Peter Brown Family History

Robert Bland (1608) & Alice Boy

General History

Robert Bland & Alice Boy were one of my 10th generation ancestors.

Key Dates:

Robert Bland was probably baptised on 30th November 1608 in Easingwold, Yorkshire. He was the possibly the son of William Bland and had a brother Richard baptised on 25th March 1614- there were probably other children. He married Alice Boy on 26th May 1646 in Easingwold, Yorkshire. Robert was buried on 15th January 1653 .

Alice Boy birth details are unknown.

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Robert & Alice had four children.

William Mary Thomas Robert
  1. William Bland was baptised on 15th April 1648 in Easingwold, Yorkshire
  2. Mary Bland was baptised on 27th April 1649 in Easingwold, Yorkshire
  3. Thomas Bland was baptised on 9th March 1651 in Easingwold, Yorkshire. He married Alicia Atkinson. Details of Thomas Bland & Alicia Atkinson are shown separately as they are direct ancestors
  4. Robert Bland was baptised on 6th February 1653 in Easingwold, Yorkshire (after his father had died ' Robert son of Robert deceased')

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  1. There were no other Roberts found in this period. However a William Bland was born to a Robert Bland on 12th February 1604. That Robert died in 26/06/1637, & his wife Elizabeth was buried 8/04/1621. No other children have been found, but obviously one could have been a Robert.
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  1. Ancestry Yorkshire Parish Records CD (North Riding & West Riding)