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An additional source of information for all events for this Family Group Name are provided in Parish Name order.
Entries are in date order within event type within Parish. Information from the parish registers for the periods about 1550-1839 , and also from other sources, have been collected. Event- Birth is usually Baptism and Event- Death is usually burial.

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Location Event Event Date



Father or
Spouse f.n.

Mother or
Spouse s.n.

Australia Marriage 29/01/1863 Stripp Amelia James Kerr James Gardiner Kerr hs-RW StI1800
Blindley Heath,Sy Marriage 10/11/1849 Stripp Sophia James Shirley cert,Bmd ShJ1828
Blindley Heath,Sy Marriage 04/09/1855 Stripp William Mary Shirley Strip cert,Bmd StJ1784
Blindley Heath,Sy Marriage 17/10/1860 Stripp Lucy Amos Shirley hs-RW,Bmd ShA1835
Burstow, Sy Marriage 17/10/1764 Stripp Elizabeth William Holman shown as Streap P,Miy StW1710
Burstow, Sy Marriage 15/10/1770 Stripp William Eleanor Harris shown as Streep P,Miy StW1739
Burstow, Sy Marriage 15/05/1841 Stripp William Jane  Carey Strip hs-B,hs-RW StW1739
Burstow, Sy Marriage 19/04/1879 Stripp Richard Eliza Humphrey hs-FG StT1792
Camberwell, Sy Marriage y/02/1869 Stripp William Charlotte Biddle Charlotte Louisa Bmd StJ1784
Crawley Down,Sx Marriage 02/10/1881 Stripp Ellen Charles Gibbs Ellen Dora Stripp P,hs-RW StJ1784
Crowhurst, Sy Marriage 18/07/1801 Stripp Hannah Isaac Teers Strip, Isaac from Pulborough Miy
Crowhurst, Sy Marriage 16/03/1803 Stripp Hannah John Harding Strip Miy StW1739
Croydon RD, Sy Marriage y/11/1886 Stripp Edward Ellen White Bmd StJ1784
Cuckfield RD, Sx Marriage y/05/1845 Stripp Edward Amelia Constable Strip Bmd StJ1784
Dartford, Knt Marriage 13/12/1869 Stripp Hannah Augustus  Sabine Bmd StJ1784
East Grinst. RD Marriage y/05/1851 Stripp Amelia Bmd
East Grinst. RD Marriage y/05/1854 Stripp Caroline Bmd StJ1799
East Grinst. RD Marriage y/05/1855 Stripp Susanna Susannah Bmd
East Grinst. RD Marriage y/11/1856 Stripp Eliza Edmund Cole Bmd StI1800
East Grinst. RD Marriage y/11/1858 Stripp Sophia Bmd
East Grinst. RD Marriage y/08/1859 Stripp Felix Bmd StF1780
East Grinst. RD Marriage y/08/1859 Stripp Mary Anne Mary Ann Bmd
East Grinst. RD Marriage y/02/1867 Stripp Aspacio Fanny Bashford Bmd StF1780
East Grinstead Marriage 30/09/1610 Stripp Joan Nicolas Tooth Treape, Joane P
East Grinstead Marriage 30/07/1765 Stripp William Mary Pentecost Stripe IGI
East Grinstead Marriage 23/09/1799 Stripp Anne John Wickham Strype, Ann IGI
Epsom RD, Sy Marriage y/11/1885 Stripp Thomas Sarah Buckfield Strip Bmd StJ1784
Godstone RD, Sy Marriage y/02/1840 Stripp Mary Bmd
Godstone RD, Sy Marriage y/11/1841 Stripp Sarah William Holmes Strip Bmd StJ1784
Godstone RD, Sy Marriage y/05/1846 Stripp Maria Bmd
Godstone RD, Sy Marriage y/11/1847 Stripp Lucy John Wood Strip Bmd StJ1784
Godstone RD, Sy Marriage y/11/1848 Stripp Richard Mary Carey Strip Bmd StW1739
Godstone RD, Sy Marriage y/08/1849 Stripp Harriet Bmd
Godstone RD, Sy Marriage y/11/1853 Stripp James Sarah Cliffe Bmd StJ1799
Godstone RD, Sy Marriage y/11/1860 Stripp Lucy Bmd
Godstone RD, Sy Marriage y/11/1864 Stripp William Eliza Peters Bmd StW1797
Godstone RD, Sy Marriage y/05/1868 Stripp John Bmd
Godstone RD, Sy Marriage y/05/1871 Stripp Theron Annie Stone Bmd StF1780
Godstone RD, Sy Marriage y/11/1880 Stripp Sarah James Terry Bmd StJ1784
Godstone, Sy Marriage 11/10/1792 Stripp Mary Robert Lock Strip, Robert from Lingfield Miy,IGI StW1710
Godstone, Sy Marriage 13/06/1796 Stripp Richard Mary Potter Strip Miy,IGI StW1710
Godstone, Sy Marriage 04/10/1808 Stripp Richard Sarah Sergeant Strip, shown as Sargent Miy,IGI StW1739
Godstone, Sy Marriage 07/04/1809 Stripp Francis Sarah Payne Strip, (or Rayne) Miy,IGI StF1780
Godstone, Sy Marriage 09/07/1811 Stripp Elizabeth Stephen Simmons shown as Strep Miy,IGI
Godstone, Sy Marriage 07/05/1821 Stripp William Mary Payne shown as Streape,  Miy says 1/1821-error P,Miy StW1797
Godstone, Sy Marriage 20/08/1826 Stripp Elizabeth Richard Bradford Strip, bands also in Tandridge, IGI says 10/9 Miy,IGI StW1739
Godstone, Sy Marriage y/11/1844 Stripp James Mary Ann Mitchell Strip Bmd StJ1784
Godstone, Sy Marriage 28/06/1855 Stripp Louisa Charles Quickenden IGI,Bmd StI1800
Godstone, Sy Marriage 19/08/1863 Stripp Samuel Julia Budgen Strip IGI,Bmd StJ1784
Godstone, Sy Marriage 01/06/1878 Stripp William Elizabeth Sherlock hs-RW,Bmd StJ1784
Hartfield, Sx Marriage 15/10/1671 Stripp William Anne Wicking Treap, Ann of Cowden Mix
Horne, Sy Marriage 05/03/1739 Stripp William Elizabeth Underhill Streape Miy,Ri StW1710
Horne, Sy Marriage 09/04/1765 Stripp William Anne Francis shown as Streap Miy,Ri StW1739
Horne, Sy Marriage 24/10/1768 Stripp John Elizabeth Chantler shown as Streap/Strep(B)-John of Godstone Miy,Ri StW1710
Horne, Sy Marriage 12/10/1795 Stripp Elizabeth Richard Titchener Strip Miy,Ri
Horne, Sy Marriage 18/10/1797 Stripp William Mary Ashdowne Streape, Ashdown Miy,Ri StW1710
Horne, Sy Marriage 07/02/1809 Stripp James Sarah Daniel Streape Miy,Ri StJ1784
Horne, Sy Marriage 07/05/1833 Stripp Mary Anne Thomas  Sergeant Miy,Ri StW1739
Horne, Sy Marriage 10/09/1836 Stripp Thomas Mary Ann Leadbetter Strip Miy,Ri StJ1784
Horne, Sy Marriage 19/11/1836 Stripp Anne William Skinner Ann Miy,Ri StW1739
Horsmonden,Knt Marriage 16/11/1822 Stripp Thomas Emily Bones Bone hs-CE StT1792
Horsted Keynes Marriage 03/11/1821 Stripp John Anne Wheeler Strip, records say both from Horsted Keynes P,Mix StJ1799
Kingston RD, Sy Marriage y/02/1885 Stripp George Emily Sackley George Edward Bmd StJ1784
Lingfield, Sy Marriage 28/07/1627 Stripp William Joan Bryan Treape Miy StW1600
Lingfield, Sy Marriage 14/09/1637 Stripp Margaret Thomas Jeffery Treape Miy
Lingfield, Sy Marriage 02/06/1664 Stripp Mary John Sherge Treape Miy
Lingfield, Sy Marriage 25/03/1799 Stripp Richard Mary Skinner shown as Stripe Miy StW1710
Lingfield, Sy Marriage 18/04/1799 Stripp John Elizabeth Pelling shown as Stripe Miy StW1710
Lingfield, Sy Marriage 13/02/1821 Stripp Hannah John Flint Strip, John from Charlwood Miy
Lingfield, Sy Marriage 06/05/1826 Stripp Isaac Jane Maria Mitchell Strip Miy StI1800
Lingfield, Sy Marriage 19/11/1835 Stripp Ellen Edward Gibbs Strip Miy StJ1784
Lingfield, Sy Marriage 14/10/1846 Stripp Richard Elizabeth Barnard BMD date is 11/1846 in EG hs-FG,Bmd StT1792
Lingfield, Sy Marriage 05/10/1878 Stripp Rhoda James Atfield James son of Shadrach Atfield, West Claydon hs,Bmd StI1800
Lingfield, Sy Marriage 28/02/1880 Stripp Fanny Arthur Barnard son of James & Charlotte hs,Bmd StI1800
Newington, Ldn Marriage 07/04/1833 Stripp Mary James Mansfield Strip hs-RW StJ1784
Reigate RD, Sy Marriage y/05/1840 Stripp George Eleanor  Leigh Bmd StF1780
Reigate RD, Sy Marriage y/11/1850 Stripp Harriet Strip Bmd
Reigate RD, Sy Marriage y/11/1869 Stripp Julius Salome Carpenter Bmd StF1780
Sompting, Sx Marriage 21/09/1872 Stripp Thomas Emma Adams hs-RW,Bmd StJ1784
Steyning RD, Sx Marriage y/11/1861 Stripp Lucy Ephraim Austin Bmd StJ1784
Sutton, Sy Marriage c/1/1881 Stripp Lucy James Bowden Year is approximate hs-RW StJ1784
Tandridge, Sy Marriage 23/06/1835 Stripp William Susanna Illman Miy StF1780
Tandridge, Sy Marriage 11/05/1846 Stripp Maria Robert Harling hs-RW,Bmd StW1797
Wandsworth, Ldn Marriage 22/04/1889 Stripp Elizabeth Charles Ewers Strip cert StJ1784
Wandsworth, Ldn Marriage 03/09/1894 Stripp Henry Mary Mead (Sy) Strip, Harry hs-RW StJ1784
West Hoathly,Sx Marriage 17/02/1850 Stripp Thomas Sarah Goring Sarah Salome P,Bmd StW1739
Withyham, Sx Marriage 24/11/1634 Stripp William Anne Goldsmith Treape Mix
Withyham, Sx Marriage 17/09/1705 Stripp William Anne Butcher Treep Llic,Mix
Withyham, Sx Marriage 21/09/1705 Stripp William Anne Butcher Trepe Mix
Worth, Sx Marriage 20/07/1773 Stripp Francis Susanna Tayler from Godstone, shown as Streep/Strepe(B) P,Mix StW1710
Worth, Sx Marriage 12/08/1843 Stripp Elizabeth Thomas Prevett Strip hs-RW,Bmd StJ1784

Key for Source: P - Parish Register Transcripts; 'p' -PRT, but needs recheck; SxF -Sussex Family History Group; SxG -Sussex Genealogies; We -The Weald Sx Record Society; Ri -Vital record index; Wills -from a 'Will'; C/xx - Census for year; Mix -Sussex Marriage Index CD; Miy -Surrey Marriage Index CD; Biy -Surrey burial index CD; An- Ancestry Yorkshire Cd's ; Llic - Lewes Licence Register; Cert -Oficial Certificates; Bmd -Births Index (1837+); IGI -International Genealogical Index; Ed-cd -NWKFHS Edenbridge CD; hs-X -named history source; hs -Other History source; fs- Family Search;