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Thomas Daniel (1760) & Mary Mills

General History

Thomas Daniel & Mary Mills were one of my 6th generation ancestors.

Key Dates:

Thomas Daniel was baptised on 9th March 1760 in Lingfield, Surrey. He was the son of Thomas Daniel & Mary. He married Mary Mills on 20th April 1788 in Horne, Surrey. He died on 20th January 1845 aged 87 years in Horne, Surrey (Gravestone inscription exists) and was buried on 26th January (shown as Daniels).

Mary Mills was baptised on 18th October 1767 in Horne, Surrey. She was the daughter of William Mills & Francis Martin. Mary died in July 1841 in Horne, Surrey (Gravestone inscription exists) and was buried there on 1st August 1841 ('aged 73'-shown as Daniels).

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Thomas & Mary had ten known children.

Sarah Edward Thomas Mary John Amelia Sarah Jesse Rachel Lucy
  1. Sarah Daniel was baptised on 1st February 1789 in Horne, Surrey. She married James Stripp. Details of James Stripp & Sarah Daniel are shown separately as they are direct ancestors.
  2. Edward Daniel was baptised on 13th June 1790 in Horne, Surrey. He married Elizabeth Leeson on 15th March 1822 in Horne, Surrey (shown as Daniels). Edward was buried on 14th January 1877 ('aged 88'-shown as Daniels) and Elizabeth was buried on 25th January 1880 ('aged 81'-shown as Daniels) both in Horne, Surrey. Edward & Elizabeth had nine known children.
    1. John Daniel (Daniels) was baptised on 20th April 1823 in Horne, Surrey. He married Diana Cooper in about May 1847 in Godstone RD, Surrey (shown as Daniels). John & Diana had five children (Hannah Lavinia (1851), Ellen (1853), Edward William (1856), Francis (1859) & Emily (1861)).
    2. Edward Daniel (Daniels) was baptised on 30th January 1825 in East Grinstead, Sussex. Edward died in about February 1908 in Godstone RD, Surrey (aged 82-shown as Daniels).
    3. Mary Anne Daniel was baptised on 7th October 1827 in East Grinstead, Sussex.
    4. William Daniel (Daniels) was baptised on 14th February 1830 in East Grinstead, Sussex. He married Sarah and they had seven children (Mary E, William H, Rebecca, Arthur S, Edith L, Amelia & Leonard).
    5. Francis Daniel (Daniels) was baptised on 25th March 1832 in Horne, Surrey
    6. Edmond George Daniel (Daniels) was baptised on 13th July 1834 in East Grinstead, Sussex. He married Jane Townsend in 1865 (shown as Daniels). Edmond died in about February 1917 ('aged 82' - shown as Daniels). Edmond & Jane had five children (Edward, Mary Jane, Louisa Maria, Arthur H & Francis Henry J).(source 9)
    7. Thomas Daniel (Daniels) was baptised on 29th January 1837 in East Grinstead, Sussex. Thomas probably died in about November 1913 in Godstone RD, Surrey (aged 76 -shown as Thomas J Daniels).
    8. Jesse Daniel (Daniels) was baptised on 2nd February 1840 in East Grinstead, Sussex.
    9. Frederick David Daniel (Daniels) was born in about May 1843 probably in East Grinstead, Sussex ( East Grinstead RD).
  3. Thomas Daniel was baptised on 15th July 1792 in East Grinstead, Sussex. He was probably buried on 13th July 1807 in Horne, Surrey (shown as Daniels).
  4. Mary Daniel was baptised on 18th May 1794 in Burstow, Surrey. She married Thomas Skinner on 12th October 1812 in Godstone, Surrey (shown as Daniels).
  5. John Daniel (Daniels) was born on 20th March and was baptised on 3rd April 1796 in Burstow, Surrey (but family shown as from Worth). He married Elizabeth Buckland on 19th June 1824 in Horne, Surrey-( John Daniels shown as from Godstone). Elizabeth was baptised 2nd January 1803 in Horne, Surrey, the daughter of James and Mary Buckland. John was buried on 18th December 1851 and Elizabeth was buried on 17th October 1847 both in Horne, Surrey (and both shown as Daniels). John & Elizabeth had eight known children, but maybe nine.
    1. Thomas Daniel (Daniels) was baptised on 5th February 1826 in Lingfield, Surrey.(shown as son of John & Elizabeth from Godstone). He married Ellen Kenward on 31st August 1850 in Lingfield, Surrey (shown as Daniels). Thomas died on 26th February 1899 in Godstone RD, Surrey (aged 73-shown as Daniels) and Ellen died in 1926 (aged 95- wife of Thomas ). There is a gravestone in Felbridge churchyard showing both Thomas & Ellen (see documents below). Thomas & Ellen had nine children (Josiah, John, Thomas, Rose, Fanny, Richard, Susan, Charlotte & Albert). (source 9). These included Richard Daniels (baptised 7th June 1863 in Horley and died in 1955) who married Caroline Pattenden and they had seven children (Lily, Frank, Annie, Alfred, Agnes, Albert & May). A photograph of Richard & family is shown under 'Personal History'.
    2. Amelia Daniel (Daniels) was baptised on 20thApril 1828 in Lingfield, Surrey.(shown as daughter of John & Elizabeth from Godstone). Amelia is the ancestor of John Howes:USA-see sources). She married Robert Kenward on 31st August 1850 in Lingfield, Surrey (shown as Daniels) and they had six children (William, John, Josiah, Thomas, Stephen & Mary Ann Elizabeth). (source 9)
      1. Mary Ann Elizabeth Kenward who was born 10th April 1861 in Burstow, Surrey. She married William Budgen on 25th October 1879 and had five children (Minnie, Ellen, Ann, William, Mabel)
        1. Minnie Budgen who was born on 28th December 1879 in Burstow, Surrey. She married Arthur Moses Sargent on 16th August 1906 and had three children (Iris, Wifred & Avis Frances).
          1. Avis Frances Sargent who was born on 18th September 1914 in Wandsworth. She married John Edward Howes on 28th January 1939 and they had three children (John Francis, Peter Davis & Christopher James).
            1. John Francis Howes who emigrated to the USA in 1967 and who has been the source of a lot of this material. John has extensive other information on his Daniel & other relatives. John Howes is one of my 5th generation Cousins - see source 9
    3. George Daniel (Daniels) was born on 19th June 1831 in Lingfield, Surrey (parish transcript show parents as George & Elizabeth, but assume error) and was buried on 22nd April 1832 in Horne, Surrey ('10 mnths' -shown as Daniels).
    4. Anne Daniel (Daniels) was baptised on 26th October 1834 in Horne, Surrey. She married John Watson in about November 1855 in Godstone RD, Surrey (shown as Ann Daniels) and they had eight children (Ernest A,William H, Hester E, Henry, Annie, Ellen, Alice & Louisa).(source 9)
    5. Amy Daniel was maybe possibly born in about 1835 (source Felbridge & District History Group, but not in parish register)
    6. Esther Daniel (Hester Daniels) was baptised on 1st January 1837 in Horne, Surrey.
    7. Mary Daniel (Daniels) was baptised on 20th January 1839 in Horne, Surrey.
    8. Elizabeth Daniel (Daniels) was baptised on 18th April 1841 in Horne, Surrey.
    9. Emily Jane Daniel (Daniels) was baptised on 9th December 1842 in Horne, Surrey. She married Edwin Bankes (Banks) in 1863 and they had four children (William, George, Henry & Edith Emily). She married secondly Jesse Howich and they had one child (Florence).
  6. Amelia Daniel was born on 18th April and was baptised on 29th April 1798 in Burstow, Surrey.
  7. Sarah Daniel (see child 1) was born on 2nd October and was baptised on 2nd November 1800 in Burstow, Surrey. (Mother shown as Mary Mills)
  8. Jesse Daniel was baptised on 11th September 1803 in Lingfield, Surrey. (shown as son of Thomas & Mary from Godstone). He married Martha Hoggett (Huggett) on 11th July 1847 in Godstone, Surrey (shown as Daniels) and had four children. He possibly married secondly Ellen and had one child. Jesse died in about February 1879 in Godstone RD, Surrey ('aged 76'- shown as Daniels).
    1. George Daniel (Daniels) was baptised on 1st July 1849 in Godstone, Surrey
    2. Alice Daniel (Daniels) was baptised on 1st January 1851 in Godstone, Surrey
    3. Thomas Daniel (Daniels) was born in about May 1855 in Godstone RD, Surrey.
    4. John Daniel (Daniells) was baptised on 13th April 1856 in Godstone, Surrey
    5. Obediah Daniel (Obed Daniels) was baptised on 8th January 1860 in Godstone, Surrey (son of Jesse & Ellen). He married Sarah Sophie Bryant in 1892.
  9. Rachel Daniel was baptised on 13th September 1807 in East Grinstead, Sussex. She married James Gibbs on 20th June 1830 in Horne, Surrey (shown as Daniels). Rachel died in 1883 and James died in 1866. Rachel & James had five known children.
    1. Robert Gibbs was born in about 1831.
    2. Mary Gibbs was baptised on 2nd June 1833 in Horne, Surrey.
    3. Maria Gibbs was baptised on 2nd April 1837 in Horne, Surrey. She married Thomas Humphrey in 1861 and they had two children (Mary Ann & Emma Maria).
    4. Amelia Gibbs was baptised on 13th October 1839 in Horne, Surrey, but died in 1840.
    5. James Gibbs was born in 1843.
  10. Lucy Daniel was baptised on 24th September 1809 in Horne, Surrey . She had six children before marrying Richard Bashford in about November 1847 in Godstone RD, Surrey (shown as Daniels) and then had a further two children. Lucy died in about November 1860 and Richard died in about February 1854 (both in Godstone RD, Surrey).
    1. Thomas Daniel (Daniels) was baptised on 20th June 1830 in Horne, Surrey and was buried there on 11th July (aged 3 weeks' -shown as Daniels).
    2. Samuel Daniel (Daniels) was baptised on 9th September 1832 in Horne, Surrey and was buried there on 17th March 1834 ('an infant' -shown as Daniels).
    3. Caroline Ann Daniels (Daniels) was baptised on 1st June 1834 in Horne, Surrey
    4. Margaret Daniels (Daniels) was baptised on 7th November 1841 in Horne, Surrey
    5. George Daniels (Daniels) was born in about February 1844 in Horne, Surrey
    6. Edwin Daniels (Daniels) was born in about November 1846 and was baptised on 21st March 1847 in Horne, Surrey
    7. Mary Bashford was baptised on 5th August 1849 in Horne, Surrey
    8. Amelia Bashford was born in about February 1852 probably in Horne, Surrey (Godstone RD). She married James William Gates in 1873 and they had seven children (William, George, Alfred, John, Sidney, Kate & Edward).(source 9)

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Thomas Daniel

Thomas and Mary were thought to live in the Frogit Heath (also known as Frogwood Heath) area of Horne, Surrey. (see Frogit Heath map) There are a number of interconnecting parishes at this location (Horne, Godstone, East Grinstead, Worth with Tandrige within a mile, Lingfield within two miles and Burstow within three miles). The family moved between the parishes but distances were small. In 1841 they were living with their son John in Frogit Heath.

John Daniel (as narated by John Howes)

John Daniel died on 18 Dec 1851 in Horne age 56. The cause of death was asthma and dropsy. Son Thomas witnessed the death certificate. He left a will that was proved on Jan 15 1852. He leaves the following Son Thomas:  20 Pounds, Amelia: 20 Pounds, 40 pounds to William Pilbeam the "natural child of my housekeeper, Phillis Pilbeam"   at age 21.We can conclude that this child was illegitimate and John was the father. It is possible that William took the name William Daniels. He also bequeaths to John Cooper of Godstone the sum of 40 Pounds. John Cooper is to collect all monies etc after John Daniel's death from the sale of all his farm stock goods and invest the monies to be used to support his youngerchildren - Ann, Esther, Mary, Elizabeth and Emily until they reach the age of 21. The monies to be divided equally.

Yew Tree Cottage (Extracts from “Clayton's Ancient Enclosure on Froggit Heath”

In 1841 Yew Tree Cottage, that is today known as Quest, was in the ownership of William Kenrick and the tenancy of John Daniels who also held land owned by Mary Stenning that centred on what is today known as Kingswood Farm to the northwest of Quest. In 1851 John Daniels, still working as a farmer, was still in the occupation of the property, although his wife Elizabeth had died in 1847.  Living in the property with John were seven of his children, two of which were married with their own families, including; Thomas working as a labourer, together with his wife Ellen née Kenward and their daughter Louise, and Amelia recorded as housekeeper, together with her husband Robert Kenward and their son William.  Also living in the household were William Leigh employed as a house servant and Edward Daniels (relationship not given but probably John’s nephew, son of his brother Edward) working as a labourer.  As a point of interest, the Kenward family lived to the west of East Park Lane, near the land that John Daniels was holding in 1841, and Ellen Daniels née Kenward and Robert Kenward were sister and brother.
The following table shows the apportionment held by John Daniels in the southwest corner of Frogit Heath in 1841.

Field no.





01. 03. 07



00. 02. 22


Cottage and Garden [original and current house]

00. 02. 04


Orchard and Meadow

00. 01. 05



00. 01. 14



01. 01. 00



02. 02. 13



07. 01. 23

In 1936, Quest, then under its name of Yew Tree Farm, was put up for auction as part of the break up and sale of the West Park estate.

Richard Daniels (details from Felbridge & District History Group)

The Daniels family lived at Welgars (or Worger’s) Cottage, West Park Road until 1936. One of the features of the property was the clipped topiary hedge at the front. Richard was born in 1863, son of Thomas and Ellen Daniels of Cherry Garden, Horne. Caroline was born in 1867, the daughter of Peter and Ellen Pattenden of Worth. This picture was taken in the back garden of Welgars (or Worger’s) Cottage and shows Richard and Caroline with their family, c 1910. Left to right: Annie, Frank, Richard, Albert, Lily, Alfred, Caroline, Agnes, centre front: May (who was born in 1900).  

Richard Daniels


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  1. There are a number of slight name variations in the parish records (Daniel, Daniels, Danel, Danels, Danell, Danells, Daniell, Danyell). Daniel tended to be used up to about 1800 and then Daniels became the standard.
  2. There are no parish records found for 'Daniel' in the parishes of Charlwood, Crowhurst, Horley, Limpsfield or Worth
  3. Confusion exists for why two children are named Sarah (child 1 & child 7). Child 7 has mother named as Mary Mills so maybe child 1 is of another family??).
  4. The age at death (87) and resultant calculated year of birth (1757) is slightly inconsistent with the actual date of birth (1760). However no other Thomas Daniels have been found so is very likely to be the correct person. (but still need to check Godstone, Oxted & Tandridge)
  5. 1841 Census
    1. 1841 Census Horne-Frogwood Heath - John Daniel 45, Elizabeth 40, Thomas 15, Amelia 13, Ann (shown as Amy) 6, Hester 4, Mary 2, Elizabeth 2 months. Lodger Thomas Daniel 80 and Mary Daniel 70.
    2. 1841 Census East Grinstead - Hedgecourt- Elizabeth 41, Mary 13, William 11, Francis 9, Edmund 6, Thomas 4, Jesse 1
    3. 1841 Census East Grinstead - Hedgecourt - Lucy 30, Caroline Ann 7
  6. 1851 Census -The Godstone registration district census 1851 CD
    1. sub district Horne- folio 16a: shows Edward Daniels age 61, Elizabeth age 51, Edmund age 14, Thomas age 12, Jessy age 10 and Frederick age 10
    2. sub district Godstone - folio 90a: shows Jesse Daniels (shown as Jefre) age 46, Martha (shown as Mather) age 35 and George age 1
    3. sub district Horne- folio 18a: shows James Gibbs age 52, Michael (should this be Rachael?) age 45, Robert age 19, Mary age 17, Maria age 14 and James age 8
    4. sub district Horne- folio 19a: shows Thomas Skinner age 63, Mary age 62 and Esther age 18.
    5. The Godstone registration district census 1851 shows for Horne - supplied by John Howes; John Daniel age 53, Edward age 26, Thomas age 25, Ellen (wife of Thomas) age 20, Louisa age 5 months, Ann age 16, Hester age 14, Mary age 12, Elizabeth age 10, Emily age 8
  7. 1861 Census
    1. Godstone shows John 56, Martha 40, David 13, George 11, Alice 9, Thomas 7, John 5, Obed 1 living at Godstone Village
    2. Horne shows Edward 70, Elizabeth 60, John 18 living at Hare lane and Thomas 18 living at Frogitts Heath road.
    3. Tandridge shows George 17, Frederick 17, Edwin 14 living at Hobbs Lane, Tandridge
  8. 1871 Census
    1. Horne shows Edward 82, Elizabeth 72, living at Horne Park
    2. Horne shows Edmund 32, Jane 25, Edward G 3 living at the Barracks
    3. Bletchingly shows Alfred 27, Emma 25, Albert H 4, Alfred T 1 living at Dormers
    4. Horley shows Thomas 45, Ellen 40, Josiah 20, John 18, Rose 11, Richard 7, Fanny 5, Susan 2 living at Little Lake + Agnes 14 living at Thorns Road
    5. Godstone shows Jesse 67, Martha 52 (from Sussex), David 23, Thomas 17, John 15, Obed 11 living at the Village
    6. Godstone shows Edward 45(from Sussex), Mary Ann 29(from Kent), Edward 8, William 6, Thomas 3, Marry Ann 2 mnths living at Euterdent
    7. Godstone shows John 48, Dinah 45, Ellen 18, Edward 15, Frank 12, John E W 0 (grandson) living at the Village
    8. Hartfield shows William 67 Lodger at Chuck Hatch
    9. Fletching shows George 26, Mary J 23, Louisa 5, William O 4, Mary J 2 living at the Village , Fletching
    10. Balcombe also has a family but from Wiltshire & Somerset so not relevant.
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  1. Thomas Daniels (family ref 5A) Gravestone


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