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George Blundell (c1660) & Mary Rogers

General History

George Blundell & Mary Rogers were one of my 9th generation ancestors.

Key Dates:

George Blundell's birth details are not known. George married Mary Rogers on 13th January 1686 in Lingfield, Surrey.

Mary Roger's birth details are not known.

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George & Mary had four known children plus others (see Concerns)

Mary Elizabeth Frances Sarah Judith
  1. Mary Blundell was baptised on 9th November 1687 in Horne, Surrey.
  2. Elizabeth Blundell was baptised on 30th January 1689 in Horne, Surrey.
  3. Frances Blundell was baptised on 21st January 1691 in Horne, Surrey.
  4. Sarah Blundell was baptised on 20th September 1693 in Horne, Surrey.
  5. Judith Blundell was possibly born about 1700 in Horne, Surrey. She married John Mills. Details of John Mills & Judith Blundell are shown separately as they are direct ancestors.

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No information available

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  1. The parentage & children is a bit of guesswork as there are no baptismal records in Horne for the period 1694-1711. In addition following this period there were a number of 'Adult Baptisms' implying that maybe baptisms did not take place in this period. In particular Ruth Blundell & Judith Mills were baptised on the same day as 'Adults'
  2. No baptismal record for Judith Blundell can be found. However a Judith Mills was baptised 'an Adult' on 21st April 1723 in Horne, Surrey and this may account for no baptismal record at birth. The marriage record shows both John Mills and Judith Blundell as living in Horne and George Blundell was the only Blundell family in Horne at that time that were producing children. The second male child of John & Judith was called George possibly after her father.
  3. There were in fact two George Blundell's living in Horne. The other George married Sarah Clements on 28/10/1673 in Bletchingly, and had six children (George, Elizabeth, Mary, Sarah, Ruth and John (baptised 2/1/1688 in Horne). (details confirmed by Will which was proved on 21/06/1710 + wife's Sarah's Will of 1722 + son John's Will of 1716).
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  1. 1682—John Holmes settled and made over to his only daughter and child now living, Elizabeth Blundell, wife of John Blundell, one house and land, tenement called Hutchings containing 40 acres. (John Blundell is the son of widow Joane Blundell) land now in possession of John Holmes and William Shove. Also 20 acres of land known as Streeters in Burstow in occupation of Joan Blundell. This bordered on land called Burstow Park on the North, and on land of Nicholas Blundell on the East and the land of John Pollard on the South. ( notes extracted from the Blundell Papers, Surrey Record Office, Acc 1521 by Jean Shelley) - see Perry Streeter documents
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