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An additional source of information for all events for this Family Group Name are provided in Parish Name order.
Entries are in date order within event type within Parish. Information from the parish registers for the periods about 1550-1839 , and also from other sources, have been collected. Event- Birth is usually Baptism and Event- Death is usually burial.

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Location Event Event Date



Father or
Spouse f.n.

Mother or
Spouse s.n.

Abinger, Sy Marriage 03/05/1573 Tidey Richard Joan Lypscombe Tydie Miy TyJ1490
Abinger, Sy Marriage 14/08/1581 Tidey Thomas Margaret Lee Tydie Miy TyJ1490
Abinger, Sy Marriage 06/09/1627 Tidey Robert Elizabeth Chennell Tydie Miy
Abinger, Sy Marriage 04/10/1641 Tidey John Elizabeth Mower Tydie Miy
Ardingly, Sx Marriage 25/04/1674 Tidey John Elizabeth Tulley Tydie, John of Rusper, Eizabeth of Ardingly Llic,Mix TyG1559
Ardingly, Sx Marriage 29/04/1674 Tidey John Elizabeth Tulley John Tyddie of Rusper, Eizabeth Tullee of Ardingly, Records shown in Ardingly PRT that marriage took place at Wiversfield P TyG1559
Balcombe, Sx Marriage 20/05/1686 Tidey Sarah Richard Gillam Mix
Bletchingly, Sy Marriage 01/05/1780 Tidey John Jane Smith IGI
Bolney, Sx Marriage 20/01/1709 Tidey Henry Sarah Woolgar Tydy, Henry of Slaugham Clic,Mix
Bolney, Sx Marriage 31/01/1709 Tidey Henry Sarah Woolgar Tydy, both of Slaugham P,Mix
Charlwood, Sy Marriage 19/11/1770 Tidey William Mary Bishop Mary from Charlwood p,Miy
Compton, Sy Marriage 12/07/1645 Tidey Anthony Mary March Tidy Miy
Cowden, Knt Marriage 18/10/1767 Tidey George Anne Ware George Tidy of Withyham p
Cowfold, Sx Marriage 24/06/1669 Tidey Henry Joan Cunter Henry of Rudgewick Mix
Crowhurst, Sy Marriage 02/11/1746 Tidey Mary William Bowrer IGI says Bowser-error P,Miy
Crowhurst, Sy Marriage 11/11/1747 Tidey Henry Sarah Martin Sarah from Tandridge P,Miy TyH1720
Crowhurst, Sy Marriage 12/10/1778 Tidey William Mary Feldwick shown as Tyde Miy TyW1755
Crowhurst, Sy Marriage 02/08/1779 Tidey Thomas Susanna Howard  Tidy, Thomas from Hever, Kent. Recheck. IGI says 22/8 P,Miy
Croydon, Sy Marriage 05/11/1820 Tidey Mary Edward Caufield p,Miy
Croydon, Sy Marriage 22/03/1824 Tidey Mary William Winter shown as Tiday p,Miy
Cuckfield, Sx Marriage 09/10/1666 Tidey George Eleanor Burt Tydy Mix TyG1559
East Clandon, Sy Marriage 29/08/1599 Tidey William Agnes Constable Anne from Abinger Miy
Edenbridge, Knt Marriage 09/01/1793 Tidey William Sarah Summers shown as Tidy hs
Godalming, Sy Marriage 25/09/1603 Tidey John Mary Hart Tydy Miy
Godalming, Sy Marriage 19/09/1614 Tidey Anthony Alice Baldinge Tydee Miy
Godstone, Sy Marriage 29/04/1798 Tidey Thomas Abitha Roffey IGI
Godstone, Sy Marriage 28/07/1806 Tidey William Anne Jackson IGI
Guildford,Sy (Nic) Marriage x/1/1598 Tidey Henry Alice La….. Tyder Miy
Guildford,Sy-Mary Marriage 24/03/1623 Tidey Henry Anne Douse Tydy, both from Wotton Miy
Guildford,Sy-Mary Marriage 25/02/1638 Tidey Thomas Joan Chittie Tydie Miy
Hever, Knt Marriage x/07/1779 Tidey Thomas Susannah Haward Tidy, Banns july & Aug, Susannah of Crowhurst hs-LC
Hever, Knt Marriage 12/10/1780 Tidey George Mary Sales Tidy, George a widower hs-LC
Hever, Knt Marriage x/11/1792 Tidey William Sarah Summers Tidy, Banns Nov & Dec, William of Edenbridge hs-LC
Hever, Knt Marriage 15/01/1799 Tidey Mercy Benjamin Baker Mercy a widow hs-LC
Horley, Sy Marriage 25/01/1763 Tidey Amy William Steer IGI
Horley, Sy Marriage 13/04/1773 Tidey Hannah William Woodman IGI
Horley, Sy Marriage 13/11/1786 Tidey Lucy James Warren IGI
Horsham, Sx Marriage 21/08/1575 Tidey Joan Edward Doomsday Tydie, Joane P,Mix
Horsham, Sx Marriage 01/12/1588 Tidey Anne William Axtell Tydie P,Mix
Horsham, Sx Marriage 21/12/1606 Tidey Henry Agnes Puttocke Tide, Henry of Ockley P,Mix TyJ1490
Horsham, Sx Marriage 05/05/1628 Tidey Henry Joan Booker Tyde P,Mix TyJ1490
Horsham, Sx Marriage 12/12/1664 Tidey Mary Henry Lintott Tyde Mix
Horsham, Sx Marriage 27/05/1690 Tidey John Elizabeth Palmer Tidy Mix
Horsham, Sx Marriage 29/04/1706 Tidey Angel George Lutman Tidy Mix
Horsham, Sx Marriage 27/10/1733 Tidey Richard Leah Lintott Tiday Mix
Hurstpierpoint,Sx Marriage 08/11/1687 Tidey John Elizabeth Marchant Tydey Mix
Hurstpierpoint,Sx Marriage 18/07/1708 Tidey John Sarah Taylor John of Ifield Llic,Mix
Hurstpierpoint,Sx Marriage 18/07/1708 Tidey John Sarah Taylor Tidy Mix
Ifield, Sx Marriage 02/05/1600 Tidey Mary John Tyler Tydee Mix
Ifield, Sx Marriage 13/07/1694 Tidey Elizabeth Thomas Geale Elizabeth a widow of Crawley Llic,Mix
Ifield, Sx Marriage 28/07/1694 Tidey Elizabeth Thomas Geal Tydee Mix
Ifield, Sx Marriage 07/06/1745 Tidey Anne Joseph Brown Tidy, Ann P,Mix BrJ1656
Ifield, Sx Marriage 07/07/1745 Tidey Anne Joseph Browne Tidy Mix
Limpsfield, Sy Marriage 16/08/1774 Tidey Sarah Peter Martin Tydie IGI
Limpsfield, Sy Marriage 26/10/1782 Tidey Anne James Cobbett IGI
Limpsfield, Sy Marriage 06/10/1800 Tidey William Elizabeth Simmons Widower, Symons p,Miy TyW1755
Limpsfield, Sy Marriage 16/10/1821 Tidey Anne Thomas Burley IGI
Limpsfield, Sy Marriage 20/09/1823 Tidey Henry Elizabeth Chapman Tiday IGI
Lindfield, Sx Marriage 02/10/1666 Tidey Thomas Jane Fayerhall Tidy Mix
Lingfield, Sy Marriage 19/06/1804 Tidey Mary William Brown P,Miy BrW1784
Newdigate, Sy Marriage 18/11/1663 Tidey John Elizabeth Browne Tydie Biy
Newdigate, Sy Marriage 28/10/1664 Tidey William Ellen Butcher Tydie Biy
Nutfield, Sy Marriage 18/05/1762 Tidey Richard Henrietta Elliot Richard Tidy of St. Mary Cray, co. Kent, abode1 month, cordwainer, widower, 35, and Henrietta Elliot of Nutfield,abode 2 years, spinster, 27 ; at Nutfield. SyLic
Nutfield, Sy Marriage 16/05/1762 Tidey Richard Henrietta Elliot IGI
Nutfield, Sy Marriage 16/05/1796 Tidey Thomas Anne Shove IGI
Nutfield, Sy Marriage 31/12/1799 Tidey Thomas Sarah Leachford IGI
Nutfield, Sy Marriage 14/06/1807 Tidey Richard Sophia Durrant Sophia Elizabeth IGI
Nutfield, Sy Marriage 19/05/1810 Tidey Sarah Thomas Shurlock IGI
Ockley, Sy Marriage 18/04/1543 Tidey Henry Agnes Kempe Tydie Miy TyJ1490
Ockley, Sy Marriage 13/11/1552 Tidey John Gillian Kempe Tydie Miy TyJ1490
Ockley, Sy Marriage 24/06/1586 Tidey George Margaret Evershed Tydie Miy TyG1559
Ockley, Sy Marriage 03/10/1591 Tidey William Elizabeth Stone Tydie Miy
Ockley, Sy Marriage 15/01/1626 Tidey Henry Elizabeth Nye Tydie Miy
Ockley, Sy Marriage 18/06/1660 Tidey Thomas Jane Longhurst Tydie Biy
Oxted, Sy Marriage 03/01/1743 Tidey William Elizabeth Fuller shown as Tydey Miy,IGI
Oxted, Sy Marriage 17/06/1745 Tidey Sarah George White Tydee IGI
Oxted, Sy Marriage 07/10/1776 Tidey Ralph Sarah Saxby shown as Sally Saxby and Ralph Tydee Miy,IGI TyE1650
Oxted, Sy Marriage 28/04/1783 Tidey Daniel Rose Weller Miy,IGI TyD1655
Oxted, Sy Marriage 02/11/1789 Tidey John Elizabeth Pope Shown as Tidy P,Miy TyH1720
Rudgwick, Sx Marriage 27/01/1544 Tidey Thomas Anne Puttocke Tyde, or Pullocke, dau of John, Mix says 27/2 P,Mix TyJ1490
Rudgwick, Sx Marriage 24/09/1554 Tidey Henry Alice Mose Tyde P,Mix TyJ1490
Rudgwick, Sx Marriage 10/10/1557 Tidey Richard Joan Unffra Tyde P,Mix TyJ1490
Rudgwick, Sx Marriage 10/01/1576 Tidey Anne Richard Thornden Tyde, Mix Thorden, IGI 1575, Mix says 7/1 P,Mix
Rudgwick, Sx Marriage 20/11/1580 Tidey Joan Charles Chadsye Tyde P,Mix
Rudgwick, Sx Marriage 12/11/1581 Tidey Margaret John Swann Tydye, Mix says 7/10 P,Mix
Rudgwick, Sx Marriage 17/06/1582 Tidey Dorothy Robert Cheine Tydye, IGI Cheyne P,Mix
Rudgwick, Sx Marriage 19/12/1603 Tidey Eleanor Edward Pheharrye Tidye P,Mix
Rudgwick, Sx Marriage 16/05/1682 Tidey Henry Elizabeth Hoard Tydie, Henry of Wotton, Sy P,Mix
Rudgwick, Sx Marriage 17/09/1682 Tidey William Mary Street Tydie P,Mix
Rudgwick, Sx Marriage 18/12/1684 Tidey Daniel Katherine Lanaway Tydie P,Mix TyD1655
Rudgwick, Sx Marriage 14/04/1691 Tidey Thomas Anne Allen Tydie, Thomas of Wotton, Sy & Anne of Ewhurst P,Mix
Rudgwick, Sx Marriage 18/05/1691 Tidey Henry Elizabeth Lewer Tydy P,Mix
Rudgwick, Sx Marriage 07/10/1722 Tidey Joan Thomas Edwards Tidy, Jon, Joan of Cranleigh, Sy P,IGI
Rudgwick, Sx Marriage 21/12/1729 Tidey William Anne Randall Tidy, William of Ewhurst, Sy P,IGI
Rusper, Sx Marriage 05/07/1579 Tidey John Joan Collin Tydy Mix,IGI TyJ1490
Rusper, Sx Marriage 07/12/1590 Tidey Agnes Robert Ware Tydy Mix,IGI
Rusper, Sx Marriage 20/06/1599 Tidey Joan Samuel Greinfeild Tydy Mix,IGI
Rusper, Sx Marriage 26/04/1621 Tidey George Mary Tiler Tydy Mix,IGI TyG1559
Rusper, Sx Marriage 03/06/1629 Tidey Agnes John Stone Tidye Mix TyG1559
Rusper, Sx Marriage 22/10/1644 Tidey Mary Thomas Britt Tidie Mix,IGI
Rusper, Sx Marriage 08/09/1668 Tidey William Elizabeth Fairehall Tidye Mix,IGI
Rusper, Sx Marriage 22/04/1763 Tidey Faulkner Sarah Dale IGI
Rusper, Sx Marriage 06/04/1766 Tidey John Sarah Carter IGI
Shere, Sy Marriage 06/05/1582 Tidey Ralph Amy Fraunce Tydie Miy
Slaugham, Sx Marriage 22/09/1705 Tidey William Mary Spurlong William of Ifield, Mary of Slaugham Clic,Mix
Slaugham, Sx Marriage 10/09/1723 Tidey Mary William Peters IGI
Slaugham, Sx Marriage 13/06/1728 Tidey Thomas Elizabeth Alcock IGI
Slaugham, Sx Marriage 15/06/1737 Tidey William Mary Easson IGI
Slaugham, Sx Marriage 16/02/1739 Tidey John Elizabeth Jorden IGI
Southwark, Ldn Marriage 19/09/1621 Tidey Thomas Joan Eedy Biy
Southwark, Ldn Marriage 15/11/1651 Tidey Thomas Mary Templan Tidy, Thomas bach of Slaugham, Mary of Horsley,Sy Mix
Southwark, Ldn Marriage 15/11/1651 Tidey Thomas Mary Templan Thomas of Slaugham, Mary of Horsley Biy
Titsey, Sy Marriage 11/08/1630 Tidey Jane Edward Ownsted Tydy IGI
Wadhurst, Sx Marriage 05/12/1672 Tidey Edward Elizabeth Merchant Tidie Mix
Warnham, Sx Marriage 15/07/1588 Tidey Eleanor Thomas Charman Tydye Mix
Warnham, Sx Marriage 05/10/1592 Tidey Steven Joan Hardynge Tydye, Stephen Mix TyJ1490
Warnham, Sx Marriage 17/11/1623 Tidey Anne Richard Jupp Mix
Warnham, Sx Marriage 28/09/1653 Tidey Mary Richard Benet Tidie Mix
Warnham, Sx Marriage 01/08/1695 Tidey David Jane Allen Mix
West Hoathly,Sx Marriage 14/11/1624 Tidey Thomas Eleanor Parker Tidee P,Mix TyJ1490
West Hoathly,Sx Marriage 30/09/1688 Tidey George Mary Baldings P,Mix TyH1602
Withyham Marriage 23/10/1713 Tidey William Anne Evins Tydy, William of Worth Mix
Worth, Sx Marriage 16/05/1703 Tidey Thomas Elizabeth Bubrick Tydye P,Mix
Worth, Sx Marriage 21/08/1764 Tidey William Sarah Chandler P,Mix
Worth, Sx Marriage 05/10/1775 Tidey William Amy Stedman William was widower P,Mix
Wotton, Sy Marriage 22/10/1621 Tidey Thomas Jane Holland Tydie Miy
Wotton, Sy Marriage 12/10/1669 Tidey Daniel Elizabeth Fuller Tidy Miy
Horsham, Sx Other 14/01/1559 Tidey Joan Tydye, Wife of Richard, Godmother P TyJ1490
Horsham, Sx Other 01/04/1563 Tidey John Tydye,Godfather, of Warneham P TyJ1490

Key for Source: P - Parish Register Transcripts; 'p' -PRT, but needs recheck; SxF -Sussex Family History Group; SxG -Sussex Genealogies; We -The Weald Sx Record Society; Ri -Vital record index; Wills -from a 'Will'; C/xx - Census for year; Mix -Sussex Marriage Index CD; Miy -Surrey Marriage Index CD; Biy -Surrey burial index CD; An- Ancestry Yorkshire Cd's ; Llic - Lewes Licence Register; Cert -Oficial Certificates; Bmd -Births Index (1837+); IGI -International Genealogical Index; Ed-cd -NWKFHS Edenbridge CD; hs-X -named history source; hs -Other History source; fs- Family Search;