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Francis Bland (1681) & Ann Squire

General History

Francis Bland & Anne Squire were one of my 8th generation ancestors.

Key Dates:

Francis Bland was probably baptised on 20th March 1681 in Easingwold, Yorkshire. He was the son of Thomas Bland & Alicia Atkinson. He married Anne Squire on 16th November 1725 in Easingwold, Yorkshire. (source is "York Marriage Bonds and Allegations Index  1613-1839"-British Origins: Francis was shown as age 31 of Easingwold and Anne age 19 of Easingwold). Francis was buried on 3rd August 1757 in Easingwold, Yorkshire ('Cordwainer').

Anne Squire was probably born in about 1706 in Easingwold, Yorkshire. Anne was buried on 14th April 1735 in Easingwold, Yorkshire ('wife of Francis').

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Francis & Anne had three children.

Jane John Ann
  1. Jane Bland was baptised on 15th November 1726 in Easingwold, Yorkshire
  2. John Bland was baptised on 25th November 1729 in Easingwold, Yorkshire. He married Mary Hawkswell. Details of John Bland & Mary Hawkswell are shown separately as they are direct ancestors.
  3. Anne Bland was baptised on 20th November 1733 in Easingwold, Yorkshire.


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Francis was a Cordwainer by occupation.A cordwainer is a person who makes boots and shoes, but only works with original leather and does not repair shoes (like a cobbler).

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  1. This is the only Francis found pre 1700
  2. There was a Francis who was buried 28/03/1715. The only other Francis found was one in Whitby- Francis son of Thomas bap 31/03/1656
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