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John Colegate (1683) & Mary Sellen

General History

John Colegate & Mary Sellen were one of my 8th generation ancestors.

Key Dates:

John Colegate was baptised on 14th October 1683 in East Grinstead, Sussex. He was the son of Henry Colegate & Frances Castledean. John was mentioned in his father's 'Will' of 1712. He possibly married Mary Sellen on 3rd June 1705 in Fletching, Sussex.

Mary Sellen birth details are not known. She was probably the daughter of John and Sarah Sellen (or Selling) (See archives)

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John & Mary had six children.

John Mary John Thomas Elizabeth John
  1. John Colegate (Colgate) was baptised on 6th April 1706 in Fletching, Sussex and he was buried there on 17th December 1706 (son of John & Mary Colgate)
  2. Mary Colegate (Colgate) was baptised on 14th July 1707 in Fletching, Sussex.
  3. John Colegate (Coldgate) was baptised on 13th November 1711 in East Grinstead, Sussex but presumed died prior to 1719.
  4. Thomas Colegate was baptised on 6th May 1713 in Crowhurst, Surrey.
  5. Elizabeth Colegate was baptised on 11th November 1716 in Crowhurst, Surrey.
  6. John Colegate was baptised on 28th April 1719 in Crowhurst, Surrey. He probably married Mary Comber. Details of John Colegate & Mary Comber are shown separately as they are direct ancestors.

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  1. There are a number of name variations in the parish records (Colegate, Colgate, Coldgate, Coulgate, Colgat, Colgatt, Colegat, Colgatte, Coalegate, Coalgate, Cowlgate, Colgath, Couldgatt, Coulgatt, Colgutt).
  2. For the period 1659 - 1689 (age at marriage of 16 to age 60 at birth of youngest child), there were no John Colegate's born in Fletching, Sussex, one was born in the adjacent parishes , two others were born in the surrounding parishes and two others were born in more distant parishes. It is probable that the identified John is the correct one.
    1. 14/10/1683 in East Grinstead, Sussex son of Henry & Frances
    2. 05/02/1675 in Rotherfield, Sussex son of Richard & Anne
    3. 07/12/1683 in Uckfield, Sussex son of Robert & Sarah but was buried on 20/11/1869
    4. 29/01/1684 in East Peckham, Kent son of Thomas & Jane
    5. 19/02/1688 in Lewes, Sussex son of Robert & Elizabeth but was buried on 29/04/1689
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  1. Copy admission (manor of Barkham)  AMS/2717  3 Mar 1724: These documents are held at East Sussex Record Office
    Mary Colgate, wife of John Colgate of East Grinstead
    Cottage called Stonebarn, and a piece of land 36ft from E to W near the churchyard in Fletching
    Recites that the premises were held by Sarah, wife of Thomas Edwards (daughter of John and Sarah Selling, deceased) who died in Jul 1717. MC is the sister of Sarah Edwards. Lord: Thomas Wilson, bt Steward: Anthony Trumble
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