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Joseph Bones (1774) & Deborah Watchus

General History

Joseph Bones & Deborah Watchus were one of my 6th generation ancestors.

Key Dates:

Joseph Bones was baptised on 20th December 1774 in Mayfield, Sussex. He was the son of John Bones & Sarah Muddle. He married Deborah Watchus on 26th July 1793 in Ticehurst, Sussex.

Deborah Watchus was baptised on 14th November 1773 in Ticehurst, Sussex. She was the daughter of William Watchus & Deborah Burgess.

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Joseph & Deborah had nine known children.

Deborah Jemina Sarah Thomas Hannah William Emma Harriet Philadelphia
  1. Deborah Bones was baptised on 28th September 1793 in Ticehurst, Sussex.
  2. Jemina Bones was baptised on 5th October 1796 in Ticehurst, Sussex.She was buried on 28th June 1815 in Ticehurst, Sussex ('aged 18').
  3. Sophia Bones was born on 27th September and was baptised on 28th October 1798 in Wadhurst, Sussex. She was buried on 20th June 1815 in Ticehurst, Sussex ('aged 16').
  4. Thomas Bones was born on 2nd January and was baptised on 9th February 1800 in Wadhurst, Sussex. He was buried on 7th May 1820 in Ticehurst, Sussex ('aged 20').
  5. Hannah Bones was born on 3rd December and was baptised on 15th December 1801 in Wadhurst, Sussex.
  6. William Bones was baptised on 26th December 1803 in Wadhurst, Sussex.
  7. Emma Bones was baptised on 22nd December 1805 in Wadhurst, Sussex.
  8. Harriet Bones was baptised on 5th July 1807 in Wadhurst, Sussex.
  9. Philadelphia Bones was baptised on 27th May 1810 in Wadhurst, Sussex. She married James Shirley. Details of James Shirley & Philadelphia Bones are shown separately as they are direct ancestors.

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Joseph Bones

Marriage notes show Joseph as a soldier in the Sussex Regiment in Groombridge.

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  1. Names for ancestors of Deborah Watchus shown as Warchus, Watchus, Warches , Wacchus and Watchous.
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