Peter Brown Family History

John Colegate (1743) & Mary Roper

General History

John Colegate & Mary Roper were one of my 6th generation ancestors.

Key Dates:

John Colegate was baptised on 3rd April 1743 in Crowhurst, Surrey. He was the son of John Colegate & Mary Comber. He possibly married Mary Roper on 6th May 1767 in Westerham, Kent (shown as Coldgate). (Note- this may be incorrect and John possibly married firstly Sarah and secondly a Mary in c1770).

Mary Roper's birth details are not known

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John & Mary had seven children.

William John Sarah Elizabeth Mary Thomas Henry
  1. William Colegate was baptised on 18th October 1767 in Westerham, Kent (source is Family Search and is unconfirmed). He probably married Ann Greenville on 20th July 1794 in Westerham, Kent (shown as Coulgate). William & Anne had two children.
    1. Anne Colegate was baptised on 18th November 1798 in Westerham, Kent. She probably was living with her brother William in 1841 census.
    2. William Colegate was baptised on 14th April 1802 in Westerham, Kent. He probably married Elizabeth and had five children in Westerham, Kent (Mary Anne (1827), William Henry (1831), Jane Emma (1834), Charles Edward (1837) & Susannah (1840)).
  2. John Colegate was baptised on 26th November 1769 in Westerham, Kent (parents shown as John & Sarah, but presume error). He probably married Mary Thomas. Details of John Colegate & Mary Thomas are shown separately as they are direct ancestors.
  3. Sarah Colegate was baptised on 24th March 1771 in Westerham, Kent.
  4. Elizabeth Colegate was baptised on 21st March 1773 in Westerham, Kent. She had three children baseborn
    1. Jane Colegate was baptised on 9th December 1792 in Westerham, Kent ('natural daughter')
    2. George Colegate was baptised on 13th April 1794 in Westerham, Kent ('natural son')
    3. Anne Colegate was baptised on 17th February 1799 in Westerham, Kent ('natural daughter'- also shown as Anne Stenning-presumably father's name).
  5. Mary Colegate was baptised on 2nd March 1777 in Westerham, Kent.
  6. Thomas Colegate was baptised on 24th March 1780 in Westerham, Kent.
  7. Henry Colegate was baptised on 31st July 1785 in Westerham, Kent.

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No information available

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  1. There are a number of name variations in the parish records (Colegate, Colgate, Coldgate, Coulgate, Colgat, Colgatt, Colegat, Colgatte, Coalegate, Coalgate, Cowlgate, Colgath, Couldgatt, Coulgatt, Colgutt)
  2. Census:
    1. 1841 Census (see Family Ref 1B) shows Westerham - William 35, Elizabeth 40, William 10. Jane 7, Charles 4, Susanah 11mnths + Ann 40
    2. 1861 Census (see Family Ref 1B) shows Westerham - William 59, Elizabeth 63, William H 30, + Jane 27
    3. 1871 Census (see Family Ref 1B) shows Westerham - William 69, Susaannah 30
  3. For the period 1725 - 1751 (age at marriage of 16 to age 60 at birth of youngest child), there were two John Colegate's born in Crowhurst, Surrey, none were born in the adjacent parishes, none were born in the surrounding parishes, but five others were born in more distant parishes. It is probable that the identified John is the correct one.
    1. 03/04/1743 in Crowhurst, Surrey son of John & Mary (Mercy)
    2. 26/11/1738 in Crowhurst, Surrey son of John & Mary (Mercy) but was buried on 04/03/1739
    3. 27/11/1727 in Addington, Kent the son of Thomas & Ann
    4. 11/01/1738 in Uckfield, Sussex the son of Henry & Elizabeth
    5. 13/04/1746 in Seal, Kent the son of Robert
    6. 25/01/1751 in Ightham, Kent the son of John & Mary
    7. 08/10/1752 in Seal, Kent, son of John
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  1. Westerham Area Sessions 1750-1850. The following information was extracted from the North West Kent Family History Group Miscellaneous CD on Sevenoaks which includes details of Westerham Assizes from 1560-1850.
    1. Henry Colegate labourer of Edenbridge:
      1. 1821 (Quarter sessions): Stole a chair from Batts farm in Chidingstone
      2. 1846 (Quarter sessions): Felling timber in West Mailing
    2. William Colegate:
      1. 1839 (Quarter sessions): Attending non conformist services in Westerham
    3. Mr Colegate:
      1. 1845 (petty sessions): Surveyor- calculations critiscised
      2. 1847 (petty sessions): Attended court where several ratepayers of Brasted appealed.
Sources Returns to 'Top of Page'
  1. Peter Willard whose wife is a descendant of William Brown 1810 & Jane Colgate- peter.willard@btinternet.coms and has supplied some of the Kent genealogy information.
  2. Family Search-British Isles Vital Records Index CD
  3. Bessells Green -Baptist church records
  4. IGI (International Genealogical Index: Latter-day Saints) - batches of parish records: see Links-Research Web sites
  5. NWKFHS Sevenoaks CD (Miscellaneous MI's and Indexes)