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John Dungate (c1540) & Elizabeth

General History

John Dungate & Elizabeth were one of my 13th generation ancestors.

Key Dates:

John Dungate (Dungat) birth details are unknown but he was probably born in about 1540 in East Grinstead, Sussex (derived as no birth record) and was the son of John Dungate. He married Elizabeth. Elizabeth was buried on 1st June 1583 in East Grinstead, Sussex (' wife of John Dungat') and John was buried there on 3rd December 1586 (shown as Dungatt). (There also a possiblity he first married a Thomasin Goodwin)


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John & Elizabeth had maybe possibly seven children .

  1. Mary Dungate (Marie Dungat) was baptised on 7th February 1562 in East Grinstead, Sussex (no parents shown so assumed). She possibly married John Payne (Paine) on 16th November 1583 (shown as Dungat and John of East Grinstead),
  2. Joan Dungate (Johane Dungat) was baptised on 6th October 1564 in East Grinstead, Sussex (no parents shown so assumed).
  3. Stephen Dungate (Dungat) was baptised on 30th April 1565 in East Grinstead, Sussex. (no parents shown so assumed). He married Joan Humphrey. Details of Stephen Dungate & Joan Humphrey are shown separately as they are direct ancestors.
  4. Aves Dungate (Dungat) was baptised on 2nd May 1568 in East Grinstead, Sussex.(no parents shown so assumed).
  5. John Dungate (Dungatt) was baptised on 9th April 1570 in East Grinstead, Sussex. (son of John). John possibly had three children but may be children of someone else.
    1. John Dungate was possibly born in about 1600, probably in West Hoathly, Sussex (derived as no birth record found). John was a tanner and he married Anne. John left a 'Will' that dated 3rd August 1652 and he died within a month. Anne was mentioned in her husbands 'Will' of 1652. John & Anne had one child.
      1. Jane Dungate was baptised on 3rd August 1645 in West Hoathly, Sussex. She was mentioned in her father's 'Will' of 1652 (as executor).
    2. Thomas Dungate (Dungat) was possibly born in about 1605probably in West Hoathly, Sussex (derived as no birth record found). He married Alice. Alice was buried on 7th January 1638 in East Grinstead, Sussex ('wife of Thomas'). He was mentioned in his bother John's 'Will' of 1652. Thomas lived at at Willards Bridge, East Grinstead - (see Archives ref 1) and was a Tanner. Thomas left a 'Will' that was proved on 3rd June 1673. Thomas & Alice had three children.
      1. Thomas Dungate (Dungat) was baptised on 10th January 1630 in East Grinstead, Sussex. He was mentioned in his uncle John's 'Will' of 1652 (as cousin and son of brother Thomas) and in his father's 'Will' of 1673. He maybe married Anne Willard or lived with her, (at Willards Bridge), and she was mentioned in his will. Thomas left a will that was proved on 20th August 1686.
      2. John Dungate (Dungat) was baptised on 22nd April 1633 in East Grinstead, Sussex (shown as son of Thomas & Ann but assumed error as Alice still alive). He was mentioned in his uncle John's 'Will' of 1652 (as cousin and son of brother Thomas), in his father's 'Will' of 1673 and his brother's will of 1686. He left a 'Will' that was dated 18th June 1688. In the 'Will' he mentions properties of Willard & Willards Bridge
      3. Mary Dungate was born in about 1635 in East Grinstead, Sussex. She was mentioned in her uncle John's 'Will' of 1652, in her father's 'Will' of 1673 and her brother John's 'Will' of 1688. She married John Jupp and had children John, Thomas, Mary & Ann (who were all mentioned in their uncle John Dungate's 'Will' of 1688).
    3. Katherine Dungate was possibly born in about 1609 probably in West Hoathly, Sussex (derived as no birth record found). She was mentioned in her bother John's 'Will' of 1652 as Katherin Chapman.
  6. Anne Dungate (Dungatt) was baptised on 18th November 1571 in East Grinstead, Sussex. (no parents shown so assumed)
  7. Thomas Dungate was possibly born in about 1574 possibly in West Hoathly, Sussex (derived as no birth record found ). He married Catherine. Details of Thomas Dungate & Catherine are shown separately as they are direct ancestors.

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Duckyls & Strudegate

Duckyls is about 1.5km north west of West Hoathly. Great Strudegate farm is about 2.5Km west of West Hoathly and 1.5km south west of Duckyls. Stonelands (home of the Paynes) is <1 km south of Duckyls.

Duckyls Holt, about ½ mile north-north-west of the church in West Hoathly, is a 15th-century house retaining remains of the usual king-post and central purlin roof-construction, but has been much renovated. All the rooms have opentimbered ceilings and the central chimney-stack, inserted c. 1600, has wide fire-places. Timber-framing shows in the external walls of the upper story and the roof is tiled.


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  1. There were numerous differant spellings of "Dungate" in the parish registers. eg Dungatt, Dungat, Dunget, Dungete Dungatte,Dongat, Dongatt, Dongett, Dongate, Downgate, Doungate
  2. Stephen is shown as the son of John because the choice of Stephen's first sons name as John and the subsequent naming of two other sons as John, implies that John was an important figure in Stephen's life and was probably his father.
  3. The children above are all allocated to John but most of the children could have been children of someone else as no parentage is shown.
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  1. John Dungate (Family ref 5 A) left a 'Will' that was dated 3rd August 1652 and was proved on 14th September 1652 (ref PCC Prob 11/223/460). The link is to a transcript of the 'Will'. The 'Will' mentions his wife Anne (unnamed but shown as relict on proving of Will), his daughter Jane (executor), his brother Thomas Dungate, his sister Katheren Chapman, his cousins Thomas Dungate, John Dungate , Mary Dungate (children of brother Thomas) & John Hamlyn (overseer), his kinsman Thomas Dungate (overseer) and others Joane Willat, Anne Willat. John was a Tanner 
  2. Thomas Dungate (Family ref 5 B) left a 'Will' that was proved on 3rd June 1673 (ref LEWES A33.P81). The link is to a transcript of the 'Will'. The 'Will' mentions his sons Thomas and John; his daughter Mary & children. He also mentions Ann Willard, Walter Martins & children,. Richard Chivereill and Richard Farnes. The will was proved by Henry Dungate and Thomas Clarke.
  3. Thomas Dungate (Family ref 5 B i) left a 'Will' that was proved on 20th August 1686 (ref LEWES A37.P143). The link is to a transcript of the 'Will'. The 'Will' mentions his brother John; his brother John Jupp (presumably his brother in law, husband of sister Mary). He also mentions Ann Willard as a spinster living with him (maybe his wife) The will was witnessed by Henry Faulconer, Stephen Martin and Nathaniel Moore
  4. John Dungate (Family ref 5 B ii) left a 'Will' dated 18th June 1688 that was proved in 1705 (ref LEWES A46.P12). The 'Will' mentions his sister Mary Jupp, her children (John, Thomas, Mary, Ann) & brother in law John Jupp. Others Anne Willslet, Stephen Marten, Thomas Jupp; Overseer John Mills.


  1. Family Ref 3: Settlement (deed to lead the uses of a fine)  SRL/1/3/12  30 Jun 1628. These documents are held at East Sussex Record Office. Contents: John Awcock of Healesden near Norwich in Norfolk, gent, to John Wilson of Sheffield in Fletching, gent, and Richard Trendele of East Grinstead, yeoman, and Thomas Dungate and John Dungate of West Hoathly, tanners
    1 Premises as in SRL/1/3/10
    2 Willards Croft and five other closes called Willards Bridge (24a) in East Grinstead and a close called Birch Field (14a) with a barn in East Grinstead, occupied by RT, sold to him by JA 28 Jun 1628
    3 Two closes (16a) with two messuages called Willards or Willards Bridge in East Grinstead, occupied by RT, sold by JA to TD and JD, 28 Jun 1628
    W: John Watson, Walter Griffiths, Henry Faulconer, Anthony Sadler, Francis Pellatt
  2. Settlement (grant) on the marriage already celebrated between Nicholas Arnold and Agnes Godley  Add Mss 37,514  19 April 1634
    These documents are held at West Sussex Record Office. Archival history:  Formerly SAS C538
    Sister of (a), and marriage intended to be celebrated between John Dungate & Agnes Bassett, eldest dau. of Mary Bassett, widow, the other sister of (a), between
    (a) Walter Godley of West Hoathly, yeo. and
    (b) Nicholas Arnold of Worth, sawyer and John Dungate of West Hoathly, tanner
    Messuage called Parris at Turners Hill in Worth with all lands belonging (50a.) in Worth and West Hoathly
  3. In East Sussex Record Office there are charts showing the Pedigree of the Dungate family commencing with Richard Dungate of West Hoathly (Ref AMS6218/1) The provenance of this document is not stated but was derived from the 'Watt' family history who had descended from Henry Dungate. However it has been used to form the basis of the initial generation of Dungates. The 'Wills' mentioned in it and also mentioned above have not been seen and are thus unverified.
    1. John Dungate - Duckles (unverified- obtained from another family history site, but based on Archive item 3) The Will also refers to his son Stephen who paid his brother Edward £30 for wood!! and to Anne & george who received £40 each out of Duckyls

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