Peter Brown Family History

Thomas Bland (1651) & Alicia Atkinson

General History

Thomas Bland & Alicia Atkinson were one of my 9th generation ancestors.

Key Dates:

Thomas Bland was probably baptised on 9th March 1651 in Easingwold, Yorkshire. He was the son of Robert Bland & Alice Boy. He married Alicia Atkinson on 30th January 1677 in Easingwold, Yorkshire. Thomas was buried on 15th August 1732 in Easingwold, Yorkshire

Alicia Atkinson birth details are unknown. She was buried on 2nd February 1725 in Easingwold, Yorkshire.

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Thomas & Alicia had four children.

Hannah William Thomas Francis
  1. Hannah Bland was baptised on 30th December 1677 in Easingwold, Yorkshire.
  2. William Bland was baptised on 16th February 1679 in Easingwold, Yorkshire.
  3. Thomas Bland was buried on 7th December 1680 in Easingwold, Yorkshire.
  4. Francis Bland was baptised on 20th March 1681 in Easingwold, Yorkshire. He married Ann. Details of Francis Bland & Ann are shown separately as they are direct ancestors.

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  1. Ancestry Yorkshire Parish Records CD (North Riding & West Riding)