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Thomas Dungate (c1574) & Catherine

General History

Thomas Dungate & Catherine were one of my 10th generation ancestors.

Key Dates:

Thomas Dungate was possibly born in about 1574 probably in East Grinstead Sussex (derived as no birth record found ). He was the son of John Dungate & Elizabeth. He married Catherine. Thomas & Catherine had maybe seven children. Thomas was a tanner. He was a juror at the PM inquest of John Payne held in 1613. Thomas was possibly buried on 12th April 1623 in West Hoathly, Sussex ('an old man') and Catherine was probaly buried there on 4th October 1624 ('a widow').

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Thomas & catherine had seven children.

John Elizabeth Thomas Mary Anne Henry Edward
  1. John Dungate was possibly born in about 1595, probably in East Grinstead, Sussex (derived as no birth record found). He was overseer to Thomas Payne (husband of sister Elizabeth) in 1628. He married Anne Underhill on 26th November 1629 in Worth, Sussex. Anne was the daughter of John Underhill, the son of Nicholas Underhill (family ref 1 B). John left a 'Will' dated 21st March 1662 and and died before May 1665. Anne was mentioned in her husband John's 'Will' of 1662 and inherited "Duckells". Anne left a 'Will' dated 25th August 1680 (widow of Worth) and died before April 1683.
  2. Elizabeth Dungate was possibly born in about 1597, probably in East Grinstead, Sussex (derived as no birth record found) . She married Thomas Payne. She was mentioned in her brother John's 'Will' of 1662 (reference to her children, but she was not shown as living). Details of Elizabeth Dungate & Thomas Payne are shown separately as they are direct ancestors.
  3. Thomas Dungate (Dungat) was baptised on 29th April 1599 in East Grinstead, Sussex. He was mentioned in John Dungate's 'Will' of 1652 as Kinsman and Overseer. (but could be another Thomas).
  4. Mary Dungate (Marrye) was baptised on 27th June 1602 in East Grinstead, Sussex (daughter of Thomas).
  5. Anne Dungate was baptised on 6th January 1605 in East Grinstead, Sussex (daughter of Thomas). She married John Wheeler on 16th July 1627 in West Hoathly, Sussex. She was mentioned in her brother John's 'Will' of 1662 as now wife of Thomas Chapman. John & Anne had five children (Anne, Elizabeth & Mary, John & William). Anne, Elizabeth & Mary & John were mentioned in her brother John Dungate's 'Will' of 1662 as children of Anne also mentioned was unamed child of daughter Anne.
  6. Henry Dungate (Henrye) was baptised on 15th November 1607 in East Grinstead, Sussex (son of Thomas). He was mentioned in his brother John's 'Will' of 1662. He was probably a witness to his brother Thomas's 'Will' of 1673. He married Jane Plaw. Details of Henry Dungate & Jane Plaw are shown separately as they are direct ancestors.
  7. Edward Dungate was baptised on 24th November 1611 in East Grinstead, Sussex (son of Thomas & Catherine). He possibly married Ann Bowre on 17th June 1632 in East Grinstead, Sussex. (License issued on 14th June 1632 at Lewes . Edward shown as a weaver & Anne Bowre from Westram, Kent, with surities by William Jefferay of Lewes, hostler. He was mentioned in his brother John Dungate's 'Will' of 1662 and inherited 'Strutgad lands' & 'Ffowles'.

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Duckyls & Strudegate

Duckyls is about 1.5km north west of West Hoathly. Great Strudegate farm is about 2.5Km west of West Hoathly and 1.5km south west of Duckyls. Stonelands (home of the Paynes) is <1 km south of Duckyls.

Duckyls Holt, about ½ mile north-north-west of the church in West Hoathly, is a 15th-century house retaining remains of the usual king-post and central purlin roof-construction, but has been much renovated. All the rooms have opentimbered ceilings and the central chimney-stack, inserted c. 1600, has wide fire-places. Timber-framing shows in the external walls of the upper story and the roof is tiled.

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  1. There were numerous differant spellings of "Dungate" in the parish registers. eg Dungatt, Dungat, Dunget, Dungete Dungatte,Dongat, Dongatt, Dongett, Dongate, Downgate, Doungate
  2. Edward Dungate son of Thomas was baptised on same day with same name as Edward Dungate son of Stephen so may be an error (but also possible as they are brothers)
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  1. John Dungate (Family ref 1) left a 'Will' that was dated 21st March 1662 and was proved on 5th May 1665 (ref PCC Prob 11/223/460). The link is to a transcript of the 'Will'. The 'Will' mentions hisWife: Anne ( Executrix); his brothers: Henry, Edward ; his sisters: Elizabeth (not shown as living), Anne (now wife of Thomas Chapman) ; his brother in law: George Payne and hios daughter Sarah ; his nephews/Nieces: Anne daughter of Henry,: sons John, Thomas and daughters Anne (now wife of John Feldwick), Elizabeth & Mary children of sister Elizabeth; John Wheeler & Ann (her daughters Elizabeth & Mary and to her said daughter Anns child which she had by one Young?), children of sister Anne. ; his godsons: John Clements, John Dungat of ?Birford John Dungatt, tanner, John Mills and John Markie and Mary the wife of Danell Wicken , Anne Wicken (my wifes goddaughter) ; his cousin: Thomas Payne ; Overseers: godson John Clements and my cosen Nicholas Muldup? of birchfield ; Others: Daniel Wicken ; Witnesses: John Dungatte Henry Faulconer, John Hull, clerk ; Properties mentioned: Duckells; Strudgat land, Ffowles
  2. Ann Dungate (Family ref 1) left a 'Will' that was dated 25th August 1680 and was proved on 26th April 1683 (ref PCC Prob 11/372/440). The link is to a transcript of the 'Will'. The 'Will' mentions her brother Henry Dungate, her sisters Mary Milles ( & her children Robert Milles & Nicholas Milles), Elizabeth Best (& her sons John Clement (executor), Thomas Clement & Robert Clement and her daughters Eleanor Shore & Elizabeth Burges) ; her cousins William Feldwick (son of John and aged under 21); John Wicker, Anne Chaundler, Mary Wicker, Elizabeth Wicker, Katherine Wicker, Thomas Wicker and his uncle Robert Milles ; Edward Clement (deceased) & his son Edward Clement (under 21); John Milles (executor); Overseers John Feldwick & Nicholas Underhill; Witnesses Ben Bonwicke, Charles Browne, Thomas Woodman. ( note sisters Elizabeth Clement & Mary Milles were formerly Underhills)


  1. Conveyance (Feoffment), in consideration of £135  Add Mss 17169  2 April 1702. These documents are held at West Sussex Record Office. Contents:  From (a) John Dungate of West Hoathly, yeo. nephew and heir of Edward Dungate of the same, yeo., to (b) Mary Best of East Grinstead, spinster
    Lands called Jack Allens (16a.) in East Grinstead, in occ. late of Edmund Bennett, and now of William Austin, abutting N. and E. on lands late of Edward Payne, esq., W. on highway from Forest Row to Bower Forge, S. on Gorrings Croft and Northlands in occ. of Robert Humphery and Robert Comforte. Witnesses: Alexander Luxford, William Best, William Barkler, William Austen, Elizabeth Best
  2. In East Sussex Record Office there are charts showing the Pedigree of the Dungate family commencing with Richard Dungate of West Hoathly (Ref AMS6218/1) The provenance of this document is not stated but was derived from the 'Watt' family history who had descended from Henry Dungate.. However it has been used to form the basis of the initial generation of Dungates. The 'Wills' mentioned in it and also mentioned above have not been seen and are thus unverified.
    1. Thomas Dungate Archive 1: (unverified- obtained from another family history site, but based on Archive item above)

  1. Thomas Dungate Archive 2 - son John (unverified- obtained from another family history site, but based on Archive item above)

  1. Edward Dungate(unverified- obtained from another family history site, but based on Archive item above)

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