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Robert Colegate 1606

General History

Robert Colegate were not one of my direct ancestors but they are probably related to me as later generations of a direct ancestor.

Key Dates:

Robert Colegate was baptised on 31st August 1606 in Penshurst, Kent (son of Michael) (source 3).He was probably the son of Michael the son Matthew Colegate & Ursula Becher.

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Robert possibly had two children.

Robert Henry
  1. Robert Colegate (Colgate) was baptised on 17th October 1646 in Chailey, Sussex (son of Robert). He maybe possibly married Elizabeth Crouch on 23rd April 1667 in Lewes, Sussex. It is thought that Robert was a Goldsmith in Lewes and provided suriety to over fifteen marriages (up to 1699) including Henry Colegate in 1676 ((Henry Colgate 1608 family ref 2) & to John Coalgate in 1686 (Henry Colgate 1608 family ref 5) & to Henry Lintot of Twineham (relative of Jane who married Henry (see family ref 8 A i above) & to Edward Grove in 1679 (with William Brown of East Grinstead) - however there was another possible Robert - see Henry Colgate 1608 family ref 3). Robert left a 'Will' that was dated 12th August 1693 and he was buried on 8th April 1708 in Lewes (St Michael), Sussex. Elizabeth was mentioned in her husband's 'Will' of 1693 and she left a 'Will dated 5th May 1714. Elizabeth was probably buried on 27th December 1726 in Lewes (St Michael), Sussex . Robert & Elizabeth had eight children.
    1. Elizabeth Colegate was baptised on 15th June 1668 in Lewes (St Michael), Sussex. She was mentioned in her father's 'Will' of 1693 (as eldest daughter, Elizabeth Gyles). She married William Giles (Gyles) on 27th October 1691 in Westmeston, Sussex. Elizabeth & William had three children William Giles, Susanna Giles & John Giles who were mentioned in her mother's 'Will' of 1714 as her grandchildren.
    2. Ano Colegate was buried on 25th June 1670 in Lewes (St Michael), Sussex ('male child of Robert').
    3. Anne Colegate (Colgate) was born on 12th October and was baptised on 25th October 1671 in Lewes (St Michael), Sussex. She was mentioned in her father's 'Will' of 1693. Anne was possibly buried on 3rd January 1711 in Lewes (St Michael), Sussex.
    4. Robert Colegate (Colgatt) was baptised on 2nd April 1675 in Lewes (St Michael), Sussex (parents shown as Robert & Sewsan-error)
    5. Susanna Colegate (Sewsana Colgatt) was born on 5th May and was baptised on 12th June 1676 in Lewes (St Michael), Sussex. She was mentioned in her father's 'Will' of 1693 and in her mother's 'Will' of 1714. Susanna left a 'Will' proved in 1760 (shown as a spinster) and she was buried on 3rd October 1759 in Lewes (St Michael), Sussex.
    6. Samuel Colegate (Colgatt) was born on 30th October and was baptised on 30th November 1680 in Lewes (St Michael), Sussex. He was mentioned in his father's 'Will' of 1693 (as under 21) and in his mother's 'Will' of 1714. Samuel was possibly buried on 14th December 1730 in Lewes (St Michael), Sussex.
    7. Mary Colegate (Colgath) was baptised on 21st March 1683 in Lewes (St Michael), Sussex. She was mentioned in her father's 'Will' of 1693 (as under 21). She married John Holford on 8th September 1712 in Pyecombe, Sussex (license issued at Lewes on 2nd September). Mary & John had a child Mary Holford who was mentioned in her mother's 'Will' of 1714 as her granddaughter .
    8. John Colegate (Cowlgate) was baptised on 19th February 1688 in Lewes (St Michael), Sussex and he was buried there on 29th April 1689 ('son of Robert').
  2. Henry Colegate (Colgate) was baptised on 14th May 1648 in Chailey, Sussex (son of Robert).

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No information available

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  1. There are a number of name variations in the parish records (Colegate, Colgate, Coldgate, Coulgate, Colgat, Colgatt, Colegat, Colgatte, Coalegate, Coalgate, Cowlgate, Colgath, Couldgatt, Coulgatt, Colgutt).
  2. This Robert is assumed for children as family of Michael moved to Uckfield which is relatively close to Chailey - but see also Robert son of Richard son of Mark (Family ref 2 D below) and also see Robert son of Richard (Family Ref 3 E))
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  1. Robert Colegate (family ref 4 A) left a 'Will that was dated 12th August 1693 and was proved in 1708 (ref Lewes A47.P112). He was shown as a Goldsmith and mentions his wife Elizabeth ; his son Samuel (under 21); his daughters Elizabeth Gyles (eldest). Anne, Susanna, Mary (under 21).
  2. Elizabeth Colegate (family ref 4 A) left a 'Will dated 5th May 1714 and was proved in 1730 (ref Lewes A53.P93). Elizabethshown as a widow and she mentions her son Samuel; her daughter Susanna ; her grandchildren William Giles, Susanna Giles & John Giles; her granddaughter Mary Holford, daughter of John Holford.
  3. Susanna Colegate (family ref 4 A v) left a 'Will that was proved in 1760 (ref Lewes A60.P235).
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