richard died 22/11/1674 in East Grinstead. They had a daughter Mary baptised 29/3/1646 in East Grinstead.
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No information available
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  2. Parish Registers – East Grinstead
  3. Parish Registers – Other Sussex Parishes (Hartfield, Horsted Keynes)
  4. The Weald –Sussex Record Society: Sussex poor laws
  5. British Isles Vital Record Index- Family Search
  6. Latter day Saints - Family Search: For initial identification of details only