Peter Brown Family History

Edith Daniel (1694)

General History

Edith Daniel was one of my 8th generation ancestors.

Key Dates:

Edith Daniel was baptised on 25th March 1694 in Cowden, Kent. She was the daughter of Edward Daniel & Edith Cord. It is thought that Edith moved to Godstone after the birth of her son and married Robert Dayly of Godstone on 26th October 1724 as a "Fleet Prison Marriage".

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Edith was unmarried and had one child

  1. Thomas Daniel was baptised on 21st September 1722 in Cowden, Kent, ('natural son of Edith'). He married Mary. Details of Thomas Daniel & Mary are shown separately as they are direct ancestors.

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No information available

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  1. There are a number of slight name variations in the parish records (Daniel, Daniels, Danel, Danels, Danell, Danells, Daniell, Danyell). Daniel tended to be used up to about 1800 and then Daniels became the standard.
  2. There are no parish records found for 'Daniel' in the parishes of Charlwood, Crowhurst, Horley, Limpsfield or Worth
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1. Fleet Prison Marriage (provided by John Howes)- see also explanation of Fleet Prison Marriages


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  1. Surrey Parish Records (Horne, Lingfield, Godstone)
  2. Sussex Parish Records (East Grinstead, Framfield)
  3. Kent Parish Records (Cowden)
  4. Surrey Marriage Index CD
  5. Sussex Marriage Index CD
  6. Family  (Latter day Saints): For initial identification of details only